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can I use this as a member site w/o dating component? Thx…amazing work!

Hi, this is a dating theme but you can disable gifts, chat and rename profile fields. If you have someone for customizing your project it’s possible for sure.


just now I create new field “Photos” for Profile Search sidebar, then I delete it. Then the back end displays:

And the front end shows:

Please help me

please tell me step by step, because i know little about codes, even i can see “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\lovestory\framework\classes\themex.user.php on line 567”, i still don’t know where to change.

Best regards


do you get any solution for this? Now all i can do is to wait for your feedback

Kindly regards

Navigate to WordPress/Users and create new user with Administrator role, then send me login and password through the contact form on my profile page


I want to build a website to support an offline network I run. The original plan was to use BuddyPress (for the profiles and the private messaging) and WooCommerce (to offer paid subscriptions and event ticketing). However, getting BuddyPress and WooCommerce to work together is proving more work than I had hoped. I have come across your theme and it looks like it could offer me an alternative approach to achieving what I want, but I have some questions [I have tried to answer as many as I can for myself by looking back at previous comments]:

1. How easy or hard would it be to replace the big picture of the couple on the front page, with a slider?

2. Would it be possible to show the membership options before a visitor registers, e.g. so they could become a member straightaway, rather than registering and then becoming a member?

3. Would it be possible to force a user to sign-in using an email address rather than a username – I guess I could use WP Email Login, right?

4. Can profile fields be made required/mandatory? [From reading an earlier comment I understand you are considering this.]

5. How easy or hard would it be to add the ability to search profiles by name and other fields, e.g. occupation?

6. I would like paying members to be able to created extended profiles with more information than free members. How easy or hard would it be to adapt LoveStory memberships to control access to profile fields?

7. Can LoveStory be used with other WooCommerce gateways, such as the Stripe payment gateway? [From reading an earlier comment it seems the answer is yes.]

8. If a member is sent a private message and not login, is there an option to send them an email notification? [From reading an earlier comment I see this not possible.]

9. How easy or hard would it be to display other WooCommerce purchases (not the shop) on a user profile – I am thinking of tickets purchased using WooTickets?.

10. Does the theme work well with version 3.0 of The Event Calendar?

Finally, please add me to the list of people very interested in WooCommerce Subscriptions integration.

Thank you in advance for answering my questions.



Thank you very much for the prompt and complete response.

Just a few more follow-ups if I may:

I) Is the Bronze-Silver-Gold registration block under ‘My Membership’ a widget that can be displayed elsewhere on the site?

II) How easy or hard would it be to re-introduce WooCommerce coupons (under Billing)?

III) From the dashboard, is it possible to see a list of current members and their associated information, e.g. their subscription expiration dates?

IV) Do you have any defined plans to integrate WooCommerce Subscriptions?

V) If I purchase the theme would you be able to point me in the direction of the code I would need to change to achieve #6 and #9 above?

Thanks, rt.

1. No, this is a part of the memberships page template.

2. Coupons are built-into the WooCommerce, you can use them.

3. Currently it’s impossible, but you can see membership purchases.

4. Yes, it’ll be integrated with the next version.

5. I can give a few tips if your developer will not find these functions.

Thanks again.

Great to hear that WooCommerce Subscriptions support is coming soon.


Please see above.

what file do i edit to take off the front page man/woman search function? Thx!

Hi, you can edit module-search-bar.php file, you will see this sentence (Hi, i’m a…), remove gender field.


Hi themex,

I am looking into adding a 960×500 image on the cover page slide, and have the cta button and copy above it. as apposed to being side by side how it is now.

How can i accomplish this? i also want to make the background all white.

Thnaks in advance!

hi themex, thanks for the reply. but i wanted to know if i can, on the one slide ( i only have one ) to add an image that will take the whole 960 width and have the copy and button above that image as apposed to how it is on demo taking one half.


Do you mean showing button and text over the image? It’s impossible without CSS customizations. If you mean just adding an image – add it to the editor above the column shortcodes ([one_third] and [two_thirds]).

Got it Thanks!

Hi themex,

i also had another question, how can i replace the 2 stories on the front cover with 2 blog sections?

Thanks In Advance!

Hi, currently there’s no the same shortcode for posts, but you can try using this plugin to show latest posts

How do you get the registration button to appear in the menu? I currently just have the sign in one displaying.


Hi, navigate to Settings/General and check “Anyone can register” option.

ahh that simple. Thanks!

Hi themex,

How can you also change:

- the color of the “online now” from red to green - the My Profile fields change and add different fields


Thanks themex, can i have the dot a diffrent color than the primary? i have my primary red, but i would like to have the dot green.


Try adding this CSS code to the Custom CSS field in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling: {background-color:#3DF500;}

Awesome, Thanks for your reply!!!

Hi there, looks awesome.

Just got one question, currently there’s every country as a choice to refine search results, I’m guessing you can reduce these to 1 or 2 selected countries?

Also, currently the city list is empty no matter what country you pick… Is this an error or are they just not added yet for the example?

Hi, thanks!

1. Yes, there’s a simple code fix to change the list of countries.

2. This field shows only cities with profiles, try choosing Canada and you’ll see Vancouver because there’s a user from Vancouver on the site.


when will your next update version be released? Any plans?

Best regards


Do you wait for some specific features? Let me know because i’ve decided to schedule some features for adding to the future version, not the next.

thanks for asking. really appreciate it.

Here are what I’m thinking about:

1) as Mehmet mentioned in our forum, it would be much more attractive to have these filters :* List users with photos only; * List online users; * List Online + with Photos

2) if everybody has to fill their names so as to have their profiles showed in “Profiles” page, it should pop up some warning message to let them know, or keep them stay the “My profile” page until they fill all the necessary fields

3) there is no warning/confirmation message when i click “save changes” button

4) if people upload different size of photos, the “Profile” page will become untidy (jumble? i don’t know if i use the correct word.). So if is it possible to have all the photos showed in the same size, in spite of the resolution.

5) in the future, if is it possible to list all the members on a map based on locations, it would be much cooler, i think.

6) in the “Check Out” page, how to add Paypal and other transaction logos on it? Hope it’s not too difficult.

7) How about add one more rule for membership.-Messages to Read”, not just send. for me, I rather pay for messages I receive than the messages I’m going to send out if I must choose. because of curiosity.

8)in the “Profiles” page, under the photo, there are already some info about themselves, what do you think if add one more line below these info where let’s list their requirements for the one they are looking for. “I’m looking for height, Age*....” Because it’ll save lots of time for people to select.

That’s all that come to my mind right now. Best regards

Hi themex, thank you for your replies. couple more questions,

- How can i prevent guest users from viewing profiles?

- how can i edit/add fields on member profiles ( i want to redifine only to a specific region and add i.e. hobbies, height etc )


i figured out how to add fields on the profile, but cant figure out how to delete the defaults, i need to remove country and city. Thanks!

Hi, navigate to Appearance/Theme Options/Privacy and check “Disable Location” option.

ok, I setup Woo, created my 1st product and membership…but how do activate memberships? thx…getting closer!

I think i got it! Thx for all ur prompt n helpful responses…love ur support!

How can I restrict free memberships? is this possible? what I mean is, I created a ‘free’ level for a month, but what I see is that I can ‘register again…for free…

Hi, you can set Free membership limits in Appearance/Theme Options/Memberships section. you don’t need to create new membership item.

ok,did that, but don’t see it activated or how to register for it…? still see default memberships…

Free membership is set to user after registration, if you set all limits in Appearance/Theme Options/Memberships section to 0 then user is not able to do anything without purchasing membership. Here’s a video about adding memberships

Hi is there a demo for the backend of this theme? I’d really like to see the theme options panel(s) before purchasing. Thanks.

Hi, sorry but i can’t provide access to the backend because of security reasons, it looks like any other WP Dashboard but with options to set everything you see on the live preview.

Hi, sorry if this is a question people have already asked. Do I need to use BuddyPress with this theme?

also, how do i activate the home page as show in the display? and can i make all profiles visible only to the admin?

and trying to figure out register and sign-in? are these shortcodes? thanks so much!

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Follow this screencast to get the same layout as on the live preview Make sure you’ve checked Anyone can register option in Settings/General and registration button will appear. Profiles are visible to all users, but user will have to register or buy membership for sending messages or chatting.

Hi, sorry if this is a question people have already asked. Do I need to use BuddyPress with this theme?

Hi, all features are built into the theme, you don’t need any plugins.

Hey.has to hebrew language file…

Hi, you can translate this theme using translation files or some plugin, for example CodeStyling

Hi themex,

Just want to say, Thanks So Much for your help, this theme is awesome and my project is coming along just GREAT!

have a few more questions :)

1. How can i prevent guest users from viewing profiles?

2. when you sign up, you get the free membership, but if i disable chat for free membership, they cant message to other profiles. where can i change so free members cant chat but they can message? – does chat need to be enabled in order for the free member to send gifts and messages?

3. how can i change the messaging copy i.e. when a free member clicks chat and chat is disabled they get a light box error msg “Live chat is disabled in your membership” how can i change that?

TIA! and sorry for alll the ?’s

a little to refine question 1, because i havent found the fix yet, & been thinking about it. :)

i set the free membership to disable chat, to give the user a reason to sign up.

but the free members cant send gifts, add favs, or message

free members when they click any of the fav/gift/message icon below the member thumbnail, sends the message “Live chat is disabled in your membership”

is there a way to fix this or just deny live chat to free users but let them send message, gift?

Thanks hope it helps a bit more.


Thanks for the kind words!

1. Currently there’s no such option, it’s possible if you have some developer for customizing your project.

2. There’s a small bug with popup that will be fixed in a few days, it shows chat popup on click of each profile link.

3. Try using some translation plugin, for example