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I just have 1 last question before i buy, sorry. Hope you don’t mind. As i will be needing this for an Escorting site, is it possible to create different types of searchable users? For example: Females, Males, Strippers, Kissograms, Male Strippers, etc…?

Hi, it’s possible with a simple code fix, i can help you.


I would lik to buy this theme..its awesome..great product..But before that i would like to know whether i can add these features in this theme. I am a newbie to this wordpress :( 1. The registered user should be able to send only 5 predefined message template to other user, i.e users cant send more than 5 predefined message to other user 2. Whether this theme supports payment gateway like payzippy,ccavenue ,paypal etc. 3.Will i be able to create a user (company staff) who will have permission to just add new members and should not have access to others profiles. 4.About the search filed, a user whose age is 27, when he searches he should be able to see users profile not more than age of 27. 5.Users shlould upload pictures of particular size, i.e less than 200kb. Greater than 200Kb should not be taken.

Awaiting for your reply, so that i can purchase the theme asap may be by today itself


few more more doubt.

5. is it possible to disable chats and public message,limit the private message 6. There should not be any free user registration, only paid membership only.

Can you reply fast? Im looking forward to buy this theme for my client …im little late now :(

Is it possible to change the icons/pictures on the gifts??

Hi, thanks. I’ve replied via email, about the latest question – sure you can add any gifts and change featured images.

hi themex,

i am testing out the chatting between users and found a bug, or maybe something i need to fix, the problem is:

when the user gets a notification message pop up lightbox it reads “new chat message from” and leaves it empty not showing the other user wanting to chat, so it can click and take you to the chat page.


another question: how can i add fields to the registration process? i want to add gender, age, city to the registration process. that way the user is required to fill those. i want to prevent users to register and not fill in nothing after.


Hi, can’t quite understand the issue. It shows multiple messages if there’re few users that have sent the chat messages.

Registration form is not customizable. I suggest motivating your users instead of requiring, currently user will not appear in search without first and last name, and once he saves first or last name gender will be saved too.


Quick question: why does my site keep popping up “Live chat is disabled in your membership?”

1) No matter I click “send gifts” or “send message”, or… 2)how to enable this function?

Best regards

1) No matter I click “send gifts” or “send message”, or…

2)how to enable this function?


1. This is a bug of current theme version, will be fixed in a few days.

2. You can enable it in Appearance/Theme Options/Membership for free membership and in options for each membership (under content editor).

Is this version static?

Hi, what do you mean? This is a WordPress theme, not HTML template – it means you can change anything with WordPress.

I just purchased this theme and i am going to start working on it. I want to use it for a matrimony site. two quick questions, i am sure you have answered it already …my apology for asking again 1. How do i create the registration form ( like you have it on the front page) 2. I want to people to search the site with out signing it or creating an account but when the search result come i want a pop up message to tell them to register to see the result.

I like this theme and good luck with the sell.

Hi, thanks!

1. Make sure you’ve checked Anyone can register option in Settings/General, registration button will appear in the header.

2. Currently there’s no such option, it requires adding new functions.

what file do i edit to change or edit something at user’s profile page ?

Hi, do you mean changing field values or adding/removing fields? The only way to edit user data is signing in as this user. If you mean adding/removing fields you can do this in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section.


Thanks for this great item.

One thing, when resetting password visitors are redirected to the Wordpress login page. Is there a way to avoid that or how to be able to send the password via email without the resetting link ? Just a password reminder as I don’t want them to be redirected to the Wordpress page.


Hi, glad you like it. Currently it’s impossible because WordPress forbids other ways to change password than using built-in form. I’ll try to add front-end form in the future theme versions.

any update news? thanks,

Hi, there will be an update in 1-2 days with fixes, adding new features planned for the next version, there’re a few bugs that need to be fixed as soon as possible. You can check “Notify me when this item is updated” near LoveStory in your Downloads and you’ll get an email each time LoveStory is updated.

Hi, I am trying to import the demo file but I am having some problems. It imports the users very well but not the pages. I do not get any pages like about, profiles, home… Thanks for your help.

Hi, if possible send me temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check this issue (through the contact form on my profile page

Hello, is it possible for users to pay for a membership when they sign up at the registration page, also is there an option to do a one off payment, so they have full access forever after they pay the one off fee?

Hi, membership can be purchased only after registration, but you can disable free trial so user will have to pay to send message, gift or upload a photo. There’s a simple fix to set 100-years membership for example and hide the membership period with styles.


When one user with chat membership want to chat with another user without chat enabled a popup shows up saying but when you click on the name user is redirected to the home page. Is it possible to have a message or something saying you have to upgrade to be able to chat?

Then we have to find a way to make the free member understand he has to upgrade. By being redirected to a Wordpress page for example not the home page. How can I change the redirection? Thanks

Try replacing line 1084 in lovestory/framework/classes/themex.user.php file:




It will redirect user to the memberships page.

It seems that comment parser cuts some parts of the code, write me in PM and i’ll send you this fix.

Is there any tool so user can disable his profile ?

Hi, currently there’s no such option, but if user clears first and last name he will disapper from search results.


Can you allow users to post videos as well?


Hi, users can embed videos to the profile descriptino text, if someone adds a link to oEmbed video (supported oEmbed services and URL will be replaced with a video player.

Hello. This theme seems great. I’d like to buy it. I have 2 questions :

1 – Will there be membership plans one day ? (paid membership) 2 – Is there a captcha system on signup to avoid spammers ? How to install one if it’s not provided ?

Hi thanks!

1. The minimum period is a week and i can add one-day memberships with one-line code fix, but currently there’re no recurring payments so user will have to purchase it every day manually.

2. Yes, there’s an option to add captcha.

Just a received a new update notification from Envato. What are the changes made. Do you have a log? How can we update my site is already live?


Hi, i’ve made a few important fixes, here’s a list:

- Fixed disabled chat popup - Fixed username validation - Fixed gender translation - Fixed image uploader - Fixed fields with quotes - Fixed non-latin fields

You can just replace the current theme with the new theme version, you will not lose Theme Options or content.

You have updated , what’s new? :-)

Hi, there’re a few important fixes, i suggest updating.

v.1.4. 08.09.2013: - Fixed disabled chat popup - Fixed username validation - Fixed gender translation - Fixed image uploader - Fixed fields with quotes - Fixed non-latin fields

Hi, Themex

there is still “I’m a Man or Woman” in this version.

Best regards

i mean the translation i made for front end and user’s photos they’ve uploaded.

best regards

If you’ve used .po file for translation don’t remove it, refresh it with POEdit and upload it to the new theme folder I suggest using some plugin for translation the theme, because it refreshes the string automatically.

You will not lose content (photos, stories, posts…) or theme options because these things are not stored in the theme files.

got it. thanks

This is actually to everybody who bought this theme. I would like to see your site if it is live and if you could share you experience. Thanks

Hi, you can create new topic on the forum, something like “LoveStory Showcase”


Hello, When I try to update I get this message

Destination folder already exists. Theme install failed.

Hi, remove the previous theme version before installing the new one.

Ok, thanks I though that would be the case, but just wanted to double check.