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Nice theme :)

Couple of minor Qs..

1.) Can I make it a free only site (i.e. the free doesn’t expire but still gives them the option to upgrade their membership) I figured adding a time span of 0 in here might work, but it appears not.

2.) Any plans to bring in recurring membership payments, shouldn’t be too tricky via PayPal

Either way cool theme though :) saves me a ton of development time

Hi again

1.) Yeah figured I can just hack the free limits…. I see to be having an issue with my site where the add photos for a user doesn’t let you upload them, am I missing something obvious?

2.) Sweet, I’m guessing you can’t have people buy gifts?

3.) I’m integrating it with some of my epic viral plugins, do you have Skype / a way to chat, as I can show you some cool things and how it could boost your sales (and potentially mine)

Another thing I need to do is add the publish_stream extended option to your FB integration, presumably that won’t be too tricky


1. Do you mean profile photos? If possible give me more details, link to your site to check it or error message that you get.

2. Gifts are being purchased as part of a membership, so if you membership costs $10 and it gives an ability to send 10 gifts each gift costs $1.

3. Thanks, but i don’t use Skype. You can write me an email through the contact form on my profile page


I sent you a mail still waiting for the fix to redirect free members to the membership page


Hi, replied via email.

Thanks it works


Looks a great theme. I have one pre sale question.

Do I need to purchase the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension to accept monthy recurring payments via Paypal or will it work without this expensive plugin.

Hi, currently there’s no way to use recurring payments with LoveStory memberships. Next version will be integrated with WooSubscriptions extension for this purpose.

Hello, I’ve bought and installed the theme, but I have some problems : 1 : Members have friendship request notifications, but when click on it, the app says that there are no requests. 2 : The search engine of the homepage doesn’t give any result (I am a.. looking for…) even if there are existing members


1. Can’t quite understand, there’re no friendship notifications in this theme (there’re no friends, only favorites that are added anonymously to “bookmark” some users). Maybe you’re using some plugin?

2. Please make sure that your members have saved profile at least once, member will not appear in search without first name and gender set.

hi we need to find out few things before buying the love story great theme: it possiable to lock the entire website so only login users could see the pages,posts and welcome page? there an option to view the total amount of people registered to the website in one page. there an option for pending users, so the admins could determined if the person is allowed to register to the website?

4.Is it possible to compress and resize registered users photos upload automaticly? there an option to limit the amount of photos, registered users can upload?


1. Currently there’s no such option, you can lock only user capabilities with memberships (sending messages, gifts or uploading photos).

2. You can view this number in WordPress Dashboard.

3. You can enable email activation but don’t include activation link to email text, so you will be able to manually approve users.

4. Currently photos are cropped to size 200px/200px.

5. Sure, there’s an option.

Lovely contraption you have here. Does it play nice with BuddyPress?

Hi, this theme is more like an alternative to the themes that use BuddyPress, because it uses built-in functions for adding all social features, so they are available out of the box and there’s no need to keep compatibility with third-party plugins forever.

Is there an admin demo? I’d love to be able to see the admin before purchasing.

Hi, sorry but i can’t provide admin access for security reasons. It looks like any other WP dashboard, just with options to edit everything you see on the live preview (according to the features list in the theme description).

Hi, can you work on this features?

- Login to unlock website (maybe its already possible with plugin??) - Different memberships by genre/type of user

Can you give an idea about future features?

Hi, currently i only collect suggestions, i consider adding features right before the theme release (and development of the new version).

1. Currently it’s impossible, but this theme is really easy to extend and customize if you have some developer for customizing your site.

2. All memberships are the same for all users by default.

At home page i wants only Featured profiles ( 03 columns withe three profiles each) instead both Success stories and Featured profiles. Can you help us on it ? I mean i want to display 09 featured profiles at home page.

Hi, you can create some page with Profiles template (set template in the right sidebar while editing the page) and set this page as front page in Settings/Reading.

I am sorry…my question is i want to hide “success Stories” and wants there only Featured profiles …so how we can change in below at “home” page …


Stories/title/one_half[title]Featured Profiles/title[/one_half_last]

Copy profile shortcode from the editor, then remove both columns and just paste this shortcode, but i guess it will be stretched to the width of the content.

  • please answer * your theme so cool >>>but, I have some question^

1.Can i sell gift ?

2.Can i change pattern this theme like penpal website?

3.can i disable Stories & Blog ?

4. Free member not see profile vip member >>> this theme can do?

5.This theme Can add more plugin from codecanyon?

  • Thank you ^ *

Hi, thanks!

1. You can sell memberships that include gift, for example membership has 50 gifts to send per month.

2. You can change the background.

3. Yes.

4. Currently there’s no such option.

5. Can’t say for sure as i’ve not tested this plugin with LoveStory.


I’m a complete CMS/website development novice, I like the look of the Love Story theme, and I’m very interested in purchasing. Because I have no experience with CMS extensions and modules, I would very much like a reasonably detailed overview of what I would get for my money with the 55$ Lovestory theme and how the customisation process works. Also, would it be feasible for a total development noob to make basic adjustments to the template?

Thank you

Hi, here’s a screencast about installing this theme, you will get the same layout in 2 minutes You can view other screencasts about LoveStory in my Screenr profile, home this helps. Also you can test the live preview and decide if this theme is perfect for your site, i can say for sure that you don’t need to know coding to change the default theme option (site logo, background, font, copyright text and other basic things).

Thanks that’s very helpful. My colleague and I will be working on this website together, is it possible to have two admins with separate accounts working on this theme without having to pay $110 for 2 separate downloads?

Sure, it’s possible with WordPress by default.

I want to set a rule that user’s profile will visible only if he add his profile photo. Can it possible ?

Hi, currently there’s no such option, it’s planned for the future versions. There’s a simple fix for this, you can send me temporary WP access in PM.

please send me email id

I have just Send email

I have one message in my profile message box but i can not see the message ….why ?

Issue resolved ....

Hello there,

I would like to remove the home page search form, could you help?

Hi, navigato to Appearance/Theme Options/Header and check Hide Search Form option.

I am highly appreciate with your support. I regularly have some questions and you people close it very firmly. Thanks I have two questions today.. I want a “Next Page” tab at upper right side of this page so that user can access next profile easily rather than go back to main profile page.

Second….can we restrict user for one gift to one user ?

Hi, sorry but both features are not possible, adding next/previous profile link will require adding new functions.

.htaccess Redirect issue.

Right now user’s profile is look like as per below at browser address bar.

can we redirect above like ?? if yes how ??

Hi, it’s impossible because WordPress needs to detect the template, it will show profile template if there’s profile keyword, but it will not detect template from URL if there’s no template keyword.


I just purchased the theme and when i use it on my site, i don’t see the Register link in header, however on demo site it is available, can you let me know how i can enable it.?

Hi, navigate to Settings/General and check Anyone Can Register option.

Hi,Super theme.I like to buy your theme but i need a special plugin,i need to know if you can integrate or some other mobile payments :).I will pay extra

Hi, thanks! This theme uses WooCommerce for all payments, this means you can use one of these payment gateways

Bought the theme and I really like it! However it would be great to look some parts of the website. So that only logged in members can see who else is registered at the website.

I already read that at this time it’s not possible to do that. Does anyone (or the creator of this theme) have any good suggestions to do this? With a plug-in or something?

Thanks in advance. Theme is great, would recommend it!

Hi, thanks, i’ll consider adding more privacy options. Currently guest can’t see full size photos, but he can see profile fields and use search. It’s possible to add a redirect or popup for guests, if you have some developer for customizing your site i can give a few tips.


Looks a great theme. I have 2 pre sale questions.

1°) how to import more than 200,000 profiles ? 2°) About load-impact: What will happen there with 200,000 online users using the chat for example?

Thank you

Hi, thanks!

1. It will require adding new functions for importing , because WordPress and your site database tables have different columns.

2. Depends on your server, there’s an AJAX chat but it’s not using the database, just sessions.