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Hi Themex, One suggestion here… would be very nice to see custom fields have option to be required field.

Hi, thanks for suggestion! Will consider adding this feature to the next theme version.

I need help on the I create custom fields to the user profile. Under Theme Options> Profile> When you add a field of type ‘Select’ I can only add one name, how do I get more names appear in the same field?

I will cite an example:

User can choose your favorite sport, and then I put in the option:

- Football - Basketball - Tennis

In my case I can only add an option in case ‘Football’

I discovered that we can separate by comma and thus create multiple options.

Thank you. I want to congratulate the job.

In the text editor the user profile, the demo shows the button to create link, as I turn?

Hi, can’t quite understand, do you want to remove this button from the user profile editor? If so it’s possible with a simple code fix – write me in PM.

In the text editor the user profile, the demo shows the button to create link, as I turn?


I just bought your theme, and I have one question. How can you setup the homepage like yours?

How can I get the Register Now-button and the picture with text above the search bar?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, you can just import demo content and get the same layout as on the live preview, you don’t have to create everything from scratch. Follow this screencast step by step

Thanks a lot!

But now I have another problem: In your profile you can see the free messages you have. In the settings I set that number to 5, but there is still dispayed 100 (emptied cache and also saved the settings).

It’s impossible to change memberships that are already in use, try registering new user and he will get 5 free messages.

Hi themex,

I would like to know, can this theme be used to build a full scale matrimonial site, with many custom filter / searches.

Hi, you can add custom search fields (text, select or number), so you can add Marital Status field or any other field you need. you can read the theme description, check the live preview and decide if this theme is perfect for your project.

Hi Themex,

Imagine the situation:

User A wants to add User B as Favorites, there is the possibility of user B accept or not to accept the request? *Notify user by email or within the dashboard site.

Hi, currently there’re no notifications for favorites because this is not adding to the friends list, this is like bookmarking some user to have quick access to see user’s profile, or chat. It’s possible to add favorites notifications if you have some developer for customizing your project.

There are possibilities of you update the system with this option? It’s important to know the people who would like to access my information.

Again, thank you for the support and the great work.

Thanks, i will consider adding this option but i can’t guarantee adding it, it’s really simple to add with customizations, in the same way with gifts and messages notification.

Hello again, ThemeX.

I found a bug in my theme at the paging messages received. See the video that the message ‘Test 1’ does not appear. Can you understand the problem?

Link video:

can you inform me when it comes to updating the bug mentioned above?

It’s fixed already, i’ve released new version yesterday.

Tanks. =)

Kindly please check the below profile page and see why the profile grid box icons are not displaying as per the demo theme …all that profile images are 200 X 200 Please check the issue !!

Yes i have changed the all pictures but the issue is still not resolved. All that four icons are messed up and not in normal order as is seen in demo.

It is caused by some custom CSS code, line 2 in ldc-lite.css file (maybe this is some plugin or just custom css file, try disabling all plugins).

Issue resolved….now it’s fine… you mentioned it was due to some plugin….i find the plugin name “Like Dislike counter” .....

Hi there,

I just bought your theme, and I’m completely new to wordpress and computer programming so I just have a few questions:

1. When I loaded lovestory it looked nothing like your demo. If I load your demo am I able to use that as a starting point and make changes from there? Or is it better to start from scratch.

2. How would I change the background picture on the front page?

3. When is the next update? Do updates automatically update or do I have to upload the update? Will updates effect the unique changes I have made to my site?



1. Sure, follow this screencast step by step

2. You can change styling options in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling section.

3. I suggest using child theme for CSS customizations. New version will be available tomorrow, you can redownlod it from your Downloads and replace the current theme in WordPress.

Email notification : When there is New Message or New Gift ,user notified by email notifications. But what i find that for particularly only above two function, email wrongly say new Gift or New message from “word press” instead it should show my website name. If you wish i can forward that email to you. Please fix it.

Hi, WordPress sets default From field for email, not LoveStory and this is not a bug. Install any SMTP plugin to change this field (for example and set your host SMTP details, also you will be able to change the From field for emails.


I was wondering what are the options of adding video material to the system, the main thing is that the material is protected from being recorded an only available to logged students who have purchased the certain material.


Hi, do you mean Academy theme? Anyway it allows embedding self-hosted and third-party videos (YouTube, Vimeo).

Hi Themex,

the Blog page, how do I set the maximum number of words appearing before the button ‘Read More’?

Hi, the best way is setting excerpt (short description) of a post, there’s a field for excerpt under the post content editor, if you don’t have it click Screen Options at the top of the screen and check Excerpt, it will appear.

Nice, tanks!

ps : Since last update does not work online status.

Hi, it works for sure, just checked it on a local server. Try to login in some other browser and check if user is online in your default browser.

I just tried to download the latest update but I got an error message:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Can you please suggest how to fix?

Hi, unzip the archive you’ve downloaded, it contains Documentation and the theme file ( for installation.

I have now uploaded the demo version. How do replace the LoveStory logo at the top of the homepage with my own logo?

You can set your site logo in Appearance/Theme Options/General.

How do I know who have upgraded the theme? Where can I download the update?

You can check “Notify me when this item is updated” option at LoveStory in your Downloads and you will get an email when LoveStory is updated. Redownload it from Downloads and you will get the latest version.


Hi…what file do I edit to remove ‘Gender Search’ when filling in Member Profiles?


Very Flexible theme…LOVE IT!

Hi, thanks! Currently there’s no option to hide the gender search, this is planned for the next version, but there’re a few fixes to remove this field, write me in PM and if possible send temporary WP access.

my theme doesn’t work , can you help me please !!

Hi, just replied in your forum topic, let me know if you have any other issues.

I come to you as the theme love story does not work, it must file the missing pages because wordpress does not recognize the home page in rule reading , and the demo file is not working. I do not understand yet it must be my 50 website in wordpress. can you help me

If possible give me more details, do you get some errors or something? If you get “style.css file is not found” make sure you’ve unzipped the archive you’ve purchased, it contains the theme file that should be installed.