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How can I add more fields for ordering information (checkout)? address house number and more… ?

Currently there’s no option for this but you can add them manually, write me in PM and i’ll send you instructions.

Just updated version – What’s the ‘Added registration page template’ and where can be found?

Hi, now you can add some content to the registration page, create new page and set Registration template for it (in the right sidebar), content of this page will appear on the registration page.

A few days ago I purchased your theme. I have some questions to ask:

1) Can I create separate categories and make them searchable. For example: girls, boys, over 50s. If so, can you tell me how to do?

2) Before the last update gave the research results, now this feature does not work.

3) I’m having trouble placing a custom image on the slide on the homepage. The image appears raised and not coincident with the base. Have you any idea how to solve?

4) I have twenty users to record. It’s just an example. Is it possible fill in the forms in the database tables directly, without having to use a different email for each user?

Thanks in advance for your help.



1. Currently there’re no static categories but you can add filtered search results to the main menu, for example here’s a link to girls on the live preview

2. Can’t quite understand, do you mean you don’t get users in search results? There’s a new field (seeking) in the form, maybe your users haven’t set it yet.

3. You can give me a link to your site and i’ll check it.

4. It would be easier to register users on front-end, because user fields are stored in different tables. You don’t need to use real emails, turn off email activation and you can register users with some fake emails like one by one.

Hi Themex, Thanks for the quick response.

1) well, I understand now. 2) at this time there are only three members, one man and two women. I set the profiles of all, also the new field “seeking”, but the search works only for women, not for man. Strange, is not it? 3) The site is still under construction. I’ll send you an email with the link. 4) Ok, thank you.

Bye Joseph

2. Make sure that you’ve set both parameters for search, if you search for men set gender as woman if you want to find men that are seeking for women.

3. Just replied via email.

Thx for ALL ur support and being FAST! This is an AWESOMELY flexible and needed template…I’ve looked for something like this for over 3 years!


having problems with folk registering with free memberships…I have ’ Anyone can register’ check and subscriber as level.


Please give me more details, what error exactly do they get or describe all steps to understand the issue.

seems like it corrected itself. But ‘Live Chat’ says, “Live chat is disabled in your membership” I just have the ‘Free’ memebership available.

It seems that it is disabled in Free Membership, you can enable it in Theme Options/Memberships section.

If you want to delete your profile, and along it their messages and gifts, there are possibilities?

Hi, currently there’s no option for user but if you delete user from WP Dashboard all messages and favorites will be removed.

Ok. If find it interesting, add in the user settings, a button to delete the profile and all its contents.

Thank you. =)


I don’t see any profile pictures (even for demo content), i just see default avatar pic, how to i add pictures to profile

Hi, WordPress Imported doesn’t import user settings, it imports only pages, posts and other basic things. You can create new users and upload any avatar in each profile.

Hello, I downloaded the theme and it works great. I just have one problem. The users that are logged in can’t see the profiles page. It says, “Page not found”. Could you check this out for me? My website is:

Thanks in advance!


Hi, check your permalinks in Settings/Permalinks, i suggest setting category/postname structure.

Hey themex, thanks for your response. I tried the category/postname structure in permalinks and it still doesn’t work.

Hey themex, it’s working now. Thanks for your help!

Love story add-ons expectation as per below!

I am looking forward for some of add-on modules related to Love story theme.

Live webcam Chat

Invite friends from Gmail, yahoo or social networks

Email notification template for new registration, new message and new gift.

Temporary Enable /disable profile and hide function from un-wanted users

Payment Gateway membership integration

Email notification on desired profile registration

Advance matrimonial search tool bar like profession, education or city

Events and meet up add on.

Hi, thanks for suggestions!

I was looking at the location/city. I noticed cities do not load, or have to be added in manually? Any chance you can do by zip and by mile radius?

Hi, cities are added by users, if someone registers and then sets USA, sets New York as city it will appear in the list. Try selecting Canada on the live preview, you will see Vancouver because there’re a few users from Vancouver.


(Sorry for posting here but I can’t find any “License Certificate” link in my downloads page)

- I need to add a field with checkboxes to the profile… Or some way to provide many options…

For example: Sports you Like: [] Soccer [] Baseball [] Tennis

Is this possible or planned for future versions???

- Also, is there a way to get the visual editor for a custom “Text” field?

Another cool thing would be to get HTML fields or something better for embedding YouTube videos or some kind of videos and enhance the experience (I know this is not possible right now, more of a feature suggestion)



One more thing… Is there a way to add a title between custom fields?


1. There’s no checkbox option, try using select fields (for example Smoker/Not Smoker) or text field, search will find user by “soccer” if he set in this field anything that contains “soccer” word.

2. Possible but with code customizations, you can find someone for customizing your project on for example.

3. It’s possible, try to add any YouTube or Vimeo link to the profile editor, it will be converted to the video.

4. Currently it’s impossible to create field groups.

how can I ADD an profile option?

‘pledge university’

how do I customize profile form?

You can add new profile form fields in Appearance/Teme Options/Profiles section, set field label and type.

Ok, think I got this…

Great theme! A few pre-sale questions:

1 – Is there anyway to display message received on the homepage instead of the user having to go to their profile. In other words a notification above the “My Profile” button in the top?

2 – Can country and city be added in the search fields on the homepage, otherwise it’s kind of useless?

That’s it for now, thanks!

Hi, thanks!

1. Possible, but with a few code changes.

2. Currently you can customize advanced search form, search bar is not customizable but you can hide it in theme options.

Thanks for the quick reply.

2 – By advanced search form, do you mean the one in search results? Are you planning on making the search bar customizable in the future, or can it be done with some code changes?

3 – Facebook Login Integration – What info does this pull from the FB profile, email, name, age? Is it possible to pull the users FB profile pic and use as their avatar?

Sorry if these questions were asked earlier. Thanks again for the support.

2. It’s possible with a few code changes

3. This is planned for the future theme versions.

Can it possible that only registered members can access the site ? Any plugin for it ?

Hi, you can try some plugin for hiding profiles page, for example


After using another translation the avatar upload does not work anymore. After pressing upload nothing happens.

Hi, what do you mean about translation? If possible give me more details to reproduce the issue.

I have to go in and manually activate accounts, I have ‘Anyone can register’ clicked, these are free accounts…starting to get confused…I must be doing something wrong?

do u have an example? thx!

It seems that ThemeForest cuts these keywords, you can check this support topic with the same question



Doing some testing, I found a bug in uploading images of the user profile. I do not know the reason, but there are moments when a picture she upamos subistitui the current, so the library of wordpress, but it does not bring the image in the library and went back an image that has already been registered. Try to understand watching the video:

is that the problem is not the renaming of images? observed that the subject always rename the photo before sending it to the library.

Academy changes name of uploaded image anyway (to image-123 where 123 is user ID). You can send me temporary access in PM and i’ll check this issue.

ah yes, I sent you a message.

can i change the search terms? we are thinking about using this for a co founder search.. so we would want – I am (Investor/Programer/Operations) instead of man/women..

is that possible?

and can i get different less “dating” gift icons?

on a side note. I bought the “academy” theme.. BEST THEME I HAVE EVER USED it worked perfectly! see here thank you..

Hi, thanks, glad you like Academy!

It’s possible, you can change these words and add new search parameters to the advanced search form. Also you can change gift images to any images.

Hi, Do you have any plan to change the member subscription to real recurring payment? Thanks

Hi, yes i’m planning integration with WooSubscriptions extension.

Can i know when we can have that? That is essential. Your theme will be featured if you get that done.

Can’t say for sure because currently i’m working on my other theme update, it also needs integration with subscriptions so i will use this implementation in the next version of LoveStory.