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Hi, can the membership fee be set as a one time fee instead of a per month payment?


Hi, i can help you to set some huge period for membership and hide it, so it will be one-time free (for example 100 years).

hey, for example : can i disable the payment option paypal by 1 month membership ?

Hi, you can change Free membership period to 31 days in Appearance/Theme Options/Memberships section.

Hello, I really like this theme but I`m quite new on wordpress and not quite sure if there`s any way to put another language for the theme (Albanian). I`ve already purchased the theme and wanted to make it available for users that don`t speak English.

Thank you!

Hi, sure it’s possible, if you mean translating it to another language try using this plugin Install it, then navigate to Tools/Localization, find Midway and translate any strings to another language.

Thank you for your quick reply! I will try it.

Hey there, another question:

The homepage has “featured members” section. Is there a way to replace this with “members online” or a random member carousel? Thanks

Hi, sure, you can change order parameter for this shortcode and show online or random users.

How can we rotate slider ? Can you help us to configure slider Pause and Slider Speed ?


I would like to know why when I do a search in the demo, a man can find a woman that a man and vice versa, while in the script that I purchased this not possible? Ex: Man seeking woman, woman seeking man, man seeking man, woman seeking woman. Could you tell me which files I need to change to get the same result? Thank You in advance and good job. Giuseppe

Excellent solution to filter the results, not to bring up those who do not want to be found, but I will be using the script for other purposes and I wish everyone could find them all. I have to use the old version of the script? Or I can take action on some files? Thank you again. Giuseppe

You can remove this field from the code in the latest theme version but i suggest waiting 2 days because i’ll release new version with a few important fixes.

Okay, I’ll wait a few days before making any changes. Thank you for the advice.

Members having issues uploading photos. Its says it uploaded, but pics don’t appear.

Sure, you can redownload the fresh version. I would appreciate if you rate LoveStory in your Downloads, thanks.

how should i update theme? thx u!

If you’ve not changed the theme source code you can simply replace the current theme in WordPress, Theme Options and content will not be lost.

Hi… There is a possibility – to raise the profile of the user (from the last page to the first page) for the money ?

On viewing the photo gallery – through mobile devices, picture is not displayed correctly! Goes beyond the mobile screen …. Thanks for the reply …

Hi, currently there’s no such feature, but i’ll consider adding it to the future theme versions. Will check the gallery before releasing the next theme version (it will be available in 2 days), thanks.

Thanks for the answer! If it is possible to implement online payment via SMS – solutions online service “smscoin” which already has a ready-made plugins for wordpress.


You can try using one of the payment gateways for WooCommerce that adds an ability to pay via SMS, for example

Can u help me with this: Hi, i can help you to set some huge period for membership and hide it, so it will be one-time free (for example 100 years).

Sure, you can send me temporary WP access in PM.

Hi I’m really interested in this theme. Is it fully customization? Can you use it on a child theme such as studipress child themes. Can you change the payment gateway? I have never used woo commerce so don’t have any idea how it works.

I would like to add different features to membership levels. to entice members to purchase membership.

I want contact to be free between members but have extra features to entice members to upgrade. Can you set contact for free?

Also what type of hosting would you need. Are you required to have vps or is shared hosting ok for few members


1. You can create child theme for customizing styles and basic templates.

2. Sure, here’s a list of gateways for WooCommerce

3. It’s impossible without code customization, you can use these membership limits: number of gifts, messages, photos and enable/disable chat for each membership level.

4. You can set some huge number of messages for free membership so users will not need to pay for messages.

5. Any hosting that will allow to install WordPress.

Hi, I have some pre purchase questions. I have read the full license terms etc., but find some parts quite cryptic and unclear. As the author of the specific theme I’m interested in, I would value your interpretation of these rather general terms. 1. I want to have tiered subscriptions; users with free accounts will have less features/privileges than users who pay for an upgraded subscription. Which license would be required for this? 2. I also want to make some minor alterations to source code. I understand that this means I will have to manually update wordpress every time a new version comes along. Will I have to manually update wordpress, this specific theme, or both, every time updates are needed? 3. Under which licenses am I permitted to make alterations to the source code?

Thanks for your time

Thanks! You can use this plugin to create a child theme

Thanks, the plugin was helpful. I want to change the search form from e.g. ‘I am a Man looking for a Woman’ to ‘I am an employer seeking an employee’, and I would also like to change a few of the other search fields, such as city, country etc, but I’m unfamiliar with wordpress and I’m a novice at programming generally. I think I’ve located the relevant files and imported them into my child theme. I have imported the files ‘module-search-form.php’ and ‘author.php’. Could you please let me know if any more files need to be imported into the child, and if possible, how exactly I can alter the source code to have the effect I outlined above on the search forms etc.?

You can change these words using any translation plugin, for example Child theme will overwrite only WordPress templates (like page.php, or module-search-form.php, most of the files).

In the user settings, we can change the password, can not be added in the next version of the theme, the user must change your e-mail?

Ok, I understand your concern. Changing the subject, which the last day that updated the theme? Just so I know if I have the latest version.

You can check it in the right sidebar of the theme description, it was updated today (fixed images uploader for IE and a few other things).

Nice, tanks again! +)

Profile search is not working both at Home page and profiles page ?

Hi, it works, i guess you’ve updated recently and your users haven’t resaved profile yet, there’s a new field “Seeking”, as you can see it works without this field It means that it is not set in profiles.

It’s still not working. Can you explain how to resave profiles ??

If any of your users will save profile again with new field that is added in the latest version (Seeking) this field will be saved so user will be found in the search. If you have fake profiles you can resave all of them manually.

I think you should add favorites area so users can favorite someone. And also users should be able to see if they’re message is read. and when they get a message they should be notified by email.

in demo profile search doesn’t seem to work properly if i put united states it won’t let me put a city also. How do u gain access to the back end I want to see what the admin area looks like.

Also do you do any custom work? I would like a couple features added if I get this theme.

Thanks, appreciate your time

Hi, it’s possible already, login with Demo/Demo details and you will see favorites area. Also users are notified by email if there’s a new message.

Sorry, i can’t provide admin access for security reasons, it looks like any WP Dashboard but with options to change everything you see on the live preview. Cities are collected from profiles, currently there’re no users from United States so cities list is empty, try selecting Canada for example.

Currently i’m not available for custom work, updating and supporting themes takes all the time.

Still having issues with pics upload.

Right I saw ur profile results and yes, I was logged in…it just does not work for me…the reason I am stressed is my client says HE can’t upload pics…which prompted me to try also…it failed.

pt allows profile pic upload, but no others…

ok, it uploaded jpgs, Yea! but none else.,,,I’ll be satisfied for now…thx for going thru this with me! Five Star Support!!!

Quick question…which file do I edit to remove gender and seeking from member profiles?

You can write me in PM (send temporary WP access) and i’ll remove these fields.

Oh, sorry, it seems that i’ve removed them already.

Thx on this point!


nice theme. Is it possible to add more fields to Profile Search? And if so can also add option to search people who are online at the moment?

Thx, Steve

Hi, thanks! Yes it’s possible, also you can set profiles order by status in Theme Options so online users will always be shown first.

Would you consider to add “featured” function at profile order in theme option?

Hi, thanks, will consider adding this option, currently user profiles doesn’t have option to feature or unfeature them.

Thx for quick reply, but would like to put option that can search people who are online (only show sthese people). Is it also possible?

Currently there’s no such option but there’s no difference because it will show online users first, but instead of showing just online users it will show other filtered users at the end.

I need help, i bought this great theme but the problem is you can’t upload profile photos via Internet Explorer, how can i fix this Bug?

Hi, this bug is fixed in the latest theme version, you can redownload this theme from your Downloads and replace it in your WordPress.

Is there a way to do this without the need to reconfigure the theme, i’ve done some configurations and css tricks… :)

You can replace just js/themex.interface.js, module-photos.php and sidebar-profile-left.php files.