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Is it possible for users commenting on images?

Hi, currently there’s no way to comment user galleries, there’s just a gallery popup.

still can’t upload pics:

I really need help with this, my client has been patient, starting to call me names and kicking my dog!

I don’t even see the ‘add’ button in Mozilla at all…

Just sent you an emal, here’s what i get in Firefox Make sure you’ve logged into your profile.

Pre-sales question here. Can I add fields to user profiles? For example, when a user registers to the site they use another dropdown menue selection with numbers that I insert?


Hi, sure, you can add new profile fields.

Hi themex, Pre sales question – I wanted to see the Demo Preview but Malwarebytes is blocking it saying malicious content exists. Have you seen this before? I not seen this alert from any other website and my box is squeaky clean so its not a local issue. Its says there is an issue with the IP address behind the preview site ( can you check this out please as Id really like to review the Live Preview for possible purchase thanks.

Hi, i contacted my host and checked all site files, and there’re no malware issues for sure. I’ll also install Malwarebytes and check if live preview works, thanks.

Thanks, yeah keeps saying “Connection was reset”. Ill try a few more things and let you know if I manage to get it to load.

only way in the end to view was to add the above IP to the ignore list. Shows as a Ukraine domain flagged as suspicious. Hope this helps.

I am interested in creating a dating site where users have to pay a membership fee to join. would I be able to use this for that?

I don’t see an extended license for this?

Hi, you can login with Demo/Demo details and check memberships in the users profile, it’s possible to use memberships. If you’re not going to resell my theme and use it on a single site or domain i guess you need regular license.

before i purchase is it possible to have a country flag and select different languages

Hi, it’s possible with some translation plugin, for example WPML.

Please find that profile search is still not working

Thanks in advance !!

Hi, i guess you’ve updated to the latest theme version that has new required field (Seeking) and your users haven’t resaved their profiles yet. If i remove this parameter from URL search is working You can add some notification for users to resave their profile.

Thank you …yes we have updated theme. We have deleted all demo users and added new users yesterday ,although we still get the error. Please may be there would be some another reason !!

You can send me temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check this issue.

hi I have already purchased.(new version) but not working IE8,9 chrome.. occurs error.

Symptoms 1. not show Optimization. Not show to the main screen picture and characters. (IE8,9..) 2. not login (IE,chrome) 3. I guess jquery problem url :

thanks regard

My site check please [login removed]

POST 501 (Method Not Implemented)-resolved

But Browser is a compatibility issue 1. chrome – ok 2. firefox – ok 3. IE8,9,10 – not working

please check

Glad you’ve solved this issue, here’s a screenshot from IE 10 – i don’t see any issues

I am interested in this them, but before I purchase the theme I would like to know if the virtual gifts are fully functional, can you customize the amount of gifts that a user sends, and are you able to customize the gifts themselves and add customizable gifts to the list. Also does the theme come with video chat.

Hi, yes you can limit the number of gifts and change gift images (or add new gifts). Currently there’s no video chat.

I am interested in this them, but before I purchase the theme I would like to know if the virtual gifts are fully functional, can you customize the amount of gifts that a user sends, and are you able to customize the gifts themselves and add customizable gifts to the list. Also does the theme come with video chat.


I saw you mention above WPML, but theme page doesn’t mention it, so is it compatible with WPML?

Other question, is it possible to create a custom field allowing MUTIPLE selection (in order to don’t have to create X fields. Ex: Sport field: i can chose (even in search form) football + basket + volley etc. instead of having to create 4-5 “sports field” with only one choice possible on each (which would lead to a real mess)

Finally, does your theme come with sample to install?


I forgot to ask you. Does your theme include the following important features (and if no, do u plan to integrate them soon?):

- Report a profile (so users can report to the admin or moderation team a fake profile, an offensive profile or someone that has been rude etc.)

- Report a message (for example, a man is offensive in a message he send to a woman, she can report him to moderation team. From this moment, moderation team can access to the historical of the messages they sent each other and decide what to do)

- Report a chat message (same as above, but for chat)

- Ban (if the admin or the moderation team decide to ban someone, they can simply do it by pressing a ban button on wordpress dashboard, and an email (customizable) is automatically sent to him telling him he has been reported and after investigation the team has decide to ban him)

Those features are really improtant, a dating website can become a real mess if there’s no possiblity to report etc.

Another question in the “messages” part on our profile, does it go “page 1, page 2 etc.” or does the list stay on the same page? No pagination could be a problem for women who receive thousands of messages from different persons so it would be a looooooooong list if ther’s no pagination)

And can the admin set that messages sent and receives are not seen by everybody? if i A send a message to B, he probably doesn’t want that C ,d,e,f etc. see the messages, can we (the admin) make by default messages private?

Thanks in advance for the answers


1. It’s not fully integrated with WPML (there’s no built-in language switcher) but i’ve seen a site with LoveStory+WPML already.

2. Currently it’s impossible, but i’ll consider adding this type of field. You can try using simple text field, if user adds comma separated items he will be found if one of the item is set in search.

3. Yes, you will get the same layout as on the live preview.

4. Thanks for suggestions. Currently there’s no tool for reporting, and you can simple remove user or set Inactive role so he will not be able to login.

Messages are paginated, and all messages are private, conversation is possible only between two users.


Quick question, I set up a Dating website for my client and we are want to use a new piece of software.

However, we already have a lot of members on the current site, is it possible to move them across to this software and how does it work so that they don’t need to pay as they have already paid on the old website?

Hi, i guess you will need custom functions to convert your site database to WordPress database with keeping membership data, it’s possible if you have some developer for doing this.

Can it be that the slider function (slider speed and pause) not working?

Hi, can’t quite understand the question. You can set slider pause and speed in Theme Options/Slider sections, if you get some issues try disabling plugins, there may be some conflict.

It does not work…I turned off almost all plugins, still does not work.

You can give me a link to your site and i’ll check it, i guess there’s some javascript error.

There might be an issue with online button.Please double check !! One of our client was online although i can not see pink button .

Hi, this issue can be caused only by your server setting – i’ve checked this button twice before releasing the latest theme version. It just writes data to sessions, sessions should work on all servers.

Love the theme! A couple quick questions:

1) Could we get a ‘full-width’ page template?

2) Is there a shortcode for displaying content to logged-in users versus logged-out users?

3) Whenever I click to login using Facebook on my site ( – i’ve disabled FB b/c it wasn’t working) it just redirects me to /register after successfully logging in. Just a redirect issue I think!

Awesome otherwise! I use your Academy theme too and that blew me away too. Thanks Themex!

Thanks! Glad you like my themes.

1. If you add new static page it will be full width by default.

2. There’s no shortcode but you can try using some plugins for this, for example

3. If possible give me a link to your site and i’ll check this issue.

Also, would love to be able to change the ‘search bar’ and ‘search form’ so it’s not asking about gender or age. Instead, I’d like to have other profile fields in the drop-down menu. Is this possible?

I’ll add options to remove these default fields to the next version. You can add custom profile fields in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section.

Hello, how can I insert the advanced search on the home page? In places of the success stories, Can I insert the advanced search? Thanks. Giuseppe

Hi, you can use this plugin and show advanced search widget using a shortcode, edit home page and replace [stories].

Hi.I followed your advice and I was able to make the change I needed. I think more and more that he had made ??the right choice by purchasing your theme. Thank you again. Giuseppe

The thing that is really missing with this theme is being able to approve the members. Because as soon people join, they have not filled out anything and no pictures and they automatically show up as members and that defeat the purpose of a dating site. When I sign up to a dating site, my profile most of the time needs to be approved whether it is done manually or automatic and the same with profile pictures, they need to be approved too.

Hi, thanks for suggestion, i’m planning to add this feature to the future theme versions. Currently if user hasn’t saved his profile once (and it’s impossible without setting gender and age) and his name is not set he will not appear in search results.

Ok but that would be a bit unprofessional to say to members to not set their names until they are ready, that is why it is better for admins to approve the profiles and pictures.

Profiles without name are excluded because it would be strange to show just images, when user saves profile and sets name he will appear in search. Anyway i think approving profiles is a great idea, will consider adding it.

Any idea why admins don’t appear in the ‘Profiles’ page? Also, when you select to have them viewed by ‘status’ each person’s photo shows up twice. Seems a bit buggy. Hopefully it’s an easy fix!

Also, I’d LOVE to have a separate page that lists all of a user’s ‘favorites’ so they can browse a bit easier. Right now it’s tough to view a lot of people on the small profile widget. Hope this is possible!

Thanks for suggestions! Will check double profiles issue. Currently only users with Subscriber role are shown, i’ve been asked to hide profiles for managing site (administrators or editors).

I am a little confused how I set up the membership payment option on the website. When a user goes to their profile and views memberships and clicks on one, how do I have the option for them to pay for that membership?

Currently there’s no way to add or remove users from memberships without orders in WooComemrce. please view this screencast, i’m linking product with membership at 2:10

Ok that’s no problem at all. I just have one more question. You know there is a shortcode to show latest profiles on pages, is there anyway to select which profiles I would like shown?

The only way is using order parameter, you can set date, name or status order. Also i’ll add filter by role or ID to the next theme version.