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great work. Button register on the home page must dissapear when you logged in no?

Hi, thanks! This is not a function button, just a static button added to the slide content, you can remove it or place a link to the memberships page.

Hi there,

Pre-sale question:

Are there some ready spaces for ads like adsense or similar?


Hi, you can use Google AdSense widget and place it in the sidebar

This is really good one.

I wonder if users can write posts theirs stories? do you have any front end page for posting stories?

I think there has to be.

is it compatible with buddypress?

Thanks! It’s possible only through the back-end if you set Contributor role as default. It’s not integrated with BuddyPress, but it has all basic community features out of the box.

Hi there,

Pre-sale question: Shall i add more fields in the form? will they searchable if i add more fileds? Shall i disable chat?

Thank you

Hi, profile editor and switching off the chat are planned for the next theme version.

Hi, can I contact you to get a quote for some customizations?

Hi, currently i’m not available for custom work because of developing the next version of this theme.

Looks like a pretty awesome theme – Especially with it being Woo powered as well.

Just a quick note, I think the “Sing Out” button top-right should be “Sign Out” :)

Thanks! Fixed this typo.

Is there a version without wordpress? just html and css?

Hi, currently there’s no HTML template available.

Would it be possible to set up some sort of “group event”, that the users can sign up for? Let’s say a user want to make an event like “let’s all go see a movie at the cinema next monday at 8” – then users can click “yes, I want to go”, and a maximum of 10 people can sign up. People aren’t invited – it’s an “open invitation”, and the first 10 to sign up gets to go.

I know this is not something you have in LoveStory right now, but would it be something for a possible next version?

Or … do you have any idea if there is a plug-in out there, that can do this sort of thing?

Hi, currently creating groups are not posible in this theme, i guess you need something integrated with BuddyPress as they have events plugin

Hi Themex, very nice theme,

Pre-sale question: I need more fields in profile like eye color and hair color, can i add that?

Hi, thanks! Custom profile fields are planned for the next version.

Hi again,
is the theme child-theme ready? I would like to make some customizations without losing the ability to upgrade to later versions.

Hi, sure you can use a child theme for the style customizations.

Pre-sale question again:

Is there any notifications (notifications center) to users that reseve gifts or messages on Site or is that only in email?

About the chat window, i saw that if you send something to user that is offline and then refresh the page the message disappear. is the user able to see what someone wrote on the chat somewhere or? if not, should that chat window just be disabled if user is offline?

About “My Membership” is there option to have FREE plan?

Best regards gummisj

Hi, currently there’re no email notifications except registration and reset password emails, but there’re live chat message notifications, so user will know that someone wants to chat.

Chat messages are not stored in the database, they are just being cached for both users, chat window becmes crear on the page refresh but user will see the latest messages you’ve sent.

Pre-sale question:

1-Is possible to enable paid users only to view pictures?

2- Can users link videos from other sites in their profiles or eventually upload videos directly to their profiles?

thank you


1. It’s possible with a simple code fix, i will help you.

2. It’s possible to add any link to the profile page, i’m thinking about adding oEmbeds for the user profile text field.

I will wait till the updates are ready. thank you for the answer, this is a great theme!

Do you not be able to classify the category of the profile page?

Hi, can’t quite understand the question – do you mean filterng users by category? You can add any link to the main menu in Appearance/Menus to show some users, for example only women

When the next update comes out, how easy is it to go from the one you buy now to the new version?

It will be available in a few days, i hope on this weekend. It’s really easy – just replace the current theme with a new one.

I was just making sure that my site building changes would be preserved from one version to the new one.

If you’re using the child theme and don’t change the theme source code then sure you can update it with just replacing the theme folder.

Hi, about “Facebook Login Integration”, where do i add facebook login? or where are the settings for it?

About payment gateways, where do i add something other then Paypal?


1. Navigate to Appearance/Theme Options/Registration, enable Facebook Login and set your Facebook application details – you will see Facebook button appeared next to the default sign in button.

2. Install WooCommerce for selling memberships, WooCommerce has about 100 payment gateways

ok got it, i just missed that section, sorry, but about Woocommerce, do i need to install default pages? (my account, cart and that?) is that necessary?

Yes, WooCommerce requires default pages to work properly.

Hi the theme looks great!

I am about to buy the theme now, just a quick one on how much will the updated version be?

Thanks Andy

Hi thanks! Can’t quite understand the question, all future theme updates are free if you purchase it.

Love it man. There is a flaw in the hyperlink button on the message area. It allows members to see all the pages on your site and link to them

Thanks! Can’t quite understand the issue, message and chat pages are not visible for not registered users.

I have created a screen cast to explain how registered users can “link to existing content” on the site.

Thanks! Will fix this bug in the next version.

Changing profile picture and uploading pictures on front end does not work in IE 10.

It seems that IE doesn’t allow to trigger upload element via Javascript, will be fixed in the next version.

Does WOO need any special extensions to collect the reoccurring monthly payment of membership? If someone checks out with PayPal, it does not take them to the PayPal subscription checkout.

Currently user must renew his membership when it ends, but i will test WooCommerce extension for recurring payments with this theme.

For Woocommerce to be able to work with subscriptions one would have to get the woo subscription extension which is not free, am I correct?

Hi, currently user must renew his membership when it expires manually, if he wants to get more messages or gifts etc. I will test this theme with Woo extension for recurring billing.