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hey themex, can I change the language in paypal payment page? from English to German?

screenshot :

Hi, this thing is realted to WooCommerce settings, try serching WooCommerce forums. I’ve found this topic

Hello Themex,

I found one bug in the theme. When accessed by any mobile device (phone or tablet for example) the research of error when you select a country it shows all cities registered, the right would show only the cities of the country chosen. You can test to see if the same happens around?

Do you mean mobile menu? If possible give me a link to your site and i’ll check it.

The top menu thema seems not to work in dispotivo Mobile. Site;

I did some tests again and it worked perfectly the menu.

Hello Themex.

I’m searching for a dating theme for wordpress, and this looks perfect. Good job!

I just have a few questions.

1. I need the currency to be danish DKK, can it be changed?

2. What kind of updates will we seen in the next release? I’m like on of the many that really wants a recurring payment option.

3. When will the next update be released? :sunglasses:

Hi, thanks!

1. Sure.

2. I will add basic integration with WooCommerce subscriptions in the next version, but as you know this extension is premium.

3. Currently i’m working on it, it will be released in a week or less.

Perfect! Will be purchasing in a day or two.

Just one last question. For someone with no experience in payment gateways etc. How easy is it to setup payment?

This theme uses WooCommerce (e-commerce plugin) for all payments, there’re a lot of payment gateways (PayPal is built-in), it’s easy.

Hi Themex,

I do not know if you consider this a bug. When the name of the city has two lines the arrow to select other city does not work, just below it.


Thanks for reporting, currently i’m working on the next theme version. It seems that height of the hidden select is not enough to cover these two lines.

I thank you the agility! =)

Good afternoon sir. the comment is writting useing goggle transfer. I am Korean. i am now preparing to make a chatting site. I really like of your this theme. I bought your theme and I would like to use. However, I will not make for wordpress. i like to create a codeing with buying your theme. I bought your theme, your theme coding does it?

Hi, thanks. This is WordPress theme and it can’t be used without WordPress, follow this screencast to install it

Hi, pre-sale questions:

1. I want to use Love Story for a Free dating site, is it easy to set up that way?

2. Can I change the words man, woman == and change it into more than 2 items? for example, I am (blue,white,red,orange) seeking blue,white,red,orange)?

3. Are there sidebar widgets in the profile section (and other pages) to put ads/ etc?

Thank you!


1. You can disable memberships so there will be no limits on gifts, messages and other things.

2. Possible with a simple code change.

3. If you mean profiles listing it’s possible, but single profile page is not customizable in the current theme version.

hello, how can i let this work for members in profiles


Hi, can’t quite understand your question, if possible give me more details.

sorry is it possibel that members can insert their site? url? text link?

Sure, members can add any link to their profile text. Let me know if i’m missing something.

Getting the below errors this is a brand new site and fresh install today

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp/sess_themex-cache, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13) in /home/talkline/public_html/wp-content/themes/lovestory/framework/classes/themex.core.php on line 307

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at /home/talkline/public_html/wp-content/themes/lovestory/framework/classes/themex.core.php:307) in /home/talkline/public_html/wp-content/themes/lovestory/framework/classes/themex.core.php on line 307

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Hi, please contact your host – it seems that your server settings forbid setting name for sessions, this thing is required for chat and a few other features.

Hello I know I can add links and video to profiles, but I did not understand how to do. Can you explain?

Is’it possible add a vote to profiles? With the stars or with numbers?

Thanks Giuseppe

I mean not iframe code, WordPress has embed feature – when you paste just link to YouTube or Vimeo (or other services) it is converted to video.

Hi, I was talking just about some code of youtube. This code does not work and it’s a iframe.

See an example:

<iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=”//” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Moreover also even links to the outside do not work or do not know how to operate them.

In summary: I would like to connect a video and a link fill out doing custom field. I tried, but it does not work.

Sorry for the insistence, but I know I can do this with your template, but I do not know how to do it. Where I’m wrong?

I hope you can help me. Thanks. Giuseppe

I understand, iframe code will not work because all tags except links are removed from input, because anyone who registers on your site would be able to embed iframe to some malware site. There’s a safe way of embedding videos that WordPress offers and it works in profile text field on the profile page.

You can send me temporary WP access in PM and i’ll look at the links issue, maybe i’m missing something.

Hello Nice Theme :)

Few Questions before give it a try …

1) Can we hide few user profile fields for normal users and can be visible to premium users ?

2) Can we limit the number of hidden fields viewing for premium users. Like, a premium member can see 20 hidden fields, like mobile numbers of users. Limiting the number of images a free user can see ?

3) Can we integrate cometchat for messages ?

4) Can we create multiple types of profile fields ? and extend search funtionality based on those profile fields ?

5) Can we add more buttons like favorites ? follow a user button, poke button, express interest button ?

6) Approval of new users ?

7) Blocking a user ?

8) Two Way Relation / friendship / interest accepting before mesging each other ?

9) Pre Message templates for free users ?

10) Are you available on custom work ?

You can take above enquiries as suggestions and include them in next future releases :)


Hi, thanks!

1, 2. Currently there’s a single profile form for all users, memberships set limits for gifts, photos and messages but not profile fields.

3. As you can see there’s a built-in AJAX chat, if you have some developer for customizing your project you can replace it.

4. Yes, you can create text, number or select fields.

5. This will require customizations, all possible features you can see in the theme description and on the live preview (login as Demo/Demo).

6. You can enable email activation and exclude activation link from email text, so you will be able to approve users manually.

7. Currently there’s no option for this.

8. There’s a one way relation – favorites.

9. Messages template is the same for all users.

10. Currently i’m not available for custom work, but you can find someone on for example.

Hello i got issues uploading photos, the profil pics works, but in the right sidebar, it only takes light photos (works with jpg, png) when i upload a photo directly taken from my camera (5mo) it doesn’t work, can u help me ? :)

FTP doesn’t have upload limit, upload limit is set for uploading from the browser. You can try removing .htaccess and using just WordPress limit and php.ini limit.

when i remove the ht access it loose the url rewriting for my pages… i never had such htacess before on wordpress i thought your template created it

Template is not changing .htaccess or any other basic files, this is really strange because it should contain only rewrite rules set in Settings/Permalinks. Try uploading large photo to WordPress media library and check what error it shows.

Hi, what features are you thinking for the new update?

Could you please consider this features for the future?

a) add or advise a compatible rating system b) google api search (zip code, location) c) profile page with sidebar


Hi, thanks for suggestions. There’re a few fixes and impovements, like integration with WooCommerce subscriptions and profile page sidebar.

Great theme but just another vote here for adding blocking and abuse reporting features.

Abuse reporting only needs be a link to a contact form I guess, but I think the blocking is essential on a dating site these days and I wouldn’t be able to use a theme without it.

Hi, thanks for suggestion, will consider adding it to the future versions of LoveStory.

Hi, Look to buy this theme for another project and have some questions for you.

1. can I change to front page so I can have a menu at the right hand side?

2. Is it possible to remove the search field and maybe the slider from the front page? What I mean is there any type of page builder here or?

3. What do you think, would it be possible to modify this site so it fits a Intranet site? I mean many functions is there…

4. can i set so when I loged in I can see all pages that I am granted to, when I am not loged in I cant see them!


1. You can set right sidebar layout for the home page and add menu widget to it.

2. You can remove all slides and slider will disappear, also you can hide home page search bar.

3. It’s possible if you have some developer to cusomize your project, i guess you need some additional features.

4. I guess it’s possible with some third-party plugin.

Thanks mate One more thing, is it easy to change the language if I need 3 languages.. What I mean is there a language file like a PO file or so? If so, what happens when I create a new page. Do all this headlines and content appear in that file automatically or?

Hi, sure there’s a .po file, but .po files are used for translation to some single language, you can use some translation plugin like WPML or qTranslate.

Hi, Look to buy this theme for another project and have some questions for you.

1. can I change to front page so I can have a menu at the right hand side?

2. Is it possible to remove the search field and maybe the slider from the front page? What I mean is there any type of page builder here or?

3. What do you think, would it be possible to modify this site so it fits a Intranet site? I mean many functions is there…

4. can i set so when I loged in I can see all pages that I am granted to, when I am not loged in I cant see them!

Password Reset Email
Possible to send the password to the user
for example:
Dear %username% <br /> You're Receiving this e-mail Because You requested a password reset for your account at <br /> Your password is: <b>%password% </b> <br /> Thank you and see you at

Hi, you can set password email text in Appearance/Theme Options/Registration section.

yes but not%password% based Password Reset Email
link image 1:
link image 2:


There’s no password keyword in the password email text, you can use only username and link keywords, because it’s impossible to just show password in the email text, passwords are encoded with md5 function, even if database is stolen it’s impossible to get original passwords.

When you log into the site will be able to facebook account? Will this be implemented?

Hi i need Facebook Application ID and Facebook Application Secret for login facebook? If yes, how i create?

Thank you, Congratulations, Great Job this theme!

Hello there,

Nice theme, but i have a question: is it possible to show the profile fields in the initial registration form? so that the users will have to fill all the profile fields when he register and not after successful registration, if it is possible how to do so?

much appreciated

Hi, thanks. Registration form is not customizable, it requires only basic information for adding new user to WordPress. I’m planning to add option to make profile fields mandatory in the future theme versions.


When will the next update be released?

Thanks & regards

Hi, currently i’m working on it, it will be released on this weekend or Monday.