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Please don’t forget to do something about the cache on Firefox.

When a user is logged, if he goes back to the home page for example, the buttons at the top are the wrong ones like I’m not connected.

I must refresh the page to display My profile button and disconnect. I seen the same problem with the profiles page.

Hi, i see this thing in bug tracker, will be fixed. If possible give me more details, do you mean when you click “back” button in browser? Firefox and a few other browsers cache the previous page so this may be a normal behaviour.

Once I’m logged, i Just clicked on home on my main menu. I didn’t use back button. Maybe doing something to avoid cache like pragma meta would work.

Can’t reproduce this issue. If possible send me more details in PM, maybe this issue happens only with Facebook Login?

How can we record or save user’s chatting ?

Currently it’s impossible because chat messages are not saved to database, i guess you would get a million of messages in a few days and this would cause overload.

Theme looks good. Some questions..

1. Can we enable a username so the users real name is not shown throughout the site everywhere?

2. I can’t see the Facebook login integration in demo?

3. Can we limit what users can see before they log in? I mean, this page should really be hidden from users not logged in.

Hi, thanks.

1. Yes.

2. It’s not enabled on the live preview because i want to keep just demo users with images and other fields set

3. Currently there’s no option to hide it, guest users can’t see full size pictures without registration.

I just noticed that when people are commenting on the blog, the gravatar picture profile are not showing. I get the standard grey pictures. Is there anyway that can be fixed?

Hi, all default (Gravatar) avatars in LoveStory are replace with custom avatars that are uploaded to the profile.

Is there a way to change that?

You can remove line 40 from lovestory/framework/classes/themex.user.php file but Gravatar avatars will be shown everywhere and profile avatar uploader will not work, if you don’t use it this fix will work.

Hi, I am waiting for confirmation from a client to buy this theme here – but also I am trying to find your old Everest template – can you please let me know how I can buy the Everest template. I can not find a way to purchase it anywhere on the internet.

Thank you :-)

Hi, glad you like it. Unfortunately Everest theme is not supported anymore so i removed it from the marketplace.

Hey, what do you mean with “Fixed profile videos” ? Users can upload videos?

Hi, users can embed videos to the profile editor For example if you paste youtube link it will be converted to video, there was a bug and it’s fixed.


Is the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin now supported? Is that what the line ‘Added checkout options’ in the changelog for the latest release refer to?


Hi, the latest theme version has basic integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions. I’ve added options to show or hide checkout fields (if you want to show some additional field, for example phone number).

Great Update 1.7 – Love the profile sidebar option now. By the way, Great support for this theme. Thanks

Thanks, glad you like it!

Hi themex, i saw you saying that latest theme version has basic integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions. So now the member can use woocommerce subscription to checkout their membership and having auto renewal function? Thanks

Hi, you can link membership with subscription product and LoveStory will show expiration date of this product instead of membership expiration date so yes you can use WooCommerce Subscriptions.

i like this theme. i will need the theme in spanish, can i get it?

Hi, thanks, glad you like it. You can translate this theme to Spanish using translation files.

Our member needs to add PDF file at his profile page can you help us on it ??

Hi, adding upload field will require code customizations but currently i’m not available for custom work, you can find any developer with WordPress expirience on for example if you need some new features.

Hello, I purchased your theme and sent some questions through your mail in portfolio page + posted them on the forum but no answer yet. Please reply asap so i can proceed…

Hi, i’ve just replied to all today’s emails and support topics, you can check your questions and topics.

Hi Mate, great and easy Theme to understand. I just wonder how I can add the gallery on a new page? I need a gallery page and it should look like “My Photos”

Hi, thanks! There’re no galleries by default, you can try using any third-party plugin, for example


je n’arrive pas à afficher les “Membres inscrits” :/ comment faire SVP :) le liens de mon site de recontres

Hi, if possible write in English, i don’t speak French.

Hi,any chance we could have a questionnaire for new subscribers? I thought it was standard to have people fill in a little bit of info about themselves when creating a profile. Educate me if I am missing something. Beautiful theme it is, I must say.

Hi, glad you like it. Users can edit their profile after registration (gender, age and other things) and their profile will not appear in search results without these fields set.

I’m considering using your theme to launch a dating site, however I was wondering if there is a “theme” for site as a mobile app? Hence users would be able to use there iPhone/android with the site? Is it possible to buy as an addition?

Hi, this theme is responsive, you can try resizing the browser window So users will be able to use it on mobile devices.

Can this theme be localized or translated to another language?

Hi, sure you can easily translate this theme using any translation plugin or POEdit.

the demo theme is old or recent (last version)? Thanks!!Good works

Hi, live preview is updated to the latest theme version, if you purchase it you will get the same layout.

Great site. Is it possible to add custom profile questions for people to answer?

Thanks! You can add new profile fields.

Great site. Is it possible to add custom profile questions for people to answer?