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its possible to have translation for portuguese language?

Hi, yes it’s possible to translate this theme.

Hi there, great theme, before buying i would like to know if there is a chance to hide for example “man” profiles from search results and profile browsing ?


Hi, thanks! It’s possible with a simple code fix, i will help you.

What if you only want to have one membership option gold. And user pays every 3 months. Can this be set in admin or does it require extra work?

I don’t need multiple membership options


1. You can just add some single membership, users will have free membership after registering and will be able to purchase this membership.

2. User can just clear all the profile fields and remove photos.

Ok thank you, I’m planing on purchasing this theme. Will you be adding any new features to this theme in the coming days? Some of the previous requested features would be great

Regards, Dmitry

Currently i’m receiving suggestions and then will consider adding these features while making the next theme version, you can add your suggestions here

Hi this is a great theme. I’m a little confused by licensing. We can charge users for memberships right? Is that with the regular license? Thanks this looks like a great template.

Hi, thanks! If you’re not going to resell the theme itself you can use it on a single site/domain for selling memberships, like any e-commerce theme.

Want to update, registered users can also in front of the published articles, such as user center add user log.

Hi, you can simply remove the current theme version in Appearance/Themes and install the new one.

Is it possible to have translation for traditional Chinese language?

Hi, you can translate this theme into Chinese using the theme translation files.

Hi, I bought your theme and it looks great and very clean. However I still want to modify some options, one of them is to have the ability to modify what the visitor is searching for, instead of gender look for city, country, etc. How can I add more fields for them to enter into their profile, to ask more information about themselves. Thanks for your support!

Hi, thanks. I’ve just replied in your topic on the support forum.

Hey, i have a problem with the theme that , when the user read the message it still mark as unread

how can i solve that ?


Hi, can’t say for sure what causes this, you can send me temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check this issue.

ok give me your email ..

You can send me a message through the contact form on my profile page

First of all,this theme is the best. My problem is that my sign up now button under My Membership takes me to an empty cart.How do I fix it?

Hi, thanks! Make sure you’ve linked some product with this membership (under the membership content editor).

Got it.Thanks for your help and keep developing more & more good themes.cheers!

you install and translates it for me already in Portuguese?

Hi, there’s English language by default but you can translate it to Portuguese using the theme translation files.

Hi, I have a problem setting up Membership Free Chat. In: Appearance – Theme Options – Membershits – Free Membership Chat. When I give Enebled are actually going Disable. It did not save. No change.

Next in the same, but the Free Membership Duration. When I enter a number, example 365, so it’s only stored for one month.

I have also created a localhost and there it goes well. No problem to date.

Will you help me? Thanks.

Hi, make sure you’re not checking the existing subscription, if you change membership settings they will not be changed for existing subscriptions, try creating new user, then subscribe to some membership and you will see the new settings.

Thank you, it’s OK now.

Can you explain what this means:

Fatal error: Can not use string offset as an array in / www/d/a/u30605/public_html/wp-content/themes/lovestory/framework/classes/themex.user.php on line 1538

I can not do chat.

Hi, I tried it, but no change. Where can I send the password?

You can send me temporary WP access through the contact form on my profile page

OK, I did it.

hi guys, I like your theme because the front-end is very simply for members, but I want to know is you have any interesting options for moderating the messages, members, ... ?

Hi, thanks, glad you like it. There’s automatic messages filter and you can remove users from the site.

hi can videos be uploaded to lovestory by paying customers, and is it a customizable site for example creating a page

Hi, pages are customizable, also you can embed video (YouTube or Vimeo for example) to the profile text field.

thanks, and also is it possible for me as admin to send messages to all members in a specific location at once

Currently there’s no such option.

ok, i have installed lovestory to my wordpress, but it looks nothing like it does in the preview with all the profiles, chat options, front page etc, what do i do

Hi, follow this screencast step by step to import content from the live preview

Thank you so much, very happy!

Hello again, i’m not sure how to receive payments, i have woocommerce which has built in papal, but how do i link this to my paypal account? i have also downloaded a payment gateway from woocommerce, but not sure how to activate it or where to put my bank details in order to receive payments (would rather receive payments direct to my account)

Hi, these things are related to WooCommerce settings, here’s a documentation about setting the PayPal

Hello interesting application and I am interested to buy.

After I tested the demo, I find that the partners searching fields disappear in the mobile device, also it is little confusing if the user is already logged in and till asked to Register Now! I hope you add some options like Who add me as favorite, Who visited my Profile, Report messages and bad profiles to the admin, Users should be activated by the Admin first, Accept terms and conditions to continue the registration.

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for suggestions, will consider adding these features.

Hi There, I just purchased The Love story theme it’s really great theme but I got difficult to create a front page sidebars here is my side and the bottom is blank please help ..I just would like the original themes`sidebars thanks

Hi, you can simply import demo content and you will get the same layout as on the live preview, here’s a screencast

hi, how does a member remove an embedded video from their profile?

Hi, user can add a link to YouTube to the profile text field for example and it will be converted to a video, in the same way he can remove this link.

hi, after the embed code was copied and pasted, it converted to video, but the code is not visible to be deleted, nor can i delete the video itself

Its ok i figured it out, i had to use the delete button instead of backspace lol

How do I remove the registration “signin” on the homepage to make this a theme for a regular website?

Hi, try adding this code to Custom CSS field in Theme Options/Styling section:

.header-options {display:none;}