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Again, I have this problem:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /www/d/a/u30605/public_html/wp-content/themes/lovestory/framework/classes/themex.user.php on line 1585

Why is it still repeats? I have something wrong?


Again, I have this problem:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /www/d/a/u30605/public_html/wp-content/themes/lovestory/framework/classes/themex.user.php on line 1585

Why is it still repeats? I have something wrong?


Hi, can’t say for sure because i’ve mossed this error last time you’ve sent your details, if possible send me temporary FTP access in PM and i’ll detect this issue.

Hi there,

Is there an easy way to edit the fields that the users can fill in on their profile? For instance i’d like to remove the “country” field as well as the “male” seeking “woman” and rather change it to “sex-type”.

Hi, you can remove or add any fields in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section.

Hi Themex, Great looking theme. I’m thinking I might modify it to serve the needs of an upcoming project but I have a couple of questions.

1. If someone signs up for a Gold membership can I specify areas of the site they can access that other members cannot?

2. Is there a way to show different content depending on the persons age range?

Thanks :)

Hi, thanks!

1. Currently there’s no such options, you can set only limits for messages, photos, chat and gifts.

2. This will require code customizations but LoveStory code is really simple.

Right now,when some one gift, there is an email notifications.Can it possible when some on add you to favorite ?

Hi, currently there’s no such option for favorites, adding to favorites happens really often and there’re no limits, so any user can be spammed in this way.

Hello, I would like to purchase this theme but before I do I was wondering if there is a questionnaire for the profile bio that members can answer?

Hi, you can add new profile fields so users will be able to fill them, for example “marital status”, “religion” etc.

I think I’ll buy this theme at the new update if i’ll find this :

- a geolocalisation or select a town with a list or a map - possibility for members to post a statut - fields with checking boxes - New message is indicated on the main page.. Ex: My Profil (23). 23 is the number of messages.. - Possibility for a member to comment a profil member .. But the comment is available only if the user is a membership

You think add this for the next update ?

When the new update ?

Have a nice day.


Hi, thanks for suggestion! Currently i’m working on my other theme update but i’ll finish it in 2 days and start working on the new LoveStory version.

Live demo login is not working :( Can only see public pages.

It seems that someone has changed the password, i’ve set it back.


Is it possible to make it free for females to send/read messages, but men must have paid to read/respond?!

OR something similar to this?!

Thanks buddy, looks like a great theme!

Hi, it’s possible with a simple code change, write me in PM.


Can i use demo pics on my site?

Hi, you can import demo content All images except the slider images will be watermarked, you can use the slider images.

Presale question: Are you able to input age ranges and are they filterable when viewing members anywhere on the site? Thanks in advance!

Sorry, answered my own question. Thanks.

Do users have any control over who is messaging or live chatting them? For example if someone keeps spam-chatting another user, can they do anything about it? Thanks in advance!

Hi, currently there’s no option to block user, but i’ll consider adding it to the next theme version, thanks.

hi, when i visit my website it goes to the archive page instead of the home page, and i will like to remove the cover home page from view and have the second home page as my home page

Hi, navigate to Settings/Reading and set any static page as front page. Can’t quite understand what you mean about the cover home page, you can edit slides and home page content as you want.

Hi, I plan to use this theme more for career profiles rather than dating, and change the fields accordingly. I have a few questions though regarding its limitations.

Can a subscribed user (one level membership) simply paste the URL of their completed profile to somebody in an email, and that person they emailed view their entire profile including full size pictures?

I know that’s the opposite question to what alot of people have been asking. They want to restrict access to non-members, I want to grant access to non-members to be able to view profiles.

That person clicking the URL wouldn’t even be a guest member or logged into my site in any capacity. But I would want them to be able to see my users profile page in its entirety when they are given the URL to click.

I would also like non-members (not logged in) to be able to send private messages to my users via use of a contact form with catchpa or other anti-spam method from a message button found on my users profile.

Finally, I would like my user to be able to create their profile and design the layout themselves in something like a WYSIWYG editor where they can insert images in any position they like, and embed their video where they want, rather than fixed standard template for all members.

Are all these things achievable?


1. Yes.

2. Currently there’s no option to hide profiles, but full size photos will be hidden. Also it’s possible with a simple code fix.

3, 4, 5. There’s no such features, but it’s possible if you have some developer for customizing your project.

I forgot one more question from my above post. When it comes to adding custom fields in the member profile, can there be a meta tag field which would work a bit like youtube where a user could put keywords in their job profile, and repeat those words as meta tags in the meta tag field, and have their profile come up in a google search, and their entire profile get accessed from there?

Hi, if you mean meta keywords for search currently there’s no such option, it will require adding option related with the header of each profile.

I would like my site using this theme to be multilingual – for example a visitor from Spain should be able to select Spanish as his language from a drop down perhaps. is this possible? Thanks in advance!

Hi, there’s a basic integration with WPML plugin, i’ve seen a few LoveStory sites with different languages but this may require a few code customizations.

Hey man can i give you my wordpress account user name and password so that you can set the slide for me i did something with it please help me hope to hear from you soon.

Hi, sorry but there’s no buyer tag on your comment, if possible register using your purchase code here

Hi there. I really like this template and I’m so glad you are so helpful – and patient – with those of us who purchased it. FYI, I attempted to use the support forums, but I’ve been getting errors (the connection times out) for the last couple days when I try to visit it.

Can you help me with the following:

1. On the homepage: Where do I go to change the cutout photo of the couple? I had no issue changing the background, but I want to use another photo for the couple. I also need to know where to go to change the welcome text on that page (where it says “Write your love story” and the copy under that).

2. How do I ensure that visitors can neither see (to judge the quality/quantity) nor search profiles unless they register first?

3. I believe there is a way for users to login with facebook, correct? Is there a screencast of that and these other items?

4. I’ve tried using various sized images to replace the logo, but each results in a somewhat pixelated appearance. How can I fix this?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, thanks, glad you like it!

1. Edit the first slide in WordPress/Slides and edit it’s content.

2. You can hide page with profiles from the main menu for guest users using this plugin but currently there’s no option to disable profile search.

3. Sure, you can enable it in Appearance/Theme Options/Registration section, also set your App ID and Secret

4. Logo image is not being resized, check the source image quality.

The demo is not working/ Anyway to see this as a demo?

Hi, there was some issue with my server, you can check it now.

How can I enable users to read messages, I have sent a test users 2 messages, but in the test profile it says it has 2 messages, but the content cant be read.

I have done a new install, messages chat seems to be working fine.

Have you solved these issues? Or you mean only the chat issue.

Yes, I did a clean install and is working fine. Thank you