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Hello themex when user Sign up for account the message that it send to the person email is register at worldpress@mydomain how can i fit this to my website name. i have purchase the theme in a next themeforest account

Hi, you can install some SMTP plugin, for example and then set “from” and other fields for emails.

I am very interested to buy this but am very concerned with the issue with payment, without a fix this theme is useless to me.

This was submitted by a user today and I see there are other users with this same issue. What is the fix? bekschapel There’s an issue after the most recent update of Woocommerce – this is coming up on my checkout page and no one is able to check out. Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Shipping::get_available_shipping_methods() in /home/pairecom/public_html/wp-content/themes/lovestory/woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php on line 7

Hi, WooCommerce developers changed API two days ago so all sites integrated with WooCommerce are broken now. You can still use the theme without updating WooCommerce (version 2.0), i’ll update the theme as soon as possible.

Where can I find a list of profiles? I can see the “users” but that doesn’t show me the information in their profiles.

Is it possible to moderate profiles?

Good moderation capabilities are a really important feature for a dating website.

Hi, currently there’re no option for moderating profiles but it’s planned for the future versions. If you mean front-end you can view all profiles on “Profiles” page (page with “Profiles” template set).

Where can I change the status of someone’s membership?

For example, if I wanted to give someone a gold membership, how would I change them from Bronze to Gold without charging them?

Hi, this option is planned for the next version, it will be released in a few days.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Shipping::get_available_shipping_methods() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 7 ….

Hi, i guess you’ve updated to the latest WooCommerce version, they’ve changed API so all sites with WooCommerce integration are broken now. I will update LoveStory as soon as possible, currently you can use the previous WooCommerce version.

Does your website offer Geo location search (the ability to search within a radius of their location)?

Currently there’s no such option, but i’ll consider adding it to the future theme versions, thanks. You can try using country and city fields.

There is a theme called Vantage which is a business directory theme. They offer a geo-location search, maybe they could give you some ideas on how to easily impliment that.

Thanks, i’ll check this feature implementation.

On the main page if you click the register button at the top right it goes to our register page.

On the main page if you click the register button at the center of the page it goes to the demo register.

How do we fix that?

By the way, the link is

Hi, edit the first slide, then change [button] shortcode in the editor, change it’s URL attribute:



Hi, i have some questions in order to buy the theme this morning:

- Afer premium subscription expired it come back to free membership automatically?

- i see gender free and backend possibility to change membership of a user is planned in next version right?

- is it possible to add Name in the registration page in order to make the profile active at the same time of the registration? because i see now first you have to register than put name and save settings in your profile in order to make that active.

- will live chat improved with something like emoticons?

- is there the possibility to block user?

and last question - i want to make my website only for 1 country is it possible? and in that case instead of countries list is possible to switch that with cities and remove city text field?

Thanks for your support Waiting to buy the theme and continue to see the updates!!!!!

Regards Alessandro

You can hide any default fields using the options in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section.

if i do that i can’t see country too.. i want to see only country and hide just city understand? and i will change countries name in cities name, that is what i meant is it possible?

It’s possible with a simple code fix but please confirm that you’ve purchased this theme – you can register on the support forums using your purchase code

How does a member flag/report a profile that is inappropriate?

Currently there’s no such option but blocking profile is planned for the next theme version.

I found in the config.php the list of countries, they are searchable in the widget search form. My questions are:

1- Where i can add and make searchable a list of Cities for each country?

2-Can the City field be a free text imput in the search form?

It appears there is a city option to be searched but the drop down list is empty. (doesn’t display the cities added by users)

How can I enable the cities added by users in the search widget?

Make sure you’re using default city field, if someone sets city in the profile form it should appear in the list.

You are right, the city appears after the user add it in their profiles, as you said. I just didn’t knew how it worked. Thank you again for the explanation.

We changed a lot of the profile options and added many more this morning. Everything was working fine and profiles were updated to show the expanded information.

I just logged in and the addition profile fields we added have disappeared. It could not have been a reset. None of the other changes we made have reset, just the profile items we added. Any idea what happened?

Hi, this is really strange, you can send me temporary FTP access in PM (not WordPress access because if your site is live i’m afraid to make some syntax error in the code while testing) and i’ll check this issue.

We use a very secure hosting service and they issue FTP acces on demand that expires if not used in 15 minutes of being issues. I can send you a code but you would need to log in within that window.

You can send me temporary WP access in PM and i’ll try to check this issue via default WordPress editor.

Your are the greatest author on themeforest i will advice everyone to always purchase you themes they are easy to install and they work really good compare to all the other author on this network. Thank you i look to see you new theme

Thanks for the kind words!

Its great that you are so responsive. Where can we find a changelog for the update you just released?

I need email alert to response so posting it again

Hi there, I see from your responses to inquiries the registration form is very limited. How can customize it the way you have it in demo link that link back to your live demo site: New registration and login side by side Thanks

Hi, registration form appears automatically if you set “anyone can register” option in Settings/General.

Is in the new file updates possible for the admin of the site to simply enable/disable manually a member as gold member in the admin panel without need to use woo commerce?

Hi, i’m still working on the next version with this feature – current version is just a quick update needed because the latest WooCommerce version was incompatible with LoveStory.

New version released …...Can’t find most expected “Block User” function ??

I’m still working on the next version, i had to make this quick update in the middle of development because new WooCommerce version was incompatible with the theme.

I am having a hard time finding a lot of the added features you said would be in the new version. Do you have updated information about that somewhere.

You had said “Hi, this option is planned for the next version, it will be released in a few days.” so I thought that was it. Can’t wait for the new version!

When will the new version be released?

There’s a delay because WooCommerce was updated and i have to update all my themes now, because integration with WooCommerce is broken. I’ll try to finish it this week.

How can i find the 2.0 version of woocommerce?

Hi, you can get the latest version here

This is a new bug since the update. When I activate the captcha, on the registration page, it gives the error ”Verification code is empty” even when it is correct. Have had several people try

It depends on your server settings, make sure that sessions are enabled on your server because sessions are needed for saving captcha. I just tried enabling captcha on my test site and it seems to work.

We don’t have that option, we use a managed host

If possible contact your hosts because i’m using simpel PHP code for captcha that just stores captcha code in sessions and it seems that sessions are disabled on your site.