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Hi again themex, 2 things that i would like to see in future updates,

1. Enable user to change email address in settings page 2. Allow user to delete his account or deactivate

Hi, thanks for suggestions, will consider adding these features.

Request for a future update: Allow infinite scrolling on category pages.

Hi, thanks for suggestion, will consider adding this.

Pre-sale question:

1. I would like to disable the chat function and message!

2. I would like to activate function for public images

is possible?


1. Will be possible in the next version. 2. Can’t quite understand, public user photos are possible already.

Purchased and installed Woo Subscriptions and get error below on profile page.

Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/singlep6/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-subscriptions/classes/class-wc-subscriptions-product.php on line 283

Hi, will check compatibility with this extension before relesing the next theme version. It seems that it adds new product type that is not handled by the membership checkout.

U da bomb man!!!!

is there a support Forum for this theme so we can all share problems and the solutions?




So we can have different level of membership, say one free one and one paid, what kind of differences is there between the two memberships? Can you give me some examples? I have been wanting to do a dating site for ages so I am very tempted… And i have to woo subscription extension so I need to be sure this will work too.


1. Membership limits the number of messages, gifts and photos. You can set default limits (as a free trial), and if user needs more gifts for example he will need to pay a membership fee.

2. Will test this extension with LoveStory before releasing the next version.

Any idea when the next update will come?

Hi, on this weekend, but themes are not being reviewed on weekends so i guess you will get it on Monday.

Ok, great! Will u have the Custom fields addon in That update?

Sure, this feature is planned for the next version.

When I click on the profile and I click on the image it Appears the message “Sign in to view full size photos”.I would like to activate function for public images. Sorry man my english is a shit.

is possible?

Hi, sure i will help you to enable viewing photos for not registered users, there’s a simple code fix.


The Woocommerce subscriptions extension is pretty pricey, is this going to be the only option for incorporating recurring payments ito the theme, or will you be building something into the theme?


Hi, if you mean PayPal recurring billing then currently this extension is the only solution, but wht do you need recurring billing – membership is purchased in 3 clicks, and if user needs more messages or gifts he will renew membership if it expires. I will consider implementing recurring billing in the theme.

demo is not working

Hi, please check it again – maybe there was some temporary issue with my server.

Purchased, and installed theme. am testing it now and a few bugs, when i activate the captcha, on the registration page, it gives the error “Verification code is empty” even when its correct. Also the email activation, there is no email sent to the user for activation.


1.If possible send me temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check, can’t get the same issue.

2. I suggest installing some SMTP plugin because the most of emails without SMTP data are filtered as spam.

Owk, give me your PM address

You can send me email through the contact form on my profile page.


Coul dyou please tell me:

1. How I add the story snippet that appears on the homepage? When I add a story, the entire story appears on the homepage. I tried adding the “More” divider, but that didn’t work.

2. I have enabled permalinks. Is there an easy way I can change where the stories appear from /story/ to something else?

Many thnaks

Mr M

Hi, thanks, will fix this thing in the next theme version – it should show the first paragraph but for some reason paragraphs dissapear after saving, you can set sections parameter for shortcode as 0: [stories number=”2” sections=”0”] and excerpt will be shown instead of the first paragraph.

Still no sign of the word story in the latest version of the en_US.po file :(

Just checked, for some reason PO file hasn’t any strings from lovestory/framework/config.php file, i guess this is PO file generator issue, you can zip the theme archive and regenerate this file.

Hi I really love this template however I am not wanting it for dating I am wanting to change it to an employee profile page. So I have a few questions sorry if you have already answered them before to others.

1. On the home page where it says “I am a …man/woman… looking for a …man/woman… aged … to …” can this be changed? for example change woman to employee OR change the age part to I am qualified in …hospitality/trade/computers…

2. is it possible for a user to give someones profile a rating and or review?

3. can i block or delete users?

4. can a user block anther user?

5. is this just supported for computer or is it mobile website aswell?

thanks :)

Hi, thanks!

1. Currently it’s possible only with changing the source code, i mean if you have some WordPress developer for freelance work.

2. No, there’s no rating system.

3. Sure.

4. Currently it’s impossible.

5. This theme is responsive and it has mobile layout.

I’m thinking about purchasing this theme but I’d really like to see profile questions to create better matches.

Geo Location to show matches nearby.

Hi, thanks, what do you mean about profile questions? You will be able to add any profile fields, for example Eyes Color in the next theme version, it will be released on Monday.

Hello, the description says that the theme comes with a profile editor, but when I check the theme, it is not present. I notice in a past comment, you said it would be coming soon. Is it in the theme already? If so, where?

When logged in, the button at the top says “Sing out” not “Sign out”.

When I click on view profile, it takes me to the front page.

None of the content would import no matter what I set the max execution time to, so I have no dummy content. Its hard to follow your videos as they are silent and there is no text in the documentation, so I can not ctrl F to locate data. Do you have any other material to explain how to do this?

Thanks so much. It looks fantastic.

Hi, if possible write me in PM or create new ticket at the support forum – it’s a bit hard to check support threads everywhere.

1. My english is not so good so i’m sorry for the silent screencasts, just follow the same steps to get the same result. Navigate to Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles and click “plus” button near the first empty profile field, you will see that new field is added. Set it’s name, type (for example choose Select if you need some dropdown list) and it will appear on the user profile page.

2. Haven’t you found this option in Appearance/Theme Options/Registration tab? Just set any registration email you want, to replace the default one. Then install this plugin it is not required but it’s really good because if you set SMTP details of your host (check your host panel, there should be your domain email credentials) emails sent by your site will not be filtered as spam.

3. If possible send me temporary WPaccess in PM and i’ll check this issue.

Please don’t worry, there are no bugs (and i will help you anyway), i just thought that this is intuitive user interface.

Hello and thank you for your reply.

1) Sorry I still dont follow. I need to know all the options and what each of them means. This theme claims to be “well documented” and silent videos really doesnt fit it. I know that we can just follow what you do in the video, but that just shows us how to do something, it fails completely to explain what it is, what it does and what ways there are to do it. You could have used default settings so that users wouldnt have to do it all manually. Can you please provide proper documentation that explains the theme. We really can not use silent videos as they do not explain anything and dont allow us to understand anything.

2) Yes, but as the documentation is so poor, I had to diagnose it to find out how it worked and then apply the settings I wanted. I shouldnt need to back-engineer a theme that claims to be “well documented”. If the link is needed in this email, then why on earth is it not in there by default? I left it as default as I assumed you would have added what was needed. Again, this is an issue with the documentation.

3) check your email, I will send it in a few moments.

4) when a user registers no payment options are presented. I assume this is due to settings etc. Please provide documentation.

This is a brand new site and I have setup thousands of themes, so there shouldnt be any issues. I think the main issue is the poor documentation. Its not just about adding the settings, we users need to understand them so we know what they do etc otherwise it will be almost impossible to troubleshoot any issues. The four issues above being a prime example.

Hi, just replied via email, profile redirect issue was caused by some of the plugins, try disabling them one by one and check what plugin causes this issue.

I am looking forward to the next version, and will be purchasing.

I would really like to see a “Send Wink,” would be more useful than fake “Gifts.”

Very good job though!

It’s possible, there’re privacy settings where you can set who sees your favorites, photos and gifts.


I seen you said gift and email notifications are planned for the next release… do you have a time-frame for that? That is also very important to have, so I’ll be waiting til then to purchase.

Hi, i will update it as soon as possible – in 2-3 days.


Pre-sales question. I want to see what the “Take Course” function does so I can understand what a user see’s when they take one of your example courses.

This requires login which I have tried with your demo account but this doesn’t seem to work.

I click login, it re-directs me to the homepage, I try to take course but it doesn’t recognise the fact I am logged in on your demo account.

Could you help?

Hi, what theme do you mean, Academy? Try to login with demo/demo credentials (they are typed already), just click Login. Then try taking some course, if you take some premium course you will be redirected to the checkout page, i suggest taking some of the free courses so you will see the lessons and other things that are available after taking the course, for example this course

Hey, how do i get my chat to work. And thanx for the update. I love it already.

Hi, do you get some issues with the chat? It should work by default, you can hide it in Appearance/Theme Options/Privacy tab.

Its not working at all. Yeah, i have hidden it for the time being. I also managed to fix the captcha issue i had before. The problem was with my host. Now, if sm1 sends a message, one has to refresh the page to get the notification. Is it possible to add a notification system like that on facebook?

Try to open some chat, login each user in different browser and check if chat messages are being sent, just checked it on my test site and everything seems to work. There’re live notifications, request is sent each 60 second, surf the site for a while and you will get notification.

I hope the next version is buddypress ready. Or is there another way to add groups? If it is, I may buy it.

Hi, currently i’m not planning integration with BuddyPress.

This might be a stretch, but is there any way for visitors to add video and/or audio as a profile field?

Hi, do you mean embedding videos to the profile page? Currently there’re only text/select/number fields available but i’ll consider adding self-hosted video player.

yeah..self hosted videos/audio would be great, but even a way to embed youtube/vimeo vids would be good.