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Hi there

I am thinking of purchasing this theme but wondering if the payment problem has been resolved and the theme updated yet to be compatible with the woocommerce update.


Hi, sure, the latest theme version (1.8) is compatible with the latest WooCommerce version.

Thank you. Down the track I’d like to have a shop and member groups etc. For example bbpress, buddypress, woocommerce. Are there any known issues in this regard?

There’s no integration with BuddyPress and bbPress so there may be some conflicts, currently there’re no conflicts with WooCommerce.

Your support forum have no link where i can reset my password , i lost my password and can’t login

Hi, i’ve just sent it via email.

Hi! I have a pre-purchase question -

Would it be possible to charge different membership fees for men/women?

I would like each tier of membership to be slightly more expensive to men using the site than for women for access to the same features.

Hey thanks so much for getting back to me! How long do you expect it will be before the next update? I would definitely want to purchase the theme if it had the free membership for women and users could post items to their profile such as statuses and video.

Thanks again for the prompt response

Oh another thing! Any plans to add a “wide” version?

New version will be available in 2 days, free membersip for women will be possible. Currently design changes are not planned.

Hi Is there any way I can test this before I buy please?

Hi, you can check the live preview login with demo/demo credentials. Also you can view backend screenshots here

Is it somehow possible to combine the chat and messages feature of this dating wordpress theme and the course system of your academic theme?

Hi, it’s possible but it will require a lot of code customizations to merge these features in the single theme.


Is it possible to add a new field in the registration page? Like a identification number, and the user must write it if he or she wants to register.

Also, how do I write the email confirmation? I really have no knowledge on wordpress. I use prestashop.

Hi, registration form is not customizable, but you can add new fields to the profile form in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section.

You can enable email confirmation and set registration email text in Appearance/Theme Options/Registration section.


Is there a plugin, or something in the template that can help me verify if users are real?

Hi, can’t quite understand what you mean (uploading of some documents?) but in the next theme version you will be able to moderate all profile fields through the WordPress Dashboard.

Hi there.I would like to purchase this item but need to clarify some questions 1: Can we improve the search result by postal code ? 2:Can we add more profile field ? 3:Can we add photo album for each user ? 4:Is that possible to translate the theme to Turkish and Persian ? Thanks

I would like to create a page for online users.Is there any possibilities ?

And also we have problem with Thumbnail Photo

If possible always give as much detail as possible because i can’t understand these issues. What do you mean about page for online users?

I really like this theme, but I have a problem with avatar upload to the users profile. I log in as a user and try to upload avatar. Default avatar dissapears, image is uploaded in media gallery, but it doesn’t show up on a profile page or profiles listing as you can see here Thank you very much for your help.

Hi, thanks. Try disabling third-party plugins, if the issue remains you can send me temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check it.

Hi, did you receive my message with login details?

Please resend it. If there’s no reply in 24 hours feel free to resend any email, this means that i’ve not received it.


I have just finished installing Discussion on LoveStory – Dating WordPress Theme for a client; however, the “Sidebar’s setting” and the “Search function” aren’t working.

Can you help with a fix?

Thank you!

Hi, if possible give me more details about your issue. You can send them with temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check these issues.

Also, please confirm that you’ve purchased this theme, if you’ve purchased it from another account please write from that account.


Can i disable (hide) login (up right) and form where you seek gender and age? Want to add that later not right now.


Hi, yes, it’s possible.

hi how can i have a professional smtp account conformer that conform user with a professional design template.

Hi, if you have a site it should have SMTP details provided by your host. You can set them using this plugin in WordPress

How can i make a professional account conformer

Hi, can’t quite understand what you mean, account confirmation?

This theme is missing following abilities 1: Photo thumbnail 2:Advance search fields (currently its not even working) 3:Distance for the search box so the user can find another user by distance 4:Online users page or widgets 5:User photo album 6:Second level registration field so the user can have better description (Bodystyle,hair color,eye color,activities and ext ) 7: Profile field under the theme setting has to give you more options for example drop down field ,mufti select checkbox ,birthday,numbers,contact and ext and need to link to the profile search 8:The feature photo doesnt work so user cant choose her/his profile picture unless they upload their photo 9:My city page ,so the user can find her/his match in the same area 10:Meet me option ,Like all the dating sites so the user can click yes or no on random profiles 11.Delete my account feature so the users can delete their profile (It’s actually funny that the them doesnt let you do that.

I hope these feature will come in the next update otherwise its useless Thanks


1. User can upload a photo on his profile page.

2. Possible, you can add new profile fields in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section, you can add new fields and make them searchable.

4. Possible, you can set users order in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section so online users will be shown first.

5. Possible, users can upload photos, but there’s a single album for each user.

6. Possible, you can add custom profile fields in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section.

8. Just checked it on my test site and photo uploader works. If you have some issues with this you can send me temporary WP access to check.

9. Possible.

1. User can just make all fields empty and remove all photos.

3., 7., 10. Thanks for suggestions, i’ll consider adding them to the future theme versions.

Sounds so disappointing dear.I didnt get my answers.Everyday I find out different problems in my theme.I cant change the profile picture.I cant edit the thumbnail for the profile picture.Search bar and advance search are not working.To get the chat notification you have to refresh the page.And the most funny thing the customer has to delete the photos and field in order to delete their account.I would like to see all the issues above get fixed as I sent you the wordpress admin user name and pass yesterday.Thanks

Have just downloaded this and it won’t load to themes in Wordpress. I’ve tried the fix that you mentioned and I’m getting the same error message:

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed.

Can you fix this please?

Hi, unzip the archive you’ve downloaded, it contains documentation, license and file that should be installed in Appearance/Themes.

hi dear. please add these in future updates thanks i will buy it 1.facebook login 2.iphone responsible+ ios 7 design who is online button and in search 4.blok funtion 5. read or undread function 6. notifications inbox 7.verified users gold users and ect membership


1. Possible.

2. Already possible, check the live preview on iPhone.

3. Possible.

4. Will be added to the next version.

6. Possible.

5., 7. Thanks, will consider adding these features.

Do somebody know when will be released the often mentioned updates/ improvements for this theme?

Hi, i will release the next version with a few new features tomorrow.


Nice theme ! You should update your demo like “Joutiar” suggest. When I saw the demo, I was thinking is a standard wordpress template with nice girls :)

When do you think to update ? Vogueaz is right !!

It’s 23h00.. So, time to go dance.. :)

I will not update the demo because all features are added to the backend and they’re optional. I’ve just sent the next version to ThemeForest and it should be available in a few hours.

Ok, I’will wait to have look…Thx for the reply..

Im testing the updated files….....cant find how can the admin of the site manually assign a membership level to users from admin panel…...

Hi, you can add or remove users under the membership content editor, select some user and then click Add or Remove button.

ok thank you


How can I change the width of my posts or pages… ?

I need a responsive theme with the ability to change the width.


Hi, this will break the whole layout, because if i have 2400px screen width post content will not be readable, it would be hard to read a single line of text with this width. And there will be huge paddings between the layout elements.

Ok,how can I limit the width to a max size(1200px; for example) and also make it responsive ?

This will require code customizations. If you need some customizations of the default layout/design that are not covered with the theme option you can customize lovestory/style.css file (there’s a table of contents) or hire someone for customizing your site on for example.