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1- i think all images uploaded by the user have to be in the user profile to moderate 2- the online offline button still does not show all the time , it shows most the time offline even if you refresh your browser 3- you will never know that someone is trying to chat with you even if you wait one hour unless you refresh your browser , the chat has to popup a new window on both sides and if possible with a picture of the one who requested the chat and the pict. of the one who is he chatting with on his side , this is the way to go or integrate a third party chat plugin because the way it is , is not professional , i would be ready to pay more for more professional and working as it should .


Hi, thanks for the first suggestion. Other issues are related to your server settings, please make sure that sessions are enabled on your server, i’ve just checked live notifications and online status on my test site and it works.

Thanks for new version (v .1.9) .....I think two main updates are ignoring Users and Hiding profiles which must have in this theme, which completed the Lovestory theme now. I have tested both functions and are working fine

Membership type option and membership users are too good

Admin photo editor is one of important function help us to prevents form inappropriate picture or missuses of site.

One more (last) request to add “Verified “tag somewhere at user profile page. Can you add one blank box at admin dashboard user‘s profile page where only admin can write like “Verified User “which cannot be change by user?

Hi, thanks, i will try to make LoveStory better from version to version. I’ll consider adding “verified” option, this is a good idea.

Why does your site go down so many times?

Seems every other day your support site is down. Its very concerning to me seeing that you have made so many sales you should be able to afford a good server for your demos and support..

Hi, i will contact my host, thanks. There’re some issues with DNS server used for my site’s domain name.

Also I see you have an updated version 1.9 but why did you not setup support for the new wooCommerce. I cant find version 2.0 anywhere to use until you fix the WooCommerce issues

Hi, can’t quite understand your question, version of the theme should not match the WooCommerce version:) The latest LoveStory version works with the latest WooCommerce version.

Is there any simple way to add links like print,email,share it at user’s profile page ?? Plugins does not work at here !!

Hi, there’s no such option, you can try adding social buttons code to lovestory/author.php file, it’s possible to add this feature if you have some developer for customizing your site.

It will be useful to enable users of the site to “Flag profiles” for fakers, spammers, offensive or inappropriate content… the admin of the site can quickly disable flagged profiles.

Thanks, for suggestion, i’ll consider adding this feature to the future theme versions, this is a good idea.

I just bought the theme and am disappointed to find that no PSD files are included. Am I missing them maybe?

Thanks, but currently there’re no PSD files in the package, please read the theme description before purchasing:

“ThemeForest Files Included: PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files”

There are no PSD files because i’ve created a lot of layouts during developing the WordPress theme.


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Where is the support?

Hi,sorry for the late reply, sometimes it takes up to 24 hours. It happens because of your server settings, if possible contact your host and ask him to enable sessions with custom names, show him this error:

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When accessing any main menu link of my web site on a smart phone an error message “Page Not Found” is displayed. The theme works fine in my laptop, tablet but not on smart phone.

I think it is related to the WP permalink structure, I have changed it to / category / postname, but cant find how to make it work in smart phones.

Thank you

Hi, navigate to Appearance/Menus and make sure you’ve assigned some menu with “Main Menu” location.


1- How can i translate the word “profile” in the url:

2-Is posible to have user profiles without the “profile” word in the url path:


1. You can change line 32 in lovestory/framework/config.php file:

‘rewrite’ => ‘profile’,


‘rewrite’ => ‘anything’,

2. Currently it’s impossible because WordPress needs some keywords to recognize the profile page.

Is there a way for members to block other specific users? How well does the live chat plugin work with your theme? Is there a way to split members into groups and to email only one group or have them sign up for an event?


1. Yes, there’s “ingore user” option.

2. There’s a built-in live chat without any third-party plugins.

3. There’s no such feature but i guess you can use some mailing list plugin.

Pre Sales question:

If I needed some customisation done to this theme a. do you have developers available b. what would be the cost

I have a client who wants to use this theme but users will need to request to see another users full profile. So by defualt Person A’s profile may only show some personal details and no profile picture – If a Person B requests full profile access and it is accepted by person A, only then is the profile pic and additional info show to Person B.


Hi, currently i’m not available for custom work but if you need any additional features you can find some developer with WordPress expirience on or for example.

How can I make the profile description field “Text Only”...... to avoid users placing links or html code on it.

2- How can I limit the length of the profile text in homepage (it should be rather a teaser) not a very long full profile.


1. It cuts HTML code by default, i can help you to exclude links, write me in PM and i’ll send the instructions.

2. It shows the first paragraph by default.

Ok, i think is no change necessary, will manually control the paragraph length for profiles at homepage. Thank you

This isn’t a LoveStory theme related question.

I have added many plugins at my site. But i want my user can have access of any one plugin. Is there any plugin for that ??

Hi, can’t quite understand your question, if you mean hiding all plugins settings from users i guess some security plugins should work.

Hi, in the home page I need to set the register button to point to my website and not to your sample template. How to fix it? I opened “Write Your Love Story” Slide and I don’t know what source put on the register button. I tried with [button url=”template-register.php” size=”large” color=”secondary”]Register Now[/button] but it doesn’t work.

Solved! Ignore my request .-)

The theme, doesn’t allow you to view the site properly. I have tried to log in as a demo but i can’t . I want to purchase but it seems all i can see is a 1 page (homepage) template.

Hi, thanks for reporting, there’s some issue with permalinks and i’ll check it as soon as possible.

Hi themex! I need to change the permalink of the page profile (not profiles), in this way: from actual: to How?

Hi, you can change it in the code, on line 32 in lovestory/framework/config.php file:

‘rewrite’ => ‘profile’,


‘rewrite’ => ‘HEREIHAVECHANGE’,

Perfect! Thank you a lot!

This is the third time I have to reinstall all from scratch, wordpress and your template (and every time I have to rewrite all). Pratically, I don’t know how and when, while I put my content the home page loose the option (I’m a man/woman seeking man/woman) and instead it the page shows something like this: I’m a man seeking a woman, without the option of two genders. I have done a screenshot, yoiu can see it here: Please, help me! This is really the third time i restart from scratch!!!

Please, ignore this request, I solved it. My mistake, sorry! But, please reply to the previous question above. Thanks

Hi, select list disappears because if you’ve registered then this option is set on your profile page and there’s no need to set it every time you use search.

yes, thanks, as I said, it was my mistake. Thank you

Why there is no auto update request for your theme from wordpress ? like all other theme and plugins ? can you add drop-down and multi-select box for your profile field ? I’m still looking for the “edit profile thumbnail” option.

Hi, because people who get LoveStory on some forums will get free updates. I’ll try to implement this option but with purchase code filter in the future versions.

Currently there’s an option to upload profile photo, there’re no options to edit photo, crop it or resize.

before buying I want to do 2 questions: 1 – is possible to translate into Portuguese of Brazil? 2 – i can place banners down the side of the profile and chat to? look black stripe:

for membership. is possible to create a plan to send photos, messages and unlimited gifs?

Here’s a screencast about adding memberships You can set limits for photos, messages and gifts.

I want to put unlimited sends to subscribers. is possible?