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Hey i notice that your theme is uses the WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce 2.0 but the WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce had been upgraded to 2.1.3 and that version is not working with your theme how can i fix that. I purchase this theme from anther account and lost the account password so i have to create a new account so please help me fix this problem

Please read my previous reply. You’re using the old theme version that is not compatible with WooCommerce 2.1. Update LoveStory to the latest version and this issue will be solved. You can get the latest version of LoveStory in your Downloads on ThemeForest.

so that mean i have to start editing my website from crash?

No, if you reinstall the theme you will not lose any theme options or content because these things are stored in the database, not in the theme files.


the new version v.1.9, why can’t disable memberships? And it seems the same content under both Membership and Register in Theme Options.

Please check, Thanks

i can’t find where to disable memberships

Navigate to Appearance/Theme Options/Membership section and set “Membership Type” options as “Disabled for All”.

hi, it’s strange. There is not this option in my admin. I’ve sent you an email. Please check

Best regards

Any plans to integrate zip codes in the future? i.e. search radius. Not very useful as a dating site right now. Thanks.

Hi, thanks for suggestion, i’ll consider implementing ZIP codes search field in the future versions.

How can i limit the length of the profile text field?

Hi, if you mean profiles shortcode – it shows the first paragraph of the profile text so you can separate it with a simple line break.

yes i know, but just want to limit the text, let say to 300 words.

You can try customizing lovestory/content-profile-grid.php file, profile text output starts on line 8.

Hi, +1 for the zip codes search.

I agree zip code search feature would be awesome for this theme. This is a must have feature for most dating sites.

Thanks, i’ll consider adding this feature.


i made tons of modification on the theme except on the checkout page and i notice the new woo commerce update is not compatible with your theme anymore.

Which php file should i upload to fix this problem (i can not overwrite the whole site)


nevermind i found a fix

Is there anyway to alter the registration page and make it mandatory to add a picture, in order to complete registration?

Hi, currently there’s no such option, only first and last name fields are mandatory now. I’ll try to add this option to the next theme version.


Any idea how to integrate the Skrill payment gateway?

Have installed the plugin, entered my registered Skrill email address. Everything is set up much in the same way as the Paypal one. It’s not in developer mode either. Yet still not appearing as a payment selection when choosing a membership type…

Thanks in advance!

Hi, this is really strange, make sure you’ve enabled it in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments section, there’s a “check” icon to enable/disable it.

Everything that’s meant to be ticked is – no sandbox mode is running, etc. Have literally tried everything possible now.

On a seperate point, once we get the Skrill gateway working, is there a compatible Neteller gateway too?

Can’t say for sure, Academy is just integrated with WooCommerce, you can try asking on WooCommerce forums. Also there’re a few gateways available on CodeCanyon

We are getting reports from our users of other users being abusive through chat and instant messaging. Is there a way to access these chat logs, or view them so as to verify id the abuse is taking place?

Hi, currently private messages can’t be viewed, you can ask username or ID of a user and then remove or disable his account. Also it’s possible to ignore user in the latest theme version.

I may have posted in the wrong place so I’ll post it here as well.wondering if there is an update to the many issues on this theme. Unlike my other them from word press, this theme does not allow me to change layout, insert a feature image, configure profile pages. It’s been a lot of grief. The wordpress themes was a breeze compared to this. Any help would be appreciated. lovestory theme. I’d like it to look like the demo, if possible.


Hi, you can simply import the demo content and you will get the same layout as on the live preview. Follow this screencast step by step You don’t have to create all layouts from scratch.

Well since there is no reply to my previous question, and although I like the theme lovestory, Im at a stand still building this site. Is there a refund, this is not a straight forward install. The options are not there like my other wordpress theme. This is very difficult to continue.

This is not live chat but just comments, you’ve added previous comment only 2 hours ago and sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to reply, sorry. I suggest importing demo content, you will see how all features work and get the same layout as on the live preview. Follow this screencast step by step

thank you very much for your help I’m starting get the hang of it. Just like learning to ride a bike, you fall off a couple of times and get back on it and your ok. Thanks again themex

How can I enable user comments in the “Stories” section?

This will require code customizations because there’s no comments template on the single story page. Write me in PM and i’ll send you the instructions.

You can post the instruction here just in case somebody else might need it.

Sure, but PHP code will be cut from the comments, if possible write me in PM or add new support topic here


Is this possible with the theme LoveStory create a mandatory registration form page with a questionnaire.

example: What is your musical style, you practice a religion …

Thank you!

Hi, currently registration form is not customizable, but you can add new custom fields to the profile form.

I couldn’t find on the demo how to ignore users. Any advice? Thanks in advance! This was the feature I was waiting for to purchase. :)

Hi, this option is disabled on the live preview. It can be enabled in Appearance/Theme Options/Privacy section, here’s a screenshot

Finding a person from age 20-30 isn’t very good when they could be the other side of the country :p

How come on the profile pages the footer doesn’t stick either?

Even in the widget the city box doesn’t work on the demo =

Hi, currently there’s no sticky footer layout. Citiy field is set by user, so there’re only existing cities, try selecting Canada, for example. There should be Vancouver because there’s a user from Vancouver on the site.

Hi… I add new user and my friend tried to register as a subscriber but when I try to use profile search I did’nt see her profile… can you please tell me what to do about this.. ASAP!

Hi, please make sure that your friend set first and last name, and saved profile form at least once. Check if you’re searching for correct gender and age.

Before purchasing i need to know more about the ‘matching’ technology and also the profile technology. I think for any SUCCESSFUL dating site, people are wanting to know more and match more than just is she/he ‘hot or not’.

There needs to be more technology around adding detailed information in profiles around likes, dislikes, interests, what are you looking for etc etc

I understand this is just a theme, however its a specific theme and edit for WP. So for customization its limited to within the wordpress platform.


Hi, there’s an advanced search, you can check it here you can add new profile fields, users can add favorites, send gifts, messages and chat with other users. There’s an option for redirecting user to the registration form when guest user tries to view a profile. Currently there’s no separated matches page.

Thanks. However I don’t want ANYONE to be able to view any profiles WITHOUT being a user. Much like facebook, you have to be signed in to search and view profiles. Is this an option?

Currently there’s an option to hide single profile page, profile search will be available. So user finds some profile, wants to view it and have to register, i guess this should motivate user.


Ive just noticed that when logged into the dating theme there is no longer the search option and no way to search profiles, its like the link has just disappeared and this is not good for my members as no one can actually view profiles. Please tell me how to fix this asap. thank you

Hi, if possible give me more details, for example link to your site or WP access (you can send it in PM), can’t quite understand what link you mean.


Is it posible to buy costum work, cause ill want to add an encounter module to the page, like has.

Hi, currently i’m not available for custom work but you can find some developer with WordPress expirience on or for example.