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I’ve been search but cant find the answer; is there any way to change the feature photos on the front page. the left side is no problem but right ive been looking and cant find the answer. is there a way to do it. thanks

I also just noticed the profile text ( the box where people type in their description ) keeps going in a straight line. Can you tell me how fix this.

Text box is ok you need to put in normal text I tried holding a key down and going continuous. But I do need other question answered. to remove the default and replace them with different ones. Tight hand side of home page under featured profiles. Thanks

This shortcode shows users, so you can add or remove users in WordPress/Users section. You can manually add new users, set some profile image for each user so the latest 3 users will be shown on the home page.

I’ve been search but cant find the answer; is there any way to change the feature photos on the front page. the left side is no problem but right ive been looking and cant find the answer. is there a way to do it. thanks

By changing to Post Name the anyone can register button has no effect. You can register with it ticked or not ticked. Please explain.

Seems to work now, go figure. Please disregard. I’m sure Ill have other issues….lol

Glad you’ve solved this issue. If you have any other issues you can write me via the contact form on my profile page


When a user adds a profile photo after filling out their info and bio, it seems to refresh the page and deletes everything they filled out. Is there anyway for this information to remain without the user having to click Save Changes?

I don’t think many users would know to click Save Changes before adding their profile photo.


Hi, these forms are different so when you submit one of them the other form is not saved, these fields are set separately.

Hi, how can i disable login and registration, up righ buttons?


Hi, try adding this code to Custom CSS field in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling section:

.header-options {display:none;}

How can i set the user profile url like this


Hi, as far as i know there’s no such option in WordPress, user links in WordPress look like You can try using this plugin for changing author URL base

Hi. I have just purchased your theme. I am wondering if you sell any additional plugins to extend features? Also, when creating fields for profiles what is the difference between text and string? Thanks

Hi, all advertised features are built into the theme, i suggest import demo content to check all features, here’s a screencast String is a single line text and text field is multiline.

Instead of just having (seeking man – seeking woman) how do I add additional options such as Seeking Couple?

And the save changes button just stopped working in theme options. Any idea how to fix it?

Sorry, my bad on the save changes button in theme options. Works fine!

It’s possible to edit this list in the code, you can find genders list on line 1583 in lovestory/framework/config.php file.

I think everything is starting to come together. But I’d like to make another slide like the default. The only problem I’m having is to get the photo the same size. When I insert the media, it scales the photo down, I’ve tried different sizes and all scaled down to 300X198. Your help is much appreciated. By the way this theme is very nice.Thanks

Hi, you can add new slide (in WordPress/Slides), open the first default slide and simply copypaste it’s content to the new slide editor. Photos are scaled for responsive layout, there’re different sizes.

Hi there, pre-sale Qs: 1. Can we have on the homepage featured listings only of about 50. and not have the success stories? 2. Is it possible to shaw the categories somewhere on the homepage? 3. Can we display the profiles page in a list view with about 100-200 ct per profile as a description.? 4. in the profile search section, at the moment you have search by: country, city, from and to. Can we add many more to this criteria? 5. In the story section, can users embed a video? Many thanks in advance.


1. Sure, home page is build with shortcodes and you can simply remove the stories shortcode.

2. Can’t quite understand what categories you mean, currently there’re no categories for profiles.

3. This shortcode shows the first paragraph of the profile text.

4. You can add custom search fields.

5. Stories are added and moderated by the site editors or administrators so you can embed videos to the story content.

thanks for your reply.

Hello, Author

Well done with the theme and feedback. I’d like to use this theme for biz agent matching functions,

a. can I change the filtering criteria at the admin? b. Equally, can I rename the item on the profile page? c. Is it compatible with WPML or polylang? d. Instead of catogorise into men or women, can I catogroize users into several groups according to different biz interests? e. Can I add video on blog

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi, thanks!

1. You can add new search fields.

2. You can change any words in this theme.

3. There’s no full integration but it’s possiblt to translate it using WPML.

4. This list can be changed manually in the code.

5.Sure, you can embed videos to the posts.

New Profile Alerts : How can we set new profile listing email alert notification ?? One of our user asked us to have such function so he will be notified when there is a new listing of software engineer (for example) at our site .Can you advice how can we design with Lovestory theme ??

I understand, but currently there’s no such option, it’s possible to add it with code customizations or you can use weekly newsletters about new users.

It is most mandatory function right now.Can your team handle this job ?

Sorry but currently i’m not available for custom work. This feature can be added by any developer with WordPress expirience, using this hook for example So you can add any function that will be called when someone is registered.

Love story theme: Missing a couple of most important functions.

This is a dating or matrimonial theme and so the core or key part of this theme is user’s profile page.

Profile filter: There might have some in-built filter functions like so one can easily connect to their desired profile. Yes there is already a profile search function but it is lengthy process. There might be short cut link so one can easily find like, profile by occupation, profile by hobby, profile by distance, profile by religion or cast or income.

Profile Alerts: There must be a profile alert page where user saves their desired keyword. And so when there is registration with that keyword profile, user will have email alert notification. People willing to pay and feel satisfied only when they have such constant notifications and updates.

Meet up events: There would also have simple create an event function.

Verified User function

I appreciate the way you support and respond on each comment. That’s really a fine. But despite of all, there is lack of function and application request support. (It’s my personal opinion)

I would like share my recent experience with couple of theme and plug-in provider from codecanyon and themforet.They respond quickly on function request. Yesterday i have requested to WPDeposit plugin author about internal deposit exchange and they created an instant function of donation to each other.

I have requested to WPLMS Learning management about Instructor’s commission function and they did created instantly even though i have still didn’t buy it.

To conclude, Despite of nice support and developer team, somehow you missed to focused on expansion of Love story theme.

Hi, thanks for these suggestions, really appreciate this and you’re helping to make LoveStory better. I’ll try to improve these parts of the theme in the future theme versions.

Is there an ETA when you plan on adding more features to Love story? Like the above comment I think Love Story can be the stop wordpress dating theme if it has these features implemented in a timely manner.

I mean top wordpress theme

Hi, can’t say for sure because currently i’m working on my other theme. If you have any suggestions about LoveStory feel free to write me in PM.


I would like to use LoveStory to build a website to support an offline network I run. I have some pre-sales questions – sorry there are so many:

1. I was looking at the latest changelog and wondering if you could expand on a couple of entries: i) Added membership users option – what options are there?, ii) Added membership type option – what options are there?

2. Is it possible to hide profile details for users that are not registered/is that what Added option for hiding profiles in the latest changelog means?

3. I understand it is not currently possible to customise the registration page. Do you have any plans to change this?

4. I know it is possible to customise the profile page. Does this include specifying whether fields are required/mandatory or not?

5. It is possible to control visibility of fields on the profile page by membership type, i.e. I would like paying members of my network to be able to create extended profiles with more fields than free members.

6. Is it possible to force a user to buy a membership, even if it is a free one, when they first register?

7. What is the difference between Send Message and Live Chat? They look very similar. My ideal is to have a way for users to privately message/email one another without revealing their email addresses (a la LinkedIn messages) rather than on-line chat tool (a la Facebook chat).

8. Have you tested the theme with Modern Tribe’s The Event Calendar plugin?

9. Does the theme support bbPress?

10. Does the theme support WooCommerce 2.1.x?

11. I understand the theme supports WooCommerce Subscriptions, does that include recurring subscriptions?

12. Is it possible to remove the big picture of the couple on the front page completely?

Thanks in advance.



1. Now you can manually add/remove users to the membership groups. Membership type option allows you to make membership free for women for example.

2. This option hides single profile page from guest users.

3, 4. Yes i’m planning to add mandatory fields in the future theme versions. These fields will be shown on the registration page.

5. Currently there’s no such feature.

6. User gets free membership after registration. You can set all limits to 0 so he will have to buy some membership.

7. Chat messages are not stored in the database, private messages are like letters. You can disable live chat.

8. This plugin is not tested with LoveStory.

9. There’s no integration with bbPress – there may be styling issues but it should work with LoveStory.

10. Yes.

11. There’s a basic integration with this extension.

12. Yes.

Hi, just so say that I totally agree with previous comments… Themex gives a good support but is very slow on updates and adding new features. The theme is still in an early stage of development despite having almost a year. Like previous users I also think that the theme does not meet the goal as a good solution for this kind of niche. I´ve the theme almost from the beginning, believing on the development but never had the chance to put it live because the lack of features. I´ve read the developer saying it would come up with a V2, but till now, no news, no timeline, nothing at all. To be honest, I´m disapointed with the theme development…

Hi, sorry but you’ve bought this theme as is, with features available at a time when you’ve downloaded it. I can’t be responsible for adding new features for your site, i’m responsible for fixing bugs because if you buy something it should work as advertised. Believe me i will try to make this theme better from version to version. If there’re some features required for your site you can find some developer for adding them on or for example.

Humm ok, nice answer… You should be responsible, or should be your goal, as this is what people expect, is about having a continuous development to achieve a better product. Of course you should add new features like all developers in here do regularly. I didn´t say the theme doesn´t work. What I say is that the theme is very limited from the beggining and didn´t have a good development evolution, with new features. Maybe you don´t have time, Academy has much more sales, I understand. So I repeat, if you want to make any kind of business in this niche, this theme is not ready yet. Hope you can change it. Better product = better sales.

Thanks, i understand, but if there were no features required for your site when you bought it you could ask if i’m planning to add exactly these features, and if new features are planned at all, or buy it and hire someone for adding these features to your site. Anyway, i’ll try to make this theme better from version to version, but currently i’m working on my other theme update.


1. Is it possible to customize home page form? Could I add or delete fields or is it an static form?

Hi, search bar on the home page is not customizable, but advanced search form is fully customizable.

Hello If my users have to pay to use my dating site which license I should purchase? Another question if I shovels the Hebrew language site. Translated?

Hi, if you are not going to resell the theme itself regular license should work for you. Currently there’s no extended license available. It’s possible to translate it but Hebrew language requires RTL styles so this may require a few code customizations.

When a user gets a message sent they get notified by email correct?

Hi, sure, there’s an email notification.

When user fill up all their personal details and upload pictures and save it,he can not change or delete now. He can add more pictures but can not delete it. Can it possible with any code customization ?? Any plugin ? If he wish to change any details he need to contact admin. Purpose of this code is once we, as admin verified User then user must not change it.

Hi, you can try removing functions for deleting these items, for example removePhoto() function in lovestory/feamework/classes/themex.user.php file.


Quick pre-purchase question… a client has asked about changing the website language into Polish and I was wondering if this could be easily done?



Hi, sure, you can translate LoveStory using any translation plugin.