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pre-buy question;

AFTER INSTALLING THIS THEME, I MUST BUILD AN ANDROD APP. for app, i must write links of ‘profiles, messages etc.’ can i make this? messages have an url for everyone? for example; i write who clicks it, it goes to his inbox?

Hi, sure, messages and other profile pages have static URL, for example messages of user with ID=4

Hi, thanks for amazing work. Wondering if I do update from 1.9 to 1.10 should I re-create everything or just export then import from backup? Thanks again!!!

Hi, thanks! You can simply remove the current version in Appearance/Themes, then install the new one – theme options and content will not be lost, these things are not stored in the theme files.

Will the website have the words love story on it site?

Hi, this is default logo image, you can change it in the theme options.

I really love your work is so clean and great. But I want two things please..

Can you add uploading private photos ? Like free users can upload around 10 private photos but paid users can add more tan 10 private photos..

And 2nd thing can you add Geo Location so that people can find other people nearbyl? same as has this cool feature

If these two features are here then this script will really make a difference among so many which are currently available everywhere.

If you add Geo Location in it and adding private photos feature then I will buy it.

Awaiting for your reply. Thanks once again Cheers

Hi, thanks! Thanks for suggestions, currently i’m working on my other theme update but i’ll consider adding these features to the next version of LoveStory.


Is this theme mobile responsive? If not, is there an easy way to do this or is it coming up? Our website when entered from a mobile device is not responsive: escortpriser

Best, Marc

Hi, it’s responsive but there’re a few issues because of the style customizations – search form is not hidden and it overflows the header. Here’s a screenshot

Hi, I cannot get this view on my phone… Is it possible to set up a mobile version of the website, in your theme? I.e when visited from mobile, it gets to:

Hi sir,

I have a question regarding slider. How i can make it to work, i mean to rotate automatically, not manually from left or right?

Thanks. Alex

This is the latest version. You can send temporary WP access through the contact form on my profile page and i’ll check this issue.

Another problem is with wpml, i tried to translate language of your design, but is not working well, for example on pages like Find my Matches or other is not showing in language which i put, it goes on EN, not RO :(. Do you know why or is not working?

You can send temporary WP access through the contact form on my profile page and i’ll check this issue.

This theme is not viewable on ipad

Actually it is, you just have to be very quick to remove envato frame. I read that you integrated functions into the theme instead of using plugins, which is great, I am sure it helps the speed. I just wanted to ask what server you are hosting it on, dedicated, vps? The theme is not slow, don’t get me wrong, but neither it is very fast, and with a few thousand potential users it would definitely slow down even more. My question is , will i need very expensive dedicated server to run it ? or maybe there is still a lot of potential to speed it up, which you haven’t really used. Thx.

Hi, i’m using shared hosting and the most basic hosting plan, as you can see with a few hundreds visitors per day it’s slow. Can’t say for sure about thousands of users and what server you should have in this case.

It would be great if integrated with bbpress. profile in bbpress is redirected to profile in love story. Like userpro forum Thanks!

Thanks for suggestion, i’ll consider adding integration with BuddyPress.


I looked at the screenshots at and the theme looks pretty good. I’m surprised that you do not put the version number next to the title “Theme Options” so people know they have or are looking at the latest version.

Hi, thanks, glad you like it. Current version can be checked in Appearance/Themes section of WordPress.

Hi There, I just uploaded the theme to wordpress and it came up with: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Can you please direct me what i have missed? THX … really love the theme and like to get it online :)


Hi, please unzip this archive, it contains documentation, license folders and file that should be installed.

Hi….haven’t had an update notification since last year. Is this still OK for WP 3.9 and above? It’s on a client site and he was asking.


Hi, the latest version is 1.11, you can check your current version in Appearance/Themes section. I suggest updating because there’re a few issues with WP 3.9 if you have the old theme version.

Latest I have is from September last year – File Name: Is that the latest? The file in the Downloads area is the same name.

You can check your current version in Appearance/Themes section of WordPress. If you redownload LoveStory from your Downloads you will get the latest version.


Really like your theme. Can this theme handle say 10,000 users? How about 50,000? Or do we need to move away from Wordpress if it grows such huge?

And in the event we do want to move away from wordpress, will you guys help (we’ll pay of course) with the migration of the users, database, profile, etc?

Thank you for your time.

Hi, thanks! It depends on your server settings, but i’ve seen LoveStory sites with 1000+ users, also the live preview has 100+ users per day and there’s a basic hosting plan, it seems to work pretty fast.

Don’t add any bbpress, this site is very good as it is. More bells and whistles, performance will suffer. I have to say that this is the only dating wordpress site I would consider buying.

Thanks, i’ve not used plugins because of perfomance and compatibility issues that may occur because of plugin updates.

Pre-buy question:


Just a few questions/remarks : 1. The search bar (header-search-form clearfix) seems not to be responsive & disappear. If I reduce the size of my window (IE & Chrome for instance) The search bar will disappear which is quite bad. I tried your test version on a blackberry and the result is the same, we can’t search anymore for someone !

2. Is this search bar customisable ? Can we added search field ? Multi-choice field?

Recommendation: 3. It could be good to have the possibility to update its research on the home page (header-search-form clearfix)

4. It could be good to display & add the profile picture of the person, especially for a dating site…

ps: -Well done for the live chat, its a plus compared to sweet date for instance. -Contrary of what have been said adding BB & Buddy Press is a bad idea, the website will become bulky & slow

Thank you,




1. Search bar is hidden in mobile layout, but advanced search form is visible everywhere.

2. This search bar is static, you can add/remove fields to the advanced search form and place it anywhere.

3. Thanks.

4. Profile is shown on the conversation page.

5. Thanks for suggestions, i’ll try to improve LoveStory from version to version.

Pre-sales question:

Does the Facebook Login work well with this theme? Is there a tutorial/documentation on how to set it up to work smoothly?

I have bought several themes here on Themeforest that have advertised integration with Facebook Login, but it never worked consistently. Thus, money lost as there is no refund policy with Themeforest…

Hi, Facebook login is built into the theme, you can simply set your Facebook application ID and Secret and Facebook button will appear in the login form.

Hi, For some months im seeking for a solution for my dating site,this one seems really nice, however I need to know if its possible to have a “waiting room” for all the messages so that some of the messages can be answered by agents pretending to be real profiles. Each agent would answer to 20 profiles at same time, is this possible? if it is please email me to thanks

This is WordPress theme customization, you can check customizations category on for example. Add details about this feature and some developer with WordPress expirience will be able to implement it.

hi, are you having time now, i did contacted several people on but all of them says it would be very easy for theme creator not for them.. Please tell me if you could it and if yes when? Thank you

Hi, i guess the easiest solution for this feature is using different browser windows with different profiles, agent can open incognito window in Chrome and login to different profiles and then reply. Currently i’m working on my next theme and unfortunately i don’t have time for custom work, i would be glad to help if there was some simple feature, but adding common chatting room will require adding new functions.

I want to create demo account. Is it possible to disable password change like your demo?

Hi, you can try using this CSS code to hide password recovery button:

.switch-button {display:none;}


How can I hide last name in member directory page? I want to display profile square in same size.

You can disable full name in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section so only username field will be available instead of the first and last names.

No,I want to use both first name and last name. Not possible by css?

It’s possible only with the code changes, i mean functions that output these fields on the profiles listing page.

Hey guys. Any chance for a zipcode profile search by proximity? I have seen people asking about it 4 months ago but it doesn’t look like you guys have built it yet. Is it coming soon or you decided not to implement that? Thanks

Hi, i’ll consider implementing it in the next theme version, improving search by location is a good idea.

Really looking forward to it. Anytime soon?

Can’t say for sure because currently i’m working on my other theme update. If this feature is required for your project it’s possible if you have some developer for customizations.