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Where do i edit location—> “City” in the theme?

Hi, cities list is created automatically based on the profile cities, so if anyone chooses USA and will set New York in the profile this city will be added to the list.

I like what dcg627 just asked about the ability to add Video/audio as a profile field? Will this be coming in a future edition?

Thanks, will consider adding embedded videos to the next theme version.

Can this be used for same sex dating too?

Hi, sure you can use this theme for any dating website.

If one user messages another user, there is no email notification. User would never know a message was sent to them. Also users can not change their email address. Also no notification of gift receipt.

Thanks for suggestion, gift and message email notifications are planned for the next theme version.

I really like the idea of being able to add a video to the profile, that would be awesome!

Thanks, i’ll add oEmbed support to the custom profile field so you will be able to create something like Video field that will show embedded video on the user profile page.

Is there a way to remove admins from he profile loop so they do not appear on the site?

It’s possible with a simple code fix – if you need it urgent write me in PM, also planned this thing for the next theme version (will be released in 2-3 days).

You and your theme ROCK!!!!! I can wait.

1-Hi I think this is great theme, and would like to purchase it, i am wondering if besides youtube, will it be possible to embed xtube videos in the users profiles?

2-When is expected the next update?

thank you

Hi, it seems that oEmbed doesn’t support xtube but i can help you with a simple code fix, so url will be parsed into the embedded video.

The next version will be released in 2-3 days.


Is there an option to charge the members monthly or quarterly, or do they just pay for the registration?


Hi, sure it’s possible, you can set some price per month/3 months/6 months/year.

That’s great, thanks for quick response.


is it possible to see who saw your profile (profile visitors)?

Yes, this theme has all features out of the box, using third-party plugins is not really lightweight solution if you’re planning to have a lot of users.

I am looking for a dating site, but I have a list what it need to have, and among that is: – recent profile visitors, – who is online or in search to show online users first, and custom profile fields (for example what is missing is sexual preference (by default, as I see, it is presuming that all members are straight) and beside age, country and city, it could have hobbyes, facorite tv shows etc.

But, I realy realy like the design of this theme.

Are you considering to add those features in the future?


Custom profile fields are possible already, you can add any field to the profile form, will consider adding other features, thanks.


I want to buy your theme, but I need to find few things out:

I’d like to know whether I could add some fields to the registration form through wp-admin, or would it involve changes in the code?

Can the theme be translated (with .po .mo files)?

I also would like to add 2 lines to ‘I am’ and ‘looking for’ fields. Could I do it through the wp-admin and if not, would it be very complicated?



1. Registration form requires only username, email and password fields, but you can add any fields to the profile form without changing the code (for example eyes color, anything).

2. Yes.

3. It will require code changes.

Hi, just want to know if i can set the price for the package and for the gifts myself. Also choose what gifts i like to have on. Like if i want cash gifts or flowers as gifts, is that possible…

Hi, sure you can set the price for membership, and set membership limits, so if membership costs 100$ for example and it adds ability to send 100 virtual gifts then each gift costs about 1$.

Thanks for the answer. Just one more I have. If I register without buy any package, can I send mail and look the photos anyway then? I guess not and if so it is like I want it.

The only thing that I really need to know is if there is any possibility to let all girls register for free with unlimited “credits” and only charge for men that register? How do I do that?

Possible if you set 0 messages, gifts and photos to upload for the free trial package, so user will not be able to send messages until purchasing some membership.

Adding free registration for girls will require a few code changes, but i’ll consider adding this feature to the next theme version.

hi i want to know if that can i add more than man women to the search ??

Hi, it’s possible with a few code fixes, i can help you.

Hi, just purchased the theme, i might wait till the update comes out before i install it though, is there a ETA on this?

Hi, it will be released tomorrow but you will not lose Theme Options and content because of update, i suggest creating child theme if you will change the source code.

If I purchase this theme is it a simple install of the zip into wordpress? Does this theme come with instructions pdf

Hi, sure, here’s a video of installing Theme Documentation contains screencasts about most of the theme features.

Hey, what are the planned updates for tomorrow? I’m looking forward to purchasing! :)

Hi, i’ve just sent v.1.2 to ThemeForest, i guess it will be available in a few hours. I’ve added email notifications, embedded videos, fixed password recovery and translation files.


One more thing!

Is it possible to block viewing [FULL] profiles until you sign up/create an account?

If you want to redirect full profile pages to the registration page for not registered users i can help you with a simpel code fix.


Im looking forward to buy this theme. I need to know if we can easily enhance/improve the matching criteria?


Hi, you can add any text/number/select fields to the search form with built-in profile fields editor.

Hi, just purchased the theme, please could you gide me on how to allow users to embed xtube videos in their profiles.

thank you

Hi, it seems that xtube doesn’t allow to embed videos, can you use some other related website which player provides iframe code for embedding?

with the new updates currently users can upload videos directly to the site or only embed from other sites?

Embedding from other websites, i’m using default oEmbed functionality


1. Add profile view statistics 2. Add say section, for example ‘Twitter timeline’ or facebook, but site users can add content and other users can this content share to their friends. For example, budypress feature. 3. Interested groups or forum. 4. Profile likes. User picture. Do you like? Yes / No. All likes can be showed. Meiby create a pay feature. 5. Friends invite. 6. Users blogs, users can write own articles. 7. Users guest book. 8. Photo gallery image commenting.

Hope, this will help you to make this skin more usefull.

Hi, thanks for suggestions, will consider adding these features. This is more dating-related theme, and showing facebook or twitter profiles will take some users away from the site.

Not users, but somethnig like buddypress users timeline activity

9. Country or City filter on index page, or advanced search page.

Country and City chooses better use on select populate feature. If i choose France, shows France Cities on ajax preload select choose.

Already possible, currently it shows cities only with users existing on the site, try selecting Canada – you will see Ottawa and Vancouver because there are users on the site that have set these cities in profile.

Chooses. Nice. Tnx for reply.

How do I activate the registration page?

Hi, navigate to Settings/General and check Anyone Can Register option.

Thank You.