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Hey, how can I buy this theme if you do not have paypal account?


Hi, please contact Envato support, i’m not responsible for payment options here, ask if there’re other payment options instead of PayPal

This is a great theme i must say, to fully make this a community theme you’ll have to include few Buddypress features and allow admin to choose if they want to use it for community or Dating. If this is put in place i’ll get One for a project.

Guess am clear enough. Thumbs up to you.

Thanks! Will consider integration with BuddyPress.

What should be the size for the image in the header and the one in the content background?

Yes I need a full width background please.

Hi, sorry for the late reply – write me in PM and i’ll send you CSS fixes for full width background.

I already sent you an email but will send it again.

Hi ,

it is possible to restrit profiles view only for register user? and for paid users?

If so it is possible to appear regiter pop um when click on user profile or in another restrict zone?

i can adapt also a pop up register form for some zones?

i can adapt also a pop up register form for some restricted zones?

Currently there’s no popup registration form, as you can see on the live preview, i mean i can help you to add a redirect to the registration page when some guest user tries to view a full profile.

I have a blog site that i intend to convert to a community. i want users to be able to create account, connect with each other, update their status and share media files with friends.

Is the homepage of this site widgetized?

Thanks for your response.

Hi, homapage is fully customizable, it’s made with shortcodes you can change it’s layout to right or left sidebar.

You can check the live preview features and decide if this theme is perfect for your site, this is more dating-related theme.

If users register on the site can the registration also be used in bb press forum

Currently there’s no integration with bbPress.

Can i be able to list blog post on the homepage instead of Success Stories and Featured Profiles?

Also i’ll love to disable the find matches section in the homepage.


1. There’s no built-in latest posts shortcode but you can use left sidebar layout and use recent posts WordPress widget.

2. It is possible to hide it with Theme Options.

Before I buy… Is it possible to make the profile page 2 column instead of 3 out of the box? ie move the photos and gifts to under the main profile image and extend the profile information to the right.

Also, what other info sections can be added to the profile? ie about me, favorite tv shows, books, hobbies etc


1. I can help you with a simple code fix, it will change the layout.

2. You can add any fields to the profile page, there’s profile fields editor in Theme Options.

Are there color options for this theme? I want to buy but I’m not crazy about the blue pink look.

Hi, sure – you can change background, primary and secondary color (pink and blue), change headings and content font.

Great. Can’t wait to buy and see how it functions.


by the way, “m purchasing your ACADEMY theme today, which is how I stumbled on your dating theme. :>)

Great, thanks!

Question – I’ve purchased Academy. I am unable to find where to edit the FOOTER – can you help? thanks

Hi navigate to Appearance/Theme Options/General, you can edit the copyright text there.

I’m currently in the United States and will like to convert the countires into States. I changes the file “themex.interface.php” and notice when I change the Countries name to States Name. The States names will not display in a user profile. For example, the template come with ’AF’ => _(‘Afghanistan’, ‘lovestory’), when I change AF to FL or any abbreviation the text will not display. Even when I change Afghanistan to Florida I can see the Florida in the Edit Profile tab. However, the State Florida does not display on the Profiles tab. It’s seem like the Abbravation are control from another file because once it change the text will not display. Another Example if the countries is this ‘AF’ => _(‘Afghanistan’, ‘lovestory’), when I change this line to ‘FL’ => __(‘Afghanistan’, ‘lovestory’), Afghanistan will not be shown in the profiles tab.

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi, sure you can change the list of contries, this list should be changed in lovestory/framework/classes/themex.interface.php file (line 433) and lovestory/framework/functions.php file (line 165).

Demo login is not working, could you please fix this?

Hi, fixed, it seems that someone reset the password.

Are the profiles viewable by anyone or can that be only viewable once you ave registered like on other dating sites?

Hi, currently guest user can’t see full size profile photos, if you need to hide profile fields also – this option will be added to the next theme version.

It would be great if you could not see any of the profiles whatsoever unless you are a registered member. I think all dating sites are like that so yes please add it.

when will be the next update? thanks

Hi, currently i can’t say for sure, do you need some new features? If you have any suggestions or found some bug write me in PM.

it was great if it was possible to hide profiles from guest

Hi, do you mean hiding even profile fields? This feature is planned for the next version, currently only full size photos are hidden from guest users.

no, profile fields to show, only hide photo profile to geust users (showing a default photo)

Hi, I got two questions.

1) How can you restrict the chat to only paying members?

2) When you create a custom profile field, how do you make it so that all the fields can be searched? Like the “any country” field, it searches all the places. Do you need to enter a code or something?

Many Thanks

Hi, sorry for the late reply, currently chat is available for all members, but members must be online to chat, and if some member wants to send a message (offline) he must pay for some membership.

When you create a profile field there’s an option “Searchable”, check it and this field will appear in the advanced search form.

How do you make it possible for me to give my users the option to search an “any” option when searching profiles. E.g. when searching search “any community”


Great theme !

I have a couple of little pre-sale questions :

- Is it possible to insert videos in the profile ?

- When someone creates a profile, is it possible to have the admin validate that profile prior to having it go live on the site ?


Hi, thanks! Sorry for the late reply, missed this comment somehow.

1. Possible with just pasting the video link (YouTube, Vimeo or other oEmbed service) to the profile description.

2. Yes.


I love the theme!

I would like to add additional fields to the profile form, such as body type and height and make them searchable. The only thing is that I’m not sure how to let people choose ‘Any height’ or ‘Any body type’.

If I added ‘Any body type’ as an option to select, the search result would return only those users, who did not specify what their body type is.

How can I make the ‘Any body type’ option to return profiles of all users with all body types (just like the ‘any country’ option)?


Hi, thanks! This is a great idea, i’ll add this option to the selectboxes in the next theme version, if you need it urgent – write me in PM and i’ll send you the fix for this.