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How can you restrict the chat to only paying members?

Hi, currently chat is available for all members, but chat works only for online members, if member wants to send some offline message he must purchase some membership.

you can add the latest update to the topic right here on the site? This model is old version preview

Hi, do you mean the live preview? I’ve not changed anything on the front-end so there’s no need to change the live preview.


Members of our site would be required to pay for subscriptions via your built in payment plans, but it seems this isn’t going to be covered by the Standard License, and would require an Envato Extended License.

You don’t list an option for this – how much will it cost for the Extended License so we can set-up paid subscriptions?


Hi, if you’re not going to sell the theme itself but will use it on a single site/domain like some e-commerce theme i guess you don’t need Extended License, but you better ask Envato Support.

Hello! I am interested in buying this theme. Just having a few issues: on Safari I am seeing some weird lines appear in the navigation in the header and footer. Here are some screenshots: 1. 2. 3.

Also, the city filter is not working properly for me in Safari. After selecting the United States, when I try to click the City filter to select a city nothing happens. When selecting Canada, after clicking the City filter a very odd list of non-Canadian cities pops up.

And feature requests: 1. All profiles are only able to be viewed after registering for membership (even profile pictures & names etc.) 2. In the My Messages section, instead of just listing names, it would probably be help to have a thumbnail of the profile picture as well and even possibly an excerpt from the latest message… People are usually less familiar with the name but recognize the face/context

Thank you very much!

Hi, thanks for suggestions and attention to this theme! Will consider adding these features and will check the theme again in Safari.

I also have questions about licensing. The Regular license for whatever reason doesn’t allow people to charge people to use the site. What’s the cost of the extended license?

Hi, if you will not sell this theme itself and just use it for a single site or domain i guess you don’t need extended license, this is likean e-commerce theme. But you better ask Envato support team.

What is the price so high for this theme?

Hi, do you mean why is it cost $55? Because it has a lot of built-in features for starting premium dating site in a few minutes.

There is no options to easily add social networking icons…

Hi, you can use some third-party plugin with social icons, change home page layout to right sidebar and add any widget. I’ve not added social icons by default because most of users will find his match on Facebook and will leave the site instead of paying for membership.

I would also like to see the chat being restricted to paying members only.

Thanks, will consider adding this option.

I like this theme and plan to purchase it. but there is no rates. Can anybody tell me how it works? if you don’t want to leave here then email me. (wpace00 at

presale question. 1. Is there anyother pricing setup except membership fee? chatting or messages? users points plan… I think user points plan would be better.

I want to know how I can setup pricing.

2. is there any selection box (dropdown box) for payment way? each as “palpal”, “banktransfer”, “other gateway”... cuz, we have specific payment gateway and I need to set up. then It might need a dropbox for 3 payment options. if you don’t have, do you think it’s possible me to create a page for select payment type?


Hi, thanks!

1. There’re only memberships, you can set some limits for messages, gifts and photos so user will pay for membership to get more messages for example.

2. This theme uses WooCommerce for payments, it has a lot of payment gateways available

For the blog post, is there a way to disable the featured image?

Hi, do you mean single post page? Add this CSS code to the Custom CSS field in Theme Options/Styling tab:

.full-post .post-image {display:none;}

Awesome, it worked, thank you.

I have found my 2nd question part.

and additional presale question.

is there any custom fields? and need to modify searching box as well.

Sure you can add custom fields to the profile form.

It can be searched as well? Can I also customize searching fields? We don’t need to search with ages and need to put new fields such as “speaking languages”, ” Mon ~ Sun “

Yes, when you add new profile field there’s an option to show it in the advanced search form.

It is possible to show online users? It was great if it was a sign whe n user is online

Hi, i’m planning to add order option to show online users first to the next theme version.

Thank so much for the recent updates. 2 questions though. Where is documentation on profiel video embed and the notification email come from How do you change that?


1. This is really simple feature, it just uses WordPress oEmbed functionality – try pasting some YouTube video URL to the profile description field, then log out and you will see that video link is converted to the video player.

2. I suggest installing some SMTP plugin

hi, you can add the option of a pre paid affiliate link? eg a user register on the web site and recommend the link profile. If someone join through that link user can earn 0.05 cents. Money that can buy membership options

This option may exist?

Hi, thanks, will consider ading this feature. Currently you can try using some third-party plugin

another idea: to offer options that if a user has never logged on site 5 days to receive automatic email: hy, remember that the cost of the site ….. How about if you get to see what happened

Thanks, will consider adding this notification.

another idea: you have the option to import addresses from mail, yahoo, gmail

Thanks, but user should be registered on the site, email address is not enough for contacting other user.

and the best idea for this site to increase traffic alert is an option for all users [men and women] for example: if a man is register on the site all women who have an account to receive an alert by email directly. And vice versa. If a woman is recorded on the website then all men register to receive an email with notification of registration on the site that woman. This option can be created?

This is a great feature for a small community, but if you have 10000 users email notification may be received every minute, this would be something like spam.

someone bought this theme? As show after you bought it?

Hi, you can write me in PM and i’ll send you a few examples of sites using this theme.

There doesn’t seem to be an option to buy a full license?

So I’ll ask, what are the limitations with this theme? I am able to buy it create a website using it then have paid for membership by users?

Ultimately I have seen another theme on this website, however was instantly put off by the fact if I wanted to charge for membership I would have to pay over $2,000..

Can you confirm how this works with this particular design?

Hi, as far as i know you can use it on a single site or domain and use it as any e-commerce theme – sell products (memberships), i guess you don’t need full license if you don’t want to sell the theme files itself.

Hi, I have a look on your 3 last templates (lovestory, academy, midway) I would like to developp an agregator MOOC courses website like or So I suppose I’ll have many things to modify, but i don’t know which template to choose witout seeing the back office.

Excuse my langage, i’m a poor old frenchie

Hi, sorry, can’t give you admin access because of security reasons. You can check the live preview, read the features list and decide if this theme is perfect for your project.