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pablo, I don’t think so as you, I think are two pov different, very different.

pablo, can you contact me on faebook? (link I will remove)

pablorodriguez – I would recommended you do not use DatingSolutions script – i did and had too many problems and bad support


alegogh, doesn’t work the link.

BurntCorkMedia, thanks, I’m testing and have your comments in mind :D


Thanks Themex for your valuable replies. One more thing to ask… How can you prevent a user from asking another user to meet and communicate outside of the Love Story system? For example… A user sees someone he or she likes and contacts or messages them through this system asking for their personal contact details… Say email or phone to contact them another way to avoid paying a membership fee via Love Story? Does the system filter messaging content automatically? What does the theme do to prevent this kind of fraud go on? I know we can pitin in terms of service but how in real fact does this work?

Thanks very much!

Hi, you’re welcome. There’s a message filters, you can add comma separated words that will be cut from the messages automatically.

Suggestion: Could some of the fields in the profile be compulsory?

Thanks for suggestion, will consider adding this option. I guess it will require adding these fields to the registration page.

Really? Also when you add fields you can change the order either, which sucks because I have delete the field if I want it after another specific question.

Can’t quite understand the issue, you can remove it and add it after any other field, if it has the same name field value will not be lost.

Hi, nice work in progress!

Membership can be free ? with custom freedom..?

non-members can view others profiles ?


Hi, thanks! Sure, there’s a free trial for new members, also you can disable memberships at all. Option for hiding profiles will be added to the next version.

Suggestion: Profile page: I would like to suggest the pictures and side bar on same side because once you add all the fields, it looks realy skinny and you have that blank space on each side of the profile. I think it would be better if it was like a 2 column page, profile details on one side, pictures, gifts other sidebar on the other side.

Thanks, i will add more layout options to the future theme versions.

Is it possible to moderate profile pictures before they go live? if possible, how?

Profile pictures appear in profile right after uploading, but you can moderate them in the Media Library of WordPress.

Is there also a way to moderate the content of the profile without viewing each profile? because i know i can set filters to text, however people find ways around them easily enough so i would like to be able to view profile content in the back-end, is this at all possible?

Hi, currently it’s possible only on front-end.

i happen to agree with Sunshin27au, i felt the same, once i uploaded all my profile fields i took a look at the page to see how well i did and i was pretty disappointed with the general layout at that stage, before i uploaded the fields it looks so awesome though!

Thanks, i’ve planned adding more layout options.


Member can be free: 0 € for membership? :)

Privacy options related to your question in the next release.


Sunshin27au Yes, great idea :D


I’m testing your live demo in Screenfly to see the responsiveness :-)

With tablet it works right, but with mobile (iPhone) I think there’s a big error: the “I’m a man/woman seeking…” doesn’t appear in mobile! The other things work right.

In my HTC mobile the same, you can’t search as an other screen resolutions.

Am I right?


Hi, thanks for testing this, currently home page form is being hidden for screen width lower than 480px.

I think (IMHO) that form for searching is the most important part, must be in all the screens size! :D

hello i seem to be getting this error:

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/webtemp/t/h/e/sess_themex-cache, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /www/sites/0c1/2ad/ on line 294

can you please advise

thanks andy

Hi, make sure that session directory is writable, you can contact your host to check these settings

Pre-Sales Question(s)

1) City Field functionality Hi. I notice you don’t have the city field on your home page quick search. Is it easy to add? I’m pretty decent with Wordpress, not great, but pretty good. Also, I notice the city field isn’t showing anything except for “Any city” on the search widget on the Profiles page too.

2) Is the little circle (when highlighted) a sign of a user being online?

3) Is there a template or short code to show All Users Online Now? Or do you think it would be pretty easy to modify a search template and make a page and add that variable as a filter?

Thanks! kD


1. It’s possible, but with a few customizations, there’s not so much space for using all fields from the advanced search form. It shows only cities of registered users, try selecting Canada and you will see Vancouver in the list because there’re users from Vancouver registered on the site.

2. Yes, hover on this circle and you will see the caption (Online/Offline).

3. This is planned for the next theme version.

Everyone: Am going to buy this I think after all the good comments, feedback and good support.

Would anyone like to form some kind of group so we can help each other and contribute and support each other with this theme? If so please let me know via support(at)

Is there a forum around re this theme? well, I can make one and we can join to help us build our business a bit better and help each other. It would be great to support this theme and its developer going forward. Totally free for us all to use.

What does everyone think about this?

Hope to hear from you

Regards Paul.

Hi, thanks! You can add any suggestions or questions to this category on the support forum

Hi, I am about to purchase this theme but I would like to know if users can pay with credits. I want users to buy credits and send messages and gifts using credits. Is that possible?

Hi, memberships work in the same way – you don’t have to pay for each message or gift, you can create a memership that allows sending 100 messages and 5 gifts for example, so it works like credits.

I see lots of potential for this theme, will be purchasing soon if author will continue to update.

Hi, thanks! Currently i’m working on the next version.

Problem with demo.xml. I have an orror page. What can i do?

Sorry, My WP_MEMORY_LIMIT is already 64 Mo. And I tested but il does not work. So please, send me the files for the file Duplicator plugin

Hi, demo.xml file is not corrupted for sure, just tested it a few times. I’ve just sent the Duplicator files via email, and here’s a plugin

Thank you for your help, but you have not sent me the right theme to duplicate. I have bought lovestory theme AND NOT academy theme. So HOW duplicate a site that is not the one I bought?

I have translated the en_US.po in the love story language folder but the language is the same, what is the correct way to translate website or even have two languages? thanks

Hi, make sure you’ve generated file and renamed it to the code of your language, for example de_DE for German.

Hello, I am interested to by this template. But I need to know first if it is compatible with event manager?

Hi, what event manager do you mean, this plugin ? It’s not integrated with this plugin but it should work if this plugin has it’s own styles.

I would like to purchase this theme, however I have a couple of questions 1. Does it come with the dating plugin/engine ? 2. Can you easily customize things like countries , add cities 3. Can you change the currency to any local currency 4. Do you provide customization (paid off course) just in case I need to add a feature that’s not in this scope ?

Already I see you quickly respond to queries so am encouraged that you have good support.


1. It has all listed features out of the box, you don’t need any plugins except WooCommerce.

2. There are all countries in the list, cities are taken from the user profiles, for example if user sets New York city it will appear in the list.

3. It’s possible.

4. Currently i have no time for custom work but if there’s some simple feature i will help you.

Thanks for the quick response, buying this