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if i buy this tema Regular Licence or Extended License? How many sites can I use? for 49 $

Hi, Regular Licenses or Extended Licenses can be used for an end product ( 1 site ). You can read the detail here http://themeforest.net/licenses/standard

Hi, I’ve installed the theme I purchased but it displays like a blog and haven’t been able to make it look like the demo. I know I’m very close ‘cause I even managed to import the content but it looks like a blog and I’m losing my patiente so I write to you asking for help. Can you tell me what am I missing here? You can check my page (online) to see what I’m talking about: www.nereydayeduardo.com I apprecciate your help, thanks in advance!

Hi pablojasso,

First of all thank you for purchasing.

Regarding your question, you need set the front page and posts page ( Dashboard > Settings > Reading Settings ) http://prntscr.com/8sgriw

Hi there, i am interested to buy this theme. But i need to know about what kind of Drag & Drop Homepage builder used? is it like visual composer ? It would be great if you provide me a screenshot of the home page builder.

Thanks in advance

Hi alsela,

Here the video how to make our home page with site origin page builder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8uGqlfjgJs

Actually SiteOrigin Page Builder has many features like Visual Composer but more simple I think. You can see here https://siteorigin.com/page-builder/ for the features detail. But we disabled some of default features to make it easy to use and for compatibility reason. For example: - You can’t add new row - You can’t make 2 column of widgets - You can only add our theme bundled widgets to the page builder (Disabled Site Origin bundled widgets and other Widgets) - etc.

I recently upgraded to the latest version of the theme. For some reason, my event pages no longer link up and I keep receiving a “ooops, page not found” error when selecting “View Details”. Any idea why this may be happening?

Hi, Please provide us a temp wp admin account to check it via email. Thanks.

Hi there, just downloaded. How do I import the demo? Or a similar template so that the structure of my site is ready to go? Thanks!!

Yes, got it figured out, thanks. Last step I’m missing is where to swap out the photos on the home page. Everything else has been easy! Do you have a registry widget that you recommend? Thanks.


Which photos did you mean? Slideshow photos? You can edit from widget Couple Summary and Countdown settings. Usually our buyer create their own registry using widget text (icon and link). Also I found someone use this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wedding-registry/ with shortcode. I never used the plugin before but maybe you want to try it. Thanks.

Thanks for the help!

I’m trying to change the language on this theme. For example, on the countdown I need to change the “Saturday, April 2nd 2016” and the countdown itself to another language. How do I do that? Thanks!

Thank you your prompt response! I’m not getting it to work though.

Which one that doesn’t work?

It’s working now. The problem is with the custom scripts option in the theme UI. I appended it in the functions.php and it works. Thanks

Hello! I’m designing the entire site locally so then I can move to production. What’s the best way to export and import the data into a new domain/server? When I try to import what I’ve done the Page Builder doesn’t work. Everything works, data, pictures, posts, etc except the page builder/layout. I’d love some help on this as I need to be able to move to production. Thanks!


Usually I use wordpress import/export feature. Can you give me the screenshot of your local page builder layout and your production layout? You can email us to contact@vafour.com.

Yes. I did that but when I import things are out of place, images are missing, and I have to build each widget again. How do I import everything so I don’t have to re-build all the widgets in Page Builder again? Everything is working except Page Builder. I’ll send you the screenshot soon.

Another question, the theme seems a bit slow to load. What can be done to improve performance of the theme? Thanks!

You can try wp super cache plugin. To compress image use smush it. To minify asset use bwp minify.

Hi! I would like to have 4 posts showing on the widget recent posts. I’d like to choose (by id) which four posts show up on the homepage. How do I do that? Thanks!


I am sorry. You can’t choose which four posts show up on widget recent posts. You can set/change the published date to choose which four posts show up on widget recent posts.

Is there dummy content to load into the theme?

Our site is really slow to load.

Anything we can do?

Does the update help speed it up?


Hello, I have just tried to open your site and it’s quite fast in my end. Site load speed depends on a lot of factors, but here are some things you can do:

1. Install a caching plugin, this is the easiest way and most of the times will gave huge boost on the loading speed, you can try: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-super-cache/ which is made by WP team.

2. Install image optimization plugin, here is a good one that we have used https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-smushit/

There are other advanced tips that can be applied as well, but requires a bit of knowledge on the technical aspects and can potentially break the site otherwise, and shouldn’t have bigger effect than the 2 methods above :)

Hello. I have a website www.annettebarlo.nl with your theme. No wedding website at all but i just loved your theme. I never changed the website but at one time is changed really bad. The front page is build from left to the right (on desktop) and it was from the top till down. Do you know what i mean? When i make a new page en try the build the homepage again it also is showing everything from left to right? Can you please help me out? Best, Anneloes


Please provide us wp admin account to check it. Send it via our contact form.

Regards, Roy

Hi Roy, i have sent you a message. i am not sure you received it because my internet was a bit slow. :-)


I just checked my email but there is no message from our TF contact form. Please try to send it again.

Regards, Roy

Hi! How to fix linecons font error? (net::ERR_ABORTED)


It seems hosting issue because it works normally in our demo site. Could you share your site url and email me to contact@vafour.com ?

Regards, Roy

in functions.php you should remove $tabs = array(); on line 490 to be able to see other widgets than those created by the theme.


We did it intentionally because we didn’t add any style to other widgets to incorporate the theme design.


I am not able to change the pictures in the slideshow when adding the widget “Section: Couples summary and countdown”. The field “Slideshow image(s)” is greyed out and when I am clicking “Edit” nothing happends. Ideas?

Please provide us your wp admin account to check the issue. Send it via https://themeforest.net/item/lovey-dovey-responsive-wordpress-wedding-theme/8612007/support or our email contact@vafour.com


The slideshow images in the widget “Section: Couples summary and countdown” automatically gets cropped. We are trying to add a couple of images but its timeconsuming having to crop the image in Photoshop and then upload the image to wordpress to see the result. Is there any way that you will be able to see in Wordpress how the images gets cropped beforehand? Or if you can tell us how the images gets cropped, that would be helpful :)


Sorry for late reply. We use https://github.com/jquery-backstretch/jquery-backstretch for the slideshow images. It is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized, slideshow-capable background image to any page or element. The image will stretch to fit the page/element, and will automatically resize as the window/element size changes. So it depends on your devices. Maybe you can read the options available in the link that maybe can fulfill your needs.


Hi, Just wondering if this theme did support Polylang to make the site multilingual and if yes, did you have some instructions in order to make all translatable strings appear in the Polylang section. Thanks!

Thanks for the tip, indeed the issue still exists and I had to remove the custom field synchronisation option from Polylang to make it work. Got stuck on this for a while… The last thing I cannot manage to translate though is the countdown where it says “Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds”. No matter which language I select on the website, it always shows the text in English. Could you help me with that please?

Sorry for late reply. Please read http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html Localisation tab to translate the countdown timer.


Thanks but I would need the step by step explanation as I’ve tried a few things and it didn’t work…


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