Discussion on Loyale - A Modern and Elegant Joomla 3 Template

Discussion on Loyale - A Modern and Elegant Joomla 3 Template

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I’d like to change the layout on ONE specific page, is it possible?

Hello, of course you can, but I would suggest to use the “menu assignment” settings in the templates.

By using this feature you can have a completely different templates assigned to the desired pages, or you can assign different styles of the same template to different pages.


1. in the Joomla admin panel please go to extensions – templates – styles

2. select a “Loyale” style and in the toolbar please click on “duplicate” button to create copy of base style.

3. please open this new copy of the style, in the settings in tab “menu assignment” please select menu items where this style should be used.

4. Now any change made in this style would be visible in selected pages, so for example you can enable a “custom CSS option”, and add your own CSS code to change template width, or you can change width in the layout settings.

Kind Regards, 7Studio

That worked perfectly and you explained it crystal clear. Thank you :)

You’re welcome :)

Hello, When i share the website on facebook i have got displayed <!—EndFragement->” how could i remove that please ? thanks

Hello, this code doesn’t come from the template, could you please provide a link to your website? I would like to take a look at the source code, to say something more, from where this code may comes from.

Kind Regards, 7Studio

Hi there, how can i make the home slider respond to Swipes on smart devices


you can swipe slides in the slider (left/right) by default on mobile devices. Are you having problems with some specific devices/os?

Kind Regards, 7Studio

yeah, basically its no responding to the swipes in smart devices. i have the startup package and updated to jooma 3.7

Could you please let me know if you are having any issues with swipes also on our demo site? (please remeber to close themeforest frame at the top)

I have just tested slider once again in 3 different android devices + windows phone and I don’t have any issues while swiping slides.

Could you please share a link to your site? Maybe there is someting else that cause issue in your case.

Is this theme working with solidres hotel & booking Joomla component ? I am finding a component to manage the hotel and reservation functionalities… will Solidres work with your theme ? Thanks


template was not tested with solidres, but I don’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t work. Template doesn’t have any specific styles for solidres, so it will use basic styling of the component.

Kind Regards, 7Studio

Hello, I am absolutely thrilled by this template Loyale, Fantastic. I created this website using this template: http://zum-hasen.de/ Thanks again for this great work. Best regards Rolf Siebert

Hello Rolf, thank you for your kind words and for choosing the Loyale. Website looks great! It’s always a real pleasure to see a final implementation, thank you for showing your work. Of course in case of any questions we are more than happy to help.

Kind Regards, 7Studio


First of all thanks for the great template, I really enjoy working with it! Unfortunately I face a problem I can´t fix so far.. Maybe you can give me a hint? I want to implement the social button for facebook, twitter and youtube at Extensions/Templates/Styles/loyale-default/features/ social-icons | yes. But it doesn´t show the icons on the website and I don´t know what to do.

With best regards.

Hello, thank you for your kind words and thank you for choosing one of our templates!

Regarding to your issue, please note, that after selecting desired icon you need to enter also a url link to your social account in the field “Social Account Link”. If this field is empty icon won’t be displayed.

Please let me know if those fields are filled.

Kind Regards, 7Studio

Thanks for your answer,

I have entered the url link and it doesn´t show any icons. I use google chrome and yesterday I tried on firefox where it perfectly works. So I guess the web browser is the problem?

Hello, thank you for your reply!

The browser should not be a problem, I can’t reproduce this issue in Chrome on our side, also our demo or QuickStart are working fine in Chrome. Could you please provide a link to your website? There could be something else that can cause issue but I would like to see site where this problem appears to say something more.

Could you please post a link to your site here in comments or please send it via contact form on our profile page or from the support tab.

Thank you in advance!

Hello, I had the same problem that @UnrealT have. I couldnt see the social icons, on Chrome, but on Firefox it works fine. I realize that the problem was the adblocker i had installed on chrome, it block the social media for no reason, i had reported this to the adblocker team, hope in the future they fix that.

Hello Carlos, the problem that @UnrealT had was different, but thanks for report. AdBlock addons can cause different issues as it not always detects correctly elements that should be blocked. In this days many browsers has nice a built in functionalities that in my opinion works a lot better than adblock extensions. For example latest privacy tools introduced in Firefox are great. Anyway thanks for reporting this!

I want to know how can I personalize the 404 error default page. I want to add a menu as a list of pages the user can navigate.

This requires a custom code that needs to be added to the error.php template. We received also your email so I will send you example code via mail.

Greeetings, 7Studio

hi. pre sale question. does the theme support joomla 3.9.3 and php 7.2? thx for a tipp and regards tom

Hi Tom, thank you for your interest in one of our templates! Regarding to your question – yes of course! In fact the demo site that you can see in preview is working on the latest Joomla version – 3.9.3 and PHP 7.2.

Best Regards, 7Studio

I have two error messages on the site, could help how to solve. “Call to undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg ()” – {gallery} “Attempting to load an image of unsupported type JPG” – ST Slider

Hello, does PHP on your server have a GD Library support enabled?

Thank you, I will contact them.

You’re welcome, If you problem will remain after geting in touch with your host, please contact us via contact form on the support tab with a login detail to the Joomla admin panel.

About ST Maps, to work the map I had to activate the free trial of Google Cloud Platform. “As of today, you have 12 months and $ 300 credit to use on GCP.” Creating only the key was generating error in javascript library.

Could you please explain exactly where you are having errors? in the console on frontend of your site? Have you add your unique API key inside ST Maps settings?

Hello! We have 2-3 of pre-sale questions: a) can we change the position and style of the slider’s texts? b) does the theme integrate correctly with breezing forms? c) can we have a normal footer with collumns for adress info, map and fb like box? d) also at the bottom of every page could we add extra text for special info?

Thank you!

Hi Angie, thank you for your interest!

Regarding to your questions:

a) only by changing the CSS code b) I don’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t work c) no, layout doesn’t take that kind of footer in to account d) only in the content area, you can use one of bottom positions available in this space please take a look at the module positions page in the demo

Kind Regards, Th 7Studio

hi i have purchased loyale template yeasterday, now i want to set two and three coloumns setting like in tempale. plz help me

That’s because by default Joomla intro images are floated to the left side. You can change position in every article but you can also do this globally.

In the admin panel please go to the: content – articles, now click on options (toolbar on the top right), in article options go to the tab “Editing Layout” and at the bottom please change “Intro Image Float” to “none”. That should be all.

Btw. your images are quite small I would suggest to use bigger size images.

please visit this link https://kust.edu.pk/web/index.php/latest-news i want to reduced the space between two articles.

.masonry-item { margin-bottom: 20px; }

This should do the trick.

Please note that customizations are beyond our basic support. If you would like to customize any template styles I suggest to use Firefox or Chrome built-in dev tools, where you can inspect desired element and check all current styles – by doing this you can simple copy given styles to the custom.css file and adjust any to your specific needs.

Kind Regards, Th 7Studio

How to change left menu background colors? And also the submenu colors?

You will have to customize module tmp view and change it to suit your needs. To avoid making changes and in the core module file you can make an override by copying file from:

in to:

Here you can change php code to suit your needs without making changes to the core file.

Thank you for your help..New Question…How to Sorting Masonry layout by ID article? Is it random layout?

You can choose desired sorting articles option directly in the menu item settings – in tab “Portfolio Layout Options”. Please take a look at options “Category Order” and “Articles Order” in this tab. Here you can choose desired ordering type.

Hi – is it possible to create a small cms for food menu so that client can update.

I’m sorry but we don’t have any plans to extend this functionality further at this time. Kind Regards, TH 7Studio

Would you pls suggest anything for this. A simple online website to order online food with payment gateway. A simple console to update food menu items directly on running website. Pls it would be a great help…

If you need to process orders with payment gateaways, I suggest to take a look at eCommerce category at ThemeForest and try to find solution that suit your exact needs. Greetings!