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Currently the images in the portfolio column pages are lined up horizontally by their tops. I need to line them up by their bottoms instead. Is there a better way of doing it than what I’m doing which is adding padding to the ones that need adjusting. I put for example:

<article class=”one-fourth” style=”padding-top:52px”>

This seems to me to not be a best practice, and I’m a little concerned about cross browser issues as well.


Hello Mad,

It has been a VERY long time waiting for the wordpress version of LUCENT to become available. Can you let me know when it will be available?

Thank you.

Hello galev10, I’ll be able to give you the exact answer in a week. I’ll reply you by email. Thanks.

Hey Mad, yes, please send me an accurate answer through email. Thanks.

Hi, I’ll come back tomorrow and reply you

I purchased this thinking it could be used with WordPress. Guess I should have read things more closely. Is the WordPress version ready and if so, where is it? Thanks!

Hi MTodd123, the WordPress version is almost ready, some small stuff left. Hope it will be uploaded on themeforest in a couple of weeks.

Any help with the Twitter feed? It keeps saying ” loading.. “

Thanks for your response! Will be waiting!

In contacts.html don’t we need to have something like ” action=”contact-send.php” method=”post”” You only have ” form action=”” class=”contacts-form” id=”contactform” My problem is that i changed the e-mail in line 5 at the php file but nothing happens!

Please contact me via the contact form on my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/mad_velikorodnov and I’ll help you. Thank you.

I really like the look of Fixed with the skin Light. Is there some way to get that look but use the Liquid with skin Light? I’m referring to the dark background that appears to the right and left of the light body on large desktop screens. Thanks and love this template ~ it’s so well documented and easy for even a novice to understand your coding.

Hello and thank you :)
Yes, it’s possible. Please submit a ticket on http://velikorodnov.ticksy.com/ and we’ll help you.

Great. I submitted a ticket. Thanks!

I want to purchase Lucent but before I do, there does not seem to be an easy way to change the background image, colors or fonts. Do I have to go into the CSS to do that? or have you added a feature to allow for these kind of changes?

Hello. This is HTML version, so you need to edit CSS files manually to change colors fonts, etc. We have also WordPress version of this design http://themeforest.net/item/lucent-responsive-portfolioblog-wordpress-theme/6390343 There you can customize the theme via admin panel.

Congratulations for this very elegant template. I have a question : I’d like to know if thumbnails are automatically generated from original photos, in PORTFOLIO.

Thank you.


Hi, unfortunately no

Thank you. In fact, I prefer create thumbnails myself. I have another question : since I have a great deal of thumbnails to load in PORTFOLIO > ALL , I’m afraid the loading be slow. Could you please say me how the process of load is made ? Is it progressive when scrolling the window ?

Thank you


Hi, no. We use isotop filtering. it means we load all small images and make after filtering. If you optimize your small thumbnails it will be great