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awesome. so clean. great work.

Great design…..

I think i will buy it.


gr8 work…

Very clean and polished design – I like it! Definate bookmark!

Very stylish, I love it! You’ve got yourself a buyer :-)

Thanks, I’m glad :)

Nice design and work

WP version? :D

Thank you, we are planning…

Very calm and nice. I like it! :)

I love your work! very great, Good luck with sales 8)

Thanks a lot :)

Great design,

On the page (portfolio-4columns) also on the other pages, where you put up an youtube movie.. all of them don’t work…i have change the youtube code into an other movie..and they also not work…mabe you have an solution…


Hello Saskias,

Thanks. Please upgrade the flash player on your computer http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer.html

Good news u are planing to WP, will surely buy it. Hope iit soon :D

Great theme. Does it come with separate style sheets for dark and light and fixed and fluid? Or is there an easy way to adjust the style sheet for the colors you want? I also noticed on the elastic slider page when the screen size is made smaller the “Latest Projects” photos disappear. Doesn’t seem to do that with the Flex slider page when it’s screen size is shrunk. Thanks. :)

Hello protash,

Thanks. Yes, you can easily change the mode if you replace the class in tag body. As for the last question we will fix and make the update ASAP .

Gorgeous work!

Quick question, I don’t see any reference in your docs regarding the popup menu for the background switcher. I also don’t see it activated by default in the package. Do you have any instructions on that? Also, anything special about making the contact form work? Thanks!

Hello smacklan,

1. We will make the update ASAP . 2. Open contact-send.php file, replace the email address with yours in line 5.

Excellent work! I would like to keep the Social Links visible in the header without having to click the ”+” sign. What in the code needs to be changed? I am still learning. Thank you.

Hello gadfly066,

1. Open index-slider-1.html with Dreamweaver
2. Find #header-top and delete the link with ID #more (you need to do this in all html files)
3. Open style.css
4. Find #header-top .container in line 817 and remove two lines: display: none, opacity: 0


Thanks for the reply! Any update on the fix for the toolbar panel?

Hello smacklan,

The update is ready, waiting for approval.

now the update is available, please check.

Great site!

How do I change the map in the contact page?

Thank :)

I think I gonna buy this nice looking template. I love the dark theme, but can I easily chance the menu text color in to a little wihter and yellow? I will send you the URL from my website. On wich adres cvan I send you. It can’t via themeforest.

Hello webridder,

Please check your email.

Thanks for your fast reply. I purchased Lucent a couple of minutes ago. What is the fastest way to make the skin with a black background?


Sorry, I saw the answer in the documentation. Good luck with sales.

Hi, great theme! Saved me tons of work. There is a little issue with the flex slider captions not updating automatically if it is rotating them on a timer. It works correctly if you click the right and left arrows, but not if it is running in auto mode.


Hello toddtoddson,

We will fix this issue ASAP . Let you know once it’s ready.

Hi. The flex slider was fixed. Download the update plz

Got the fix. Great Work! Thanks!