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hi, i bought your theme. looks good. Two questions. I updated the twitter id in the twitter.js file but the fanfbml twitter keeps overwriting with my settings. Any idea? With the contact page, i can’t seem to use the map.js file to use my own address detail as it keeps overwriting my settings. The div id ””map” seems blank with no info but still renders the default address? How do i change to my address?

Seems great until you get it online and the sliders don’t work and the photo galleries have holes and don’t function properly.

Hello some_guy,

It is really strange because we’ve checked on different computers and everything works fine. Maybe you have a slow Internet and you don’t wait until the page is loaded. Please send me screenshots to mad_caesar[at]bk.ru

No its not the internet. Everything functioned fine until I got it online last night. I tried to switch to the other slider and it didn’t work either. The images just load as a single image and I can’t arrow over through the gallery and the magnifying glass icon doesn’t show up when I scroll over the image.

Have you bought this theme?

Yeah. I put the unedited template online and it still didn’t work right. I don’t get it cuz it works fine until its online.

Please contact me via the contact form on my profile page and I will help you.

Is it possible to change the background? I’d like to have photos or a video as the back ground.

Hello FullBore,

Sure, it’s possible. If you have any difficulties please contact me via the contact form on my profile page.

Hi, I’ve bought this theme today – very nice. However, like someone has commented before, there is an issue with some of the sliders! I have only been working on the blog page today & have noticed that neither slider on this page works properly. I have checked your own version on Themeforest & see that they don’t work correctly on there either. The top main slider only scrolls forwards & the small slider in the right hand bar collapses so that the text below is all super imposed on itself. Did you manage to sort a solution with the other user? Cheers

Hello cdumbrell,

We checked everything you said but didn’t find any issues. Please send me screenshots to mad_caesar (at) bk.ru

got my site live finally http://thesummerhouse.eu. Apologies for pulling the code around so much but as I said before it was so well set out it was easy to manipulate to get it exactly as I wanted. Thanks again. :)

Hello cdumbrell,

Your website is nice. I would like to visit your villa right now ;)

Looks doesn’t, but none of the sliders or javascript work when you try to put it online….

Hello guide_robert,

Please contact me via the contact form on my profile page and send me the link to your website.

Hi, just wanted to say a big thanks for fixing the issues I was having. This theme is very much underrated and is one of the best I have purchased. The documentation is fantastic and the scripts are easily laid out for customising further. Regular recent updates seem to have ironed out the minor bugs from the early version. I really appreciate your support too & this theme really deserves to do well for you. If anyone is contemplating purchasing this theme I would highly recommend it (I am somewhat a novice and have really found it particularly easy to work with and understand). Cheers

Thanks for your warm words. May we use them as a testimonial on the product page?

yes, you are more than welcome.

Hello, i purchased the theme, but i am having problems with the installation.

- First it says the theme has no style.css - after copying style.css to top level it says that style.css hasnt the right Header information - After trying to put the header information into style.css it says that index.php is missing in the theme.

Can you help me? Thanks a lot, Wanja Riemann

Hello Wanja,

This product isn’t a WordPress or CMS template and it doesn’t have php files (except php file for the contact form). style.css is in “css” folder. If you have any more questions please send them to my email address. Thanks.

So i made a mistake, thanks for your help! I thought i can use it with WordPress.

contact-send.php dosyas?n?n içi bo? :( nas?l yaz?cam içini bilmiyorum yard?m lütfen

Sorry, I don’t understand you. In English please.

Can you help contact-send.php I do not know what to write some code to change the e-mail, please write me I

Can you help contact-send.php I do not know what to write some code to change the e-mail, please write me I

contact no sense to in-send.php file How to replace the email address in the contact form? 1. Open file contact-send.php. 2. In line 5 replace your@mail.com with yours. ??? I do not understand

Please contact me via the contact form on my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/mad_velikorodnov

The photo text below the slider does not change when the photos change. It always says the text from the first slide (The Old Mills, Holland). It does this in your example running right now.


Thanks for the comment. We will check and fix it as soon as possible. I will let you know.

Hello, we fixed this issue. The update is available on your account.

Thank You!


When will there be a wordpress version of this theme?

I bought the theme and realized it doesn’t use wordpress.


Hello, it will be a new product, not the update. Unfortunately I cannot tell you the exact date of the WordPress launch. I hope it be at the first part of the February.

Hello. Just checking on the wordpress version. Is it ready? Thanks.

We are testing now. It will be soon

Hello, can we set up multiple email accounts with this template?

For example, this will be used for our neighborhood, can we set up an email that goes to the Homeowner’s Association and one that goes to the Neighborhood Crime Watch? Can we send email from those accounts as well as recieve?

Any progress on the Wordpress version? Thanks.


Sorry, but I didn’t understand your question. Can you please contact me via the contact form on my profile page and explain in details what exactly you’d like to realize? Thanks.

Hello Mad, I figured out the answer to the multiple email question from another source.

Can you tell me how long it will take before we will have a wordpress version of this template? You said about 2 months 21 days ago, is that still the timetable?



Yes, I had to find another developer because the first one was irresponsible. And currently we are working on WP version. Hope it will be ready at the end of January 2013 :)

Would it be a large modification to add captions on each popup in the image galleries?


Yes, we will make this change as soon as possible. I will keep you informed :)


Now the captions are available on each popup in the image galleries.

Thank you!

Will this theme support a video page such as you tube and can I change the fonts for the header and the location of of the header?

sure, it’s possible. You can make it by yourself or we can do this for extra payment.

fantastic thank you for your quick responses I will buy it . And lastly I take it that it will be fairly easy to integrate a shopping cart ? Are there page limits to the site and can I change the tab titles like the portfolio or home tabs sav buttons to say what I want

The shopping cart is not easy to implement into HTML template. You need to hire a programmer to do this. As for the other 2 questions, there’re no page limits and you can rename any titles.

Hi I want to buy the template, but i’m also very interested in the demo where you have the choice to show the template on the different devices.

Is that included in the template, if not, is there a way to get it? I’m willing to pay an extra fee for that


No, it’s not included in the template. It’s just for the preview version. Please contact me via the contact form and we will discuss it.