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Awesome work mate :D

Good luck with sales

Thanks @unisphere!!

Great work :) Happy sales ;)

Very nice ;) good luck!

Thank you @jindo!

Hi @JavierDesigns!

There is no preview because it is a PSD Template.

But I think we will work on a HTML version, but don’t know yet when it is going to be launched.

Thanks @paulungureanu!

Hi David,

Please alert me for the htlm version.

All the best

Thanks for your interest @alexandre111!

I’ll let you know when we release it!

Let me know when you have the HTML version out

Hi @EmailCoach!

Thanks for your interest!

I’ll let you know when we release it!

Beautiful design!!!

Nice stuff. A HTML or WordPress version would be great!

We are thinking about coding this PSD template, but right I can’t really be sure when.

I’ll let you know when we release it.

Thanks @amiga!

so nice, one of the beautiful templates here… good luck

Hi @mabuc!

Thanks for your great comment!

Please code an HTML version !!!!

Hi @Smartphoner!

Thanks for your interest. Well, as I said before, we are really thinking about coding this file, but I really don’t know right now when we will release it.

I’ll let you know!

davidsife That is in the picture very much like me, but without glasses, can you draw the same character with glasses ??

I just bought for the character , but there is no in the file :(

Hi @zelzal!

Thanks a lot for purchasing my file!

I’m sorry for your desapointment but, as you can read on the description, it says that the portrait is not included:

“The portrait of the header is NOT included. It is only an example on how yo customize your own header.”

But I can help you if you want. Send me an email via my profile if you want to discuss some customization on the character.

Thanks again,


Hi david ; Im sorry , this is my fault, did not read the description . i will send you email . thank you david

Still waiting for a HTML or Wordpress version ! Sad ohterwise I cant use this great design !

Hi @Smartphoner, thanks for your interest! There is an html version in progress, but I really can’t tell you when it will be launched, because the person who is in charge of the project is now very busy with his university exams. So, please, be patient and wait some more weeks. Thanks again!

Wonderfull job! Looks really great!

Muito bom, parabéns! Por acaso fazes caricaturas do género dessa que está no template?

Olá @pdaniel!

Muito obrigado pelo interesse no meu trabalho. Sim, posso realizar este tipo de trabalho sem qualquer problema; é apenas uma questão de que me expliques o que necessitas.

Se preferires, envia-me um mail através do meu perfil e conversamos.

Muito obrigado!

Does someone have this on their website as a sample?

I’d like to see it on display. Thanks!

Does someone have this on their website as a sample?

I’d like to see it on display. Thanks!