Discussion on Lucille - Music WordPress Theme

Discussion on Lucille - Music WordPress Theme

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hi, i am planning to buy this theme. Can I set the different colors. E.g. background etc.

Yes, the theme offers the option to set custom background color for the entire website, or for individual pages/posts, or for each section, when editing the page with Elementor. Also, in Elementor editor, you can set custom fonts and custom font colors. Please let me know if you have more questions!

Hi, I have a few questions.

1. Can I make the logo on the front page larger?

2. On the “Creative” template, I see a scroll down arrow on the hero main image. How do I activate that?

3. Can I deactivate the hyperlink for “Upcoming Events”? So it’s not clickable

Hi, 1. The logo is automatically adjusted to fit the menu area. If you need to make it bigger, I can help you with this. Please open a support ticket here: https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100011569 2. You don’t need to activate it, it is automatically added with the slider revolution object. Did you import a different demo? 3. You can remove the item from the menu from Appearance – Menus.

Hi, in the latest update v2.3.7.2, Slide Revolution plugin doesn’t update automatically. I copied the files as usual but it doesn’t work. I installed plugins manually. For your info.

if you already updated the plugin, it will not be displayed in the Install Lucille Plugins list.

ok, in the meantime I solved it. see you in the next update. Thank you

Hi, I can’t find where to change the default color of body text in Lucille. I’d like it just a little bit lighter grey so it’s easier to read. Where do I access the font colors for the theme? Thanks.

Hi, you can only change the color scheme through the theme options. But I can help you with this, please open a support ticket here:https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100011569

Thank you! I was able to add the code. I have another issue, and I’ll do a new support ticket. Thanks again for the text color help.

Thanks, please check my reply on the ticketing system.

I’ve submitted a ticket on your website 2 days ago. Can you please answer it?

Hi, please check my answer on the support system. Thanks!

I responded to you yesterday. Can you please read my response?

Sure, please check my reply.

Hi! After my last PHP-upgrade, all of my headlines have changed into programming language. Pictures have disappeared and features such as automatically updated upcoming shows on the start page are also only visible as code right now. Even worse, the “add event” option has disappeared from the dashboard menu, so even I am to rebuild the entire page, one of the single most useful tools to me seems to not exist any more. Of course, I’ve done something wrong when updating the PHP, so I don’t blame anyone but myself, but how can I get these features back? I have a backup of the webpage from May, but it seems the problem is something else.

Hi, did this help you?

It did! Thank you very much!

Thank you!

Is it possible to use a “mailto link” in the ticket section?

Did you make a special change? Or simply added mailto: to the tickets url?

I have left out the quotes on the link

ok, thanks!


tbaynat Purchased

I noticed the social media icons in the top bar are overlapping the navigation on a laptop sided screen and are not formatted nicely on an horizontal iPad screen. Can you fix that? I have 4 social media icons.

Hi, can you please share the URL? When there is a big number of social media networks in the menu area, they might overlap the menu because there is not enough space for both. In this case, you can use the recent theme option we introduced, to hide the social icons under a generic social icon, that will toggle the rest of the icons on mouse click. Please try that and let me know how it works for you.


wanted to reverse (event list) $third_col = [event_location]-[event_venue];

I found php file where to make the change, but if an update arrives it overwrites. Is it possible to insert a choice ?. Better still being able to choose which field to put in the various columns.

I did the edit for testing and it works, but the Elementor widget lists “standard” location+venue as uneditable.

Hi, this needs a new option for the event Elementor widget. I will add this to the TODO list.

Thank you

You’re welcome!

Hi Alex, “Back to top button” overlaps reCaptcha v3 icon, is there a solution?

I get it. If “Lucille Setting” is set to “Black on White” and the page is set to “White on Black” it does not display the vibrant_color subtitle. Also (example) in “Upcoming Events” it doesn’t change color when hovering over the event line, would it be possible to set it?. Emphasize event is it possible to change color?. Thank you

“Emphasize event is it possible to change color?” I actually found “Emphasized Event Day Opacity” and it’s fine for me. Sorry

ok, Thanks for feedback. Indeed, you have a global color scheme that can be overwritten for each page or posts.


two questions:

First, is it possible to change the order of the sections or is the order not changeable?

As an example, the section “Latest news” in first place and then images?

As second: Is there a demo version that I can install before buying?

Best regards

Yes, you can change the order of the sections. You can do this either by drag & drop each section to a new position, or easily using Elementor Navigator. Regarding the demo: you need to purchase the theme to be able to install it and to clone one of the existing demos.

Best wishes for 2023! It’d be great if Mastodon were added to Lucille social options.Thank you for your consideration. Misha

Ok, I will add this to my TODO list.

Hi every time i change the home page with Elementor i have to fix the flag: Remove footer widgets area for this page: [ ]

You can use the Elementor standard Social Icons widget. Please check that!

I used that. Thank you

Thanks for feedback!

Hello on the homepage at the top the writing MAIN PAGE appears before sliderevolution, I have not made any changes. Can you help me ? Thank you

Hi, this is a WPBakery row custom option. But you don’t need that for our Elementor widgets, because each layout element we’ve created can be customized in terms of colors and typography used. Please check that and let me know.

Yes Alex, I’m learning Elementor and it’s possible to customize almost everything. Thank you

No problem, I am glad that I could help.


Schnaff Purchased

Hi there, I have a problem with the event-categories. When I click on a category, the category page displays this errors:


Warning: Undefined variable $emphasize in wp-content/themes/lucille/views/archive/events_list.php on line 30

Warning: Undefined variable $emphasize in wp-content/themes/lucille/views/archive/events_list.php on line 36 TICKETS.

Can you please help. Thanks a lot.

Hi, thanks for spotting this! I will prepare a new update regarding this issue. In this time, please open a ticket on our dedicated support system and I will help you fix the issue now, so you don’t have to wait for the theme update. Please use this URL to open a ticket: https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100011569


Schnaff Purchased


Thanks! Please check my reply on the support system.


tbaynat Purchased

For some reason suddenly the revolution slider doesn’t show pictures on some of the slides on a phone and the preview looks fine in revolution slider itself. Is there a bug?

In a couple of days. Thanks for your patience!


tbaynat Purchased

It didn’t solve the issue :-( Can you please help?

Unfortunately, I cannot do much since is not part of our code. It is a matter of slider configuration, I am quite sure. If you want, I can take a look on your setup. Please open a support ticket here: https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100011569

Hi. Can you tell me where to find this: ” – add new option to show social icons in the mobile menu” ? And now with the update i get a share button in the mobile menus wich i don’t want. Thanks

Hi, I have tested your website in mobile view and the icon works for me. Did I miss something?

I did another round of tests both on ios and android and everything look fine.I don’t know what happened but everything its ok. Thank you anyway

Maybe it was a js caching issue. Let me know if you still need my help.


Schnaff Purchased

Hi, thanks for your great support and work. I have two little questions: 1.: Is it possible to show the email address in contact and the footer widget as a mailto link? 2.: When I first open the site on a mobile device, the social icons are folded out. Is there a chance to change this, so that they are folded by default? Thanks

Hi, please check my answers below: 1. I will put this to my TODO list for the next updates. 2 Can you please offer a URL?


Schnaff Purchased

Thanks a lot. Problem 2 is already solved.

ok, thanks for feedback!

Can you guys add 20 pixel padding left and right to the mobile layout of a row layout? Every time I create a new page with the visual composer template the text goes right to the edge on mobile. Takes so much time to put padding in manually.

Hi, I strongly recommend to switch to Elementor as your main page builder solution. It is easier to use and all the Elementor widgets we’ve created are more flexible in terms of options than the ones created for WPBakery.

The gallery page doesn’t show the featured image of a photo album. How do I get the image to show behind the album title?

it looks like a caching plugin is changing the URL to the background image for the gallery item. The new URL is invalid. Can you please check that?

I deactivated the caching plugin, doesn’t change anything. Any other ideas?

Please open a support ticket here https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100011569 and send us credentials for your WordPress, I will take a look on your setup.


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