Discussion on Lucio - Minimal Portfolio and Agency WordPress Theme

Discussion on Lucio - Minimal Portfolio and Agency WordPress Theme

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Hi, i have 2 ’ problems ’ can you help me? the first is this line code, I think is for the media gallery but don’t understand why (Warning: Illegal string offset ‘attachment_id’ in /web/htdocs/www.danielemozzillo.it/home/wp-content/themes/lucio/framework-customizations/extensions/shortcodes/shortcodes/portfolio-gallery-media/views/view.php on line 158 ) Screenshot: https://ibb.co/dPSJhq1

the secondo is the logo, I mean, if I click on the logo I’ll be back on welcome page, I don’t want it, is this a method to disability this stuff? Screenshoot: https://ibb.co/QCvDnVp

TY for the reply

Thnx boss

One last thing, even having set the portfolio page as the homepage, when I go to the site, the first page that shows me is still the welcome page, instead of the one set, how can I do to avoid this? I would like to completely bypass the welcome page

Never mind, I did it :D

hi, i want to buy it, there is a link for a video tutorial to set up the theme and build the site? my last theme was so hard to setup , I gave up .


The theme uses the Unyson page builder for building the pages. Unfortunately the original video from the plugin author was removed – here is another video of the builder in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmxgYoM0Xqc (have in mind that many of the options for the shortcodes are different in the theme from the video).

You can also check the documentation for the theme to see its setup: http://subsolardesigns.com/documentation/lucio/

Hi when I click on a tag/category name in a blog post, the theme should build a page with all the posts with the same tag/category, but it doesn’t. It just builds a page with all the posts. I noticed your live demo has the same issue, is there a way to fix this?


In the online demo all of the blog posts are in the Writing category. The theme is working normally and filters the selected category. The problem might be coming from a plugin. Please disable any 3rd party plugins one by one to see which one is causing issues. Make sure that you don’t have problematic plugins installed.

Hi there. Nice theme (I am currently looking for a new one, since I have to move my wordpress shortly).

Questin: 1. There ist an error-message below on this page / will this be fixed?: http://subsolardesigns.com/lucio/portfolio/gallery-project/

2.Is there a chance to make the slide gallery responsive (touch/swipe) instead of klicking or button-press?

3.Will there be a deep link option + sharing feature for the images (need this, to be able to share a particular image on shocial networks)

4. Would be very (very) beneficial for me: I am looking for a grid-gallery option (standard, also: “metro” with sort option “random” so everytime a visitor get to this page, he will see a grid with, let’s say 4×2 quarters with different images). Would be really really nice!

Thank you!


Thank you for the interest in the theme.

1. This is fixed and the fix is uploaded with the latest version of the theme in ThemeForest.

2. The current lightbox slider doesn’t support swiping and as for the moment there are no plans to replace it with a different slider.

3. I’m not sure I understand what you want to achieve. For which images do you need a direct link – for example the ones in a gallery in a single portfolio page? For such, there isn’t such linking and customizations to the theme will be needed

4. There isn’t such an option – to load the images in a random order. You will need to customize the theme for that.

hi I have a lot of difficulty in finding a logical system to set up the site, in the personalization side panel I have very few possibilities to edit in fact I find 5 lists only it seems to me that something is missing you can help me thanks


We have answered you via email (the support ticket)


I find the portfolio beautiful, original, clean. This is a pre-sell inquiry. I am an artist and have various format of work, non-standard dimensions.

  1. Will the masonry crop the images? I know that when clicked on, the image will be shown entirely, but I would like to see them in their entirety in the masonry. I know that it is written that we can choose the aspect ratio of the items, but does it mean in the gallery display and for each images?
  2. Finally, is it possible to add media icons on the home page, that anime when we go over them? Thank you for your time,

Hi there, thank you for the interest in Lucio.

1. The aspect ratio select menu has an “Auto” option that will display a masonry, each image having different ratio that is his own to avoid any cropping.

2. There are no such icons available but you could use a 3rd party social icons plugin that can provide you with such shortcode.

I am fairly new to wordpress, and wondering how to install the demo content? I don’t see the .xml file for demo content in demo folder. Please help Thank you


The theme demo is part of the Unyson plugin. After installing and activating it, go to Unyson in the Admin Dashboard and install the 2 extensions – Page Builder and Backup & Demo Content.

After doing the steps above, click on Tools > Content Install and install the dummy data. Have in mind that the demo will overwrite all of your existing data like pages and posts.

You can also read the documentation of the theme, as we have provided detailed information on how the theme works. You can read it by opening the index.html file (with your browser) in the documentation folder in the archive you downloaded from ThemeForest.

hi, does the theme portfolio support video file upload (not embedded link)?

Hi there,

Yes, you can click the second and forth thumbnails here.

hello, how can i force 2 column view on mobile? for example, on this page: http://subsolardesigns.com/lucio/portfolio/all-in-one/ it shows as a single column on mobile view. thanks.

Answered via email.

How can i keep the menu/nav bar static?

Answered via the support ticket.

Hello, I am thinking of buying this theme. I was wondering will the theme be regurally updated and have support in the future?


Yes, we are supporting the theme. If there is some much needed change/addition it will be added. Also, if a bug is found it will be fixed and updated.

Great job guys! A couple quick questions before purchase:
  • 1) Is the canvas animation overlay (plexus stuff) editable/customizable? If so, to what degree?
  • 2) Will the migration of an old WP site (with loads of content) to this break existing shortcodes/widgets/menus/plugins etc.? There is always that angst of merging the old with the new…
Thanks for your time!


1. You can change the dot and line colors of the effect.

2. If you have custom meta fields or custom post types you want to import, you will have to use a plugin like WP All Import for this. As for the other content if you are using shortcodes which are not implemented from a plugin, they will be broken. Other than that, everything implemented from a plugin, or as a plugin should be working. Also please have in mind that there are 4 footer columns for widgets, the theme doesn’t have a sidebar for widgets.

Great work. GL

Thank you! :)

Hi, is there a way to insert a woocommerce plugin in the site ? It would be nice to have a shop also…

Answered via the support ticket.

Can I set each photo to a unique url?

Hello, Can you specify which photos do you have in mind? The ones in the shortcodes, the gallery, the portfolio ones, which exactly?

I guess I mean within the portfolio gallery. Can I make it so each photo goes to an external site? Also, can I have unlimited portfolio photos on the landing page?

There is no option for external links from the thumbnail, you can insert one in the single portfolio page.

Yes, you can have unlimited photos.

Love the theme! Is the pricing shortcode not included in this one as it is in Inez?

Hi there, thank you!
Currently, it doesn’t have a pricing shortcode. You shouldn’t have any problems if you use a 3rd party plugin for it.

Amazing theme, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you! :)

Hi! Few Questions before buy:

- Is it possible to have the blog entries on the front page ( one page style ) - can videos be displayed in the portfolio with lightbox - Can I display the Portfolion on the homepage like the ones under “portfolio” ?

thanks for your time

Hi there, thank you for the interest!

- The blog posts are a separate Page Template. They are used only separate from the rest of the pages.

- Yes, there is!

- Yes, you can set any page as a front one.

Hope this answers your questions!

perfect, last question: is it possible to mix portfolio items with Lightbox and with a link to the project in one galery? thanks!

Unfortunatey, the gallery and project grids are separate.

Thank you :)

Congratulations! Excellent Work, GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Good job. Good luck with sales

Thank you!


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