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Hello im curious if is posible to use Visual Composer on this theme???

HI, i did not use this plugin till now, and I am not sure you should contact with this plugin support and request from him to answer this question.

please after you do that let me know what is the answer, Thanks

Hello. Is there a way to change how many portfolio items show up everytime the “Load More” button is clicked. By default, it adds only one picture at time.


Hi, it is possible but need you have php and html knowledge.

Thanks for your reply (and patience) I have just a little php/html knowledge, but I know who can support me if needed. Can you give me some indication where I have to look and what to change?

Hi, I explain easy way: use this code in the editor
<div class="social-icon artstation">
    <a class="icon-social light" href="" data-rel="tipsy" original-title="twitter"><span /></a>
and put at end of style.css or in custom css field this
.social-icon.artstation a {
    background-image: url(images/artstation.png);
and create another css for hover and put image in the image directory of theme

good luck


Please can you help me. I am trying to import the “demo-content” sml file and have followed the instructions.

It’s just not uploading the file or giving me any error messages, and the title of the page says “connecting”.

I am able to upload plugins and use the admin panel as normal.

Could you please help me to get the demo content file installed and working? .

Thank you, Matt

  • xml file (not sml file)

Finally received a Request Time-out error. is it permalinks, or perhaps wrong version of word press. Please help. Thank you.

Hi, please send me username and password from my profile page form to check it.


Hello, my toggles is not working always appear like activate, i check my code and is correct, the strange is before was working and now not and i didnt install any plug in or anything :s

this is the page:

i found the problem about the menu, the url extension cant be on asian languages if they are on the front page like a one page design, i still have the issue of the toggles i hope you can help me to solve thank you

Hi, demo is now on 4.3.1 version and work correctly without issue.

I did not any plugin but maybe update one of theme and this happen
also I check toggle and back to top of your site work correctly in opera and firefox.
it seems there is issue on chrome browser, and I can not do anything about it

good luck

Ok thank you very much my friend, i really love this theme its one of my favorites

Hello, First, thank you for your amazing and ultra well done theme ! Really, I’ve had no problem to install it, install demo, back office is amazing… Very Great Thks I’ve just a question, is here any visual composer or plugin like that ? If not, how can I change link of shortcodes ? Like : [button text=”Purchase”] Or change Image source : [row image=”5909” padding=”120px 0 100px 0” showparallax=”“] Thank you !

Hi, there is no visual composer but there is visual shortcode. by click on “toolbar toggle” all shortcode appear. than you can replace exist shortcode by another that you can create from shortcode button. by click on every of them you can customize the shortcode

thanks, good luck

Hi, Great theme.

A few bugs I found though, the main menu link is always a step behind.

1) Navigation Menu For example, Home, About, Services, Contact.

when we click on “Services”, the “About” will be higlighted

When we click on “Contact”, the “Services” will be highlighted

the same even in the demo. Can you please teach us how to fix this?

2) ServicesIcon Can we adjust the size or the position of the icon? Some of the icon looks smaller so will look inconsistent.

Can you please guide us on how to :- a) resize the icon b) adjust icon margin or… c) upload our own icon



for first request I will try to fix it but 2 is a customization that is not part of support but you can manipulate these
.service-3 .icon {
.service-3.bottomleft .icon {
    left: -5px;
    bottom: -5px;
.service-3.bottomright .icon {
    right: -5px;
    bottom: -5px;
.service-3.topright .icon {
    right: -5px;
    top: -5px;
.service-3.topright .icon {
    right: -5px;
    top: -5px;


Thanks for your reply… And idea how long it will take to get issue 1 fixed?

for issue2, some of the icon is not perfect center due to the icon size, that is why we need to adjust it to be pixel perfect.

we just want to adjust the icon in side the service box. Not the whole box.

The codes above only moves the whole box.

Hope you can support this… thanks

I will try to find and fix issue

2- for example
.service-3.bottomleft .icon span {
    margin-left: 2px;

Hi, Is it possible for me to add a phone number to the top banner? I would like the phone number of my business to be available immediately without having to click on the ‘contact’ button.

If so, how do I go about adding it?


Hi, go to element > topbar > display tob bar and “on” it then paste your phone on “Bar information” and click on update


Hello, i want to know if you can help me with a small issue, after u reupload the theme i upgrade in one of my page the theme but from some reason the menu stop to be responsive, this is my page i hope u can help me with that thanks

Hi, it seems you manipulate css

use this on responsive.css in “max-width: 959px” section
#menu-wrapper {
    with: 100%;


it dosent work even if i use like this still the same

menu-wrapper {

with: 100% !important;; }

:( i hope u can help me with that

Hi, as i said use it in responsive.css where “max-width: 959px”. I do that and it work for me.

Hi ParsianArt, I purchased the theme. I am trying to activate Rev Slider and the Purchase Code continues to say that it is not invalid. Please let me know what I should do. THanks


The Rev Slider application is saying that the Purchase Code is not invalid. Let me know

Hi, no problems because you can not update it directly, you need update it when theme has new update and has new version of this plugin.


My SLIDER plug-in is saying there is a new update to the plug. But I cannot update it because it asks for PURCHASE CODE. I got the purchase code from the download files, plugged it into the are of the plug in and it continues to say it is not VALID. I need someone to look into this. Thanks

as I said before you can not download new version. I purchase it for use on the theme and any update will be able from my theme. you can ignore the message and use version that you have now.


I like to know where on the website is all the source code, not samples like here , but actual source code text?

Excuse me but I did not understand of your message. all file have source code but for create page you need use visual shortcode button

I found my answer. I was looking to see where all the SHORT CODE are at. I found them in the sample pages when installing the demo theme on my website. I just went on to the created page and looked at the source code already placed. and also found it in the DOCUMENTATION provided in the ZIP file.

good luck

I am finding so many error with your template. When I add a new page to the MENU, the link does not work, it creates this (see the hash tag). If you delete the hash tag, you will see that my page is live. I keep getting this error, why?

The contact-us page is set on the CONTACT template.

This is not issue, this hash tag is for work move page to find sections. for create normal page did not put ON “display on home” button.

OK Thanks

good luck

I need assistance with SHORT CODE – adding a URL to a button?

NEVER MIND, found out how to do this.

[personnel name="AUTOMOTIVE" post=" Interior and Exterior Finishes" image="6280" size="1/3"]Our hydro dip finishes use only the best clear coats in the industry for high quality feel and look.

[space height="13px"]

[button size="small" class="reverse" href=""]READ MORE[/button]


I think using of theme is easy, good luck.

Hi, can you please provide the latest files of the theme – for example in the package i downloaded, the responsive.css was older than the one shown on the demo page – for example the code: |||| @media only screen and (max-width: 1199px) { #menu-wrapper { width:100%; } }||| was missing in the downloaded package’s responsive.css (line 4 in the latest version)

I have some problems with the “step-item” elements on my site – but in the demo they work flawlessly – so i think this is due to older files in the provided download. Where can i get the latest theme package? Thank you.

are you your site do different demo, if yes what is problem. you use last version you can be sure.

but I will release new version for latest wp version(4.5.2), it seems you use it, may be the second problem.

be waiting


After updating to the latest version i have some new problems:

1. The Menu in the mobile view is invisible.

2. The Checkmarks of Progress-Bars are blinking


3. in this video you can see, that on android devices (on the left) the steps are working – on iphones (on the right) they are broken (

hi, 1- the is invisible but menu for mobile will be appear please see demo 2- I know that and there is no any fix for this blinking and I can not find any reason for that to fix problem until now 3- I have not iphon but in my ipad this work fin on the demo. even by chrome simulator, this is work on iphon.

are you manipulate codes?


I buy the theme and i install all from the documentation, but i have a problem with run all of functionallity of demo – please can u check?

Hi, which version you use and what is your issue?

Hi, please send me you url of site and username and pass from my profile page form, to check your slider

please give me your mail

send me from my profile page form

Hello, Suddenly, form doesn’t send messages, have you any idea ? Thank you !

Hi, contact form is a simple form an if you did not manipulate php or add plugin that create conflict it must work properly


how do i change emailadress in contact form? Thx!

Hi, go to contact page, contact option under text editor



Julf Purchased

Hello, I’ve been trying to make my Slider to work as responsive and It simply won’t on mobiles. What can I do?

HI, please use latest version of theme, downloaded it from your themeforest account


Julf Purchased

And how can I do that without losing all my info and personalizations?

change to another theme then remove the old theme and install the new and activated it.

Hallo can you help me please. I have the Lucky Blue Version: 1.0.1 Wordpresse Theme and what can I do, because I need a update for this version. Because I have a timetabel with my programm and now it doesent work. So I hope you can help me. Thank you previously for your help. My E-Mail is: Thank you, best greetings Sylvia Hofmann

First of all your support time expired and secondly I can not update this theme for this reason.

good lock