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Nice theme. Good luck!

I am very confused on how to get the portfolio pop up to work. Please help, thank you

May I know the problem you are facing?

Yes so I have the custom.js linked for the BlogModle, but when I click on the links in the portfolio I get nothing. it doesnt load the popup, I am not to sure what else to look at. I redownloaded the pagckage and tryed opening it fresh and I get the same thing.

Problem fixed thanks


Are the Comments and Views data really being tracked or it just a placeholders. How do you manage those sections?

Thank you for purchasing the Lunner template. The comment and view sections are placeholders only as it is a html template.

We are going to upload the wordpress version with in next 15 days.

Portfolio scroll is not working properly. We are waiting for it to be solved by the ThemeInnova team for the last one month. We were told that it was a plugin error. But no solutions on the issue yet! Please let us know when you will update the necessary files.

Hi, My apologies for delayed response. I was off for vacation.

The scrolling problem was due to an error in the js plugin. I have solved it and uploading the package later today. You will be able to download it from your account section.

Again, my apologies for delayed response.

You can visit our new support forum here for any issues: https://webinnova.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Thank you, Jay

Mr Jay, we can not see any updates…

Porfolio, seems, only works with phisically exsiting files. So, for example, – if i have “folio.html” uploaded to the ”/content” folder, – it loads.

But if i try to load Wordpress post\page by url – it doesn’t ((

Can you suggest a solvation? Thanx

HI Admice, My apologies for late response. I was off for vacation.

Yes, I have solved the problem and uploading the new version today on themeforest. It will be available to you by tomorrow. You can download it from the download section.

Again, my apologies for delayed response.

Thanks, Jay

Hi Jay! Thanks for the response, by actually i resolved it myself.

Didn’t notice that portfolio have to be specially structured. After i redesigned portfolio pages templates to contain fields like “Author:”, “Title:” and so on, – it started well! ))

Btw, if you’re still thinkin’ bout the Wordpress version of this beautiful theme, – in 3-4 days i could show ya mine, – maybe some moment’s can be usefull 4 ya.

Thanks, Mice

good morning. i purchased the template last night, but did not get the countdown html or javascript files or any help documentation with the files. please advise.

Hi, I have uploaded the package again. You should receive a notification of an upgrade with in some time. Please download the package again for the coming soon template.

thank you for your help! those files included what we needed. i would also like to use the countdown counter to display the days remaining. Simply adding identical HTML code and renaming it input class=”knob day” will display a 4th knob, but does not correctly capture the number of days remaining in the countdown – and the number of hours cannot be adjusted along side it. The javascript seems to capture the number of days, but i cannot figure out how to display them in the countdown. Can you provide some guidance here?

You can do this, but you need to do a lot of changes in the scripts of int.js file. You can check the api documentation of knob.js website.