Discussion on Luomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme

Discussion on Luomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme

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Hey Sergio!

Recently bought this layout and got a quick question, how do I enable the Grid layout for photo sets (on a per-post basis)? I only found the checkbox for “Enable Photoset Grid Layout”, and it was site-wide.


The menu at the top is meant to filter posts by tag only. As you may noticed, pages show up on a widget on the footer. If you want a custom link pointing anywhere on the top menu, you need to modify the theme file.

Send me an email including a link to your site and your theme file (if you have made any changes to it), and I’ll see what I can do.


Hi Sergio,

I have encountered a problem with hovering hyperlinked images on my page. If you visit


you will notice that my hover image is actually affected by the CSS/style that underlines the hyperlinks across the theme (as well as the highlight/background of the hyperlink). I was wondering if there are any ways to fix this problem by eliminating hyperlink background and text decoration altogether?

Thanks loads!

Hey there!

Try wrapping those links inside a “figure” element, like so:

    <a href="...">
        <img src="..." alt="">

Then, at the end of the “Add custom CSS” box, on the customization sidebar, add the following snippet:

figure a {
    background: transparent !important;
    border: none !important;

Let me know if that works!

can you post the CSS to hide the navigation menu (categories) but not the search keyword form? pleeeease? and also: I resized the photos to not be so huge but now they are left-signed. please help me center them.

Well, the menu items and the search button occupy the same vertical space and they’re wrapped by the same element, so they kinda go hand-in-hand. You can try the following snippet (paste in on the “Add custom CSS” box, but you’ll get whitespace where the navigation used to be:

#filter_tags_desktop > li:not(:last-child) {
    visibility: hidden;

#filter_tags_mobile .trigger,
#filter_tags_mobile .dropdown {
    visibility: hidden;

Not sure what you did to make your images smaller, but the following snippet works well to constrain their width. You can change the “max-width” value to something else, and need to tag your posts _portrait to target them. If you want to target all photo posts, remove the .portrait portion from the code:

.post.is_photo.portrait img,
.post.is_photoset.portrait img {
    display: block;
    max-width: 600px;
    height: auto;
    margin: 0 auto;

Let me know if that helps!

thank youuuu! I don’t have the theme live yet but am tweaking it around a bit. should be live soon at gabbyisactive.com

Glad to be of help :)

Excellent theme! Absolutely brilliant! One of the easiest to use that I’ve personally encountered. :)

I sent you an email recently. I’m not sure if it got to you but I want to say nevermind! I figured it all out. Thanks again!

Hi laeri9,

I was about to answer you. I’m glad you figured it out!

Thanks for the kind words :)

Hi, I’d like to buy this theme, it’s so nice but I need to translate texts to spanish… is it easy to translate?, is it well documented?

Is it possible to see documentation before buying?

Thanks, Alfonso.

Hi Alfonso,

Thanks for your interest!

When you set your language to Spanish on the settings page, most strings will be automatically translated, but you will need to change a few manually. Look at the image below, for example:


The “Comments” string you can edit from your Disqus account, and the “Share” one will have to be edited on the code. I can assist you finding and replacing the strings you need to change.

The full documentation can be read online here: http://bit.ly/1d2XQaP



alp Purchased

LOVE your theme ! Can you please tell me why the top icons may not be going to each page I am referring to the top navigation Image, Video, Quote

Thanks for the kind words!

The icons on top point to ‘tagged’ pages, so you need to tag your posts accordingly for them to show up: ‘text’, ‘quote’, ‘audio’, ‘video’, etc.


alp Purchased

GENIUS ! Thanks for the quick reply Your work is brilliant ! Love your design and color sense ! Are you by any chance available for freelance work ?

Cheers, thanks for the compliments :)

I’m available for smallish projects. I’ll be replying to your email soon.

I’m a photographer and I love your themes. is there a way to get a Fixed header on the Luomo theme? I purchased Supple loved it, then I purchase Luomo? and I noticed there wasn’t an option for fixed header.

Hi there, sorry i didn’t reply to your tweet yet.

Not really, Luomo doesn’t have that option. It can be done with some customizations, but it doesn’t really make sense, as Luomo’s header is a lot taller and takes up too much space on the screen to be ‘sticky’.


Thanks… I guess I’ll purchase Bloq now

You’re welcome! I hope Bloq fits your needs. Let me know if you need any help. Cheers :)

Hi PixelMoxie

Have you had any more thoughts in making a Wordpress version of this theme like you mentioned at the beginning of the thread. I heard Tumblr sites are not as easy to rank seo wise as wordpress, Is that true do you think.

I just adore the look of this theme and would be perfect for what I had in mind but unsire I’d find it easy to rank a tumblr site.

Also with tumblr can you use your own domain name and hosting or does it have to be a on tumblr severs and have a tumblr domain.

Kind Regards

You can always do that, having WP manage your main site, with its more powerful CMS features, and Tumblr for your blog, so you can leverage the social aspects of Tumblr.


Cheers for that. Also wanted to ask, is it possible to have the images not a large and around 684 wide.


Yes, it’s possible, although it’s not the best look. You can add some custom CSS to restrict the width of images to a certain size.


the theme is incredibly good & sergio (support team) is very nice & responsive. very glad to have bought it. I suggest everyone who is serious about his business to enjoy pixelmoxie!


Thanks buddy, I truly appreciate it! :D

Is it possible to add a side bar?

Hi mikamunster! Sadly, that isn’t possible with Luomo. Regards.


I would like to migrate my webpage on this beautiful theme, how I can make the header bigger, full page? Is it possible? Also can I change the social icons with other styles?

Thanks, D

Absolutely, please send me a message using the form on my profile page. Be as thorough as possible. Cheers!

is it from here? http://themeforest.net/user/PixelMoxie -Email PixelMoxie

That’s right :)

Hello, I am facing some problems…

1- My social networks’ links are opening after my blog’s url! for example: example.tumblr.com/www.facebook.com/example

How to fix it ???

2- Is it possible not to promote tumblr? (Hide the ‘follow’ button for NON-TUMBLR USERS)...

Thanks a lot I really hope you help me!! peace out! :)

You’re welcome! Do you mean the contents of the “About Me” widget? That’s the Description at the top of the customizer. You can use some HTML tags:


To change the icons for the filter, you will have to edit the luomo_icons.psd and luomo_icons@2x.psd files in Photoshop (they are inside the PSD folder), change the icons on the top rows, and the export the files as PNG with transparency and upload them on the customizer using the fields “Luomo UI Icons” and “Luomo UI Icons HiDPI”.

You could optionally use a text based filter instead of the icons:


I hope that helps!

THANKS A LOT!! That really really helped me!!!!! thank you!! :)

You’re welcome :)

Beautiful Theme, Great customer support ;)

Thanks for the kind words, Dom. I appreciate it :)