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Wow! Beautiful design!

Have you given thought about releasing something similar for WordPress?

Thank you so much!

I guess now I will have to think about it!

I agree! This is incredible, I hope you come up with some WordPress sites! I’m excited to see what you come up with next!

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it’s not working as it should. I downloaded the file, went to the theme folder, opened the pixelmovie-luono-1.0.html with notepad, copied everything, pasted it, pressed update preview and all I got is a brown screen written navigate, rss and archive. I tried it with chrome.

Hi Superpa!

Thank you for purchasing this theme! After you press ‘Update Preview’, you need to press the ‘Save’ button next to it, then go back to ‘Appearance’ and refresh the browser window—then you’ll see the changes. I ‘ll revisit the docs to see if it’s not clear enough.

Please let me know if it’s working for you now.

This is awesome =)

Thank you! :)

It worked! :) It’s because on the preview stage it didn’t look like it was going to work properly, so I didn’t save it. But, just now I gave a leap of faith and it worked perfectly!!! :) Awesome theme!!!

That’s great!

You’re right about that though, it doesn’t look good until you save and reload, and some users may be scared to commit their changes with the preview looking like that. I should point that out on the docs or item description.

I’m happy you’re enjoying your theme! :)

my flickr photostream will not update correctly its showing http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5152/7161489226_21a2369a8f_q.jpg for my pictures,and isnt loading anything further even though i have uploaded photos to flickr,help please? :)

Hi dillis,

Did you enter the correct Flickr ID (it’s not your username)? Use this to get your user ID and let me know if it works: http://idgettr.com/

I hope that fixes it. Sorry the docs aren’t really clear regarding that, will try to update them soon.

Thanks for your support!

yes its in correctly,it loaded 3 pictures then just started failing on the rest.

Please send me an email through my profile page with a link to your site :)

thanks so much for the fast support and help! the flickr issue worked itself out over night :)

You’re welcome! It looks like the Flickr feed API was playing catch-up and retrieving the info for some photos that aren’t there anymore.

bought this theme and im loving it! and the support could not be any better! fast replies to any troubles youll have! Five Stars! :bigsmile:

Thanks buddy! I appreciate it :)

Hi there.

Loving this theme. I sent a Message through your portfolio page about a question I have had about width.


Hi twistngo,

I’m glad you’re liking the theme. I just replied to your email.

Thanks for your support :)

Hey guys and gals, the latest update (1.0.2) fixes an issue when embedded video won’t resize to fit its container when the Tumblr API is down. It’s recommended that you download the files and reinstall the theme.



Beautiful work. Easy customization with clear explanation. Perfect for showcasing photos using the muted theme. The colorful theme with predefined color palette is some serious eye candy.
At $15, this one puts the more expensive themes to shame.
That said, this theme deserves only 9.9/10.
Minus .1 point due to being released one day too late, making me spend my precious, hard-earned, sweaty dollars on another theme :crying:
Thank you and good luck with your sale :)
PS: I just message you a question.

Hi cesrpf.

I just replied to your message.

Thank you for the kinds words, I truly appreciate it :)



Hey just purchased this nice theme, but its working working for me, do you have an email so I can send you some screenshots?

Got It!

Hey, glad you got it working :) If you need any help, just email me through my profile page. Thanks for the support!


Is it possible to reduce the font size for titles and articles’ font ? It seems that the font height option in the customize pannel doesn’t change anything !

Thx for your help ! Very nice template by the way, keep the good job up ;)

Hi Tsukassax,

It’s not possible through the customize panel, but you can add custom CSS to change the fonts size. Do you wish to reduce the size for both posts title and body text? Send me an email through my profile page and I’ll send you a code snippet.

Thanks for the kind words!


hello, i was wondering if the luomo theme i bought will generate the 6 colors represented on the example page…deep purple for example. my tumblr is only switching between light and dark grey rather than the two blues, purple, white, etc. i really love your color scheme so i’d like to have exactly that…i’m not as creative as you :) plz help thanks, ray

Hi Ray,

I just replied to your email. Post colors are defined by using tags, as explained on the documentation. If you want to use the same colors as in the demo, you can use the following tags; these are the colors shown on the main demo, in the order they appear:

bg_31b8bd, bg_36a636, bg_f53d18, bg_1f2f33, bg_1f2f33, bg_c8cecf, bg_e8393b, bg_00ace6, bg_4b1f33, bg_ff901e, bg_5ebdb8, bg_2d96b0, bg_ff4000, bg_263f7a, bg_ff901e, bg_3998b8



Search is not working, any idea why or how I can fix it?

Incredible theme! It’s so beautiful!

Thanks for the heads-up!

Looks like the “reveal” plugin has stopped working. I’ll fix the issue and upload an update as soon as I can.

I’m glad you like the theme! =)

Just letting you know a fix for the “search” functionality has been uploaded.

Anyone having trouble with the modal search box not working, please download again the files and re-install the theme.

Thank you :)

Hi PixelMoxie – great theme! The layout is super clean and responsive. I’m considering switching my website from Wordpress to your Tumblr theme, but I have a questions. Would it be possible to change the post type icons (link, text, video, etc.) to text such as “Articles,” “Music,” “Video,” etc? I don’t know much coding, so any help would be awesome.

That would be awesome, but I actually only want to change the way the post icons are displayed. In the back end, I would still be using the same Tumblr defined tags (link, text, video, audio), but visitors to the site would see the words “Articles” instead of the text image and “Songs” instead of the audio image. Essentially, I want visitors to the site who are unfamiliar with Tumblr to be able to navigate easily. Using words instead of images would help with this. Would this be an easier change?

Sorry for all the questions, but I’m also wondering if it would be easy to link to pages (instead of just tags) from the top menu. Thanks so much for you help!

Ok, I got you.

Right now what you want to do with the tags (and pages) can’t be done without heavy customization to the theme, but I’ll think about it, maybe for a future update.

If you need custom work done on the theme, contact me through my profile page and we can discuss it further.


Hi, Firstly i would like to tell u the theme is the best ive ever seen! i purchased and installed it on my tumblr blog at ashrith.pingcloud.in ,now i wanted to know the following: 1.) I need to change it to bright Theme as shown in the demo 2.) My images seem too big (I mean the height) , is there a way to auto resize?


Hi ashrithps,

Thank you for the nice words about the theme!

The color scheme is set in a per post basis. How to set the colors for each individual post is explained on the documentation.

Luomo is meant to be used with large images. One of the side effects of displaying very large portrait oriented images is that they look very tall. You could do one of the following: 1) Disable the additional media queries so the site and its contents aren’t too wide. 2) Edit your images with an image editing software and place, for example, two images side by side. 3) Copy and paste the following CSS snippet on the ‘Advanced’ section, on the ‘Add custom CSS’ box:


I hope that helped! Let me know if you have any more questions.


(forget about wordpress or paying somebody to make you a site)

i’m just saying, this theme is extremely clean and slick on both computer and mobile…i followed directions and have a great looking site that i’m proud of. the tagging for organization and colors is genius! i set it up to connect to my domain, redirected the home page to my audio and embeded a soundcloud widget. and i can’t stress enough, i am an idiot. want proof you can do that stuff: listentofate.com

I AM ALSO SUPER SURPRISED BY THE FOLLOWING: i had a stupid, easily solved question and so i contacted the company PixelMoxie and Sergio sorted me out i think the same day…i HIGHLY recommend the theme and the company!

Hi Ray,

Thank you for the very kind words and for the generous review!

It’s truly appreciated :)