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This theme is great, thank you. I just have one question, how do you do to hide coloring tags ? In your example, the tags ”#red” is not displayed, but in my production site, it’s displayed after the post.

Thank you !

Hi Sushee,

Thanks for the compliments!

A new update is on the way with many enhancements and additions. Among them, tags like ”#red”, ”#green”, ”#lighten”, ”#desaturate”, etc, will be hidden from visitors.

It should be available in the next day or two, if all goes well!


This is clean, simple theme that packs a real punch. The theme’s creator is also super responsive (like his theme!) to your requests. Overall, it’s definitely worth your $.

Thanks a lot, man! I truly appreciate it :D

Hi thanks for yr theme. really like it. One question – If I have disabled all ‘Media Query’ check boxes.. it will only show one column in the footer. I’d like two please. Is this possible?

Hi there!

It’s possible. Paste this code snippet into the ‘Add Custom CSS’ box, under the ‘Advanced’ section: http://snipt.org/zPjd5

However, you’ll need to move whatever widgets you have on the third column to the first or second one, and then disable that column.

You can find out how to do that here: http://goo.gl/nkoRP

Let me know how that works!

Thank you! that has worked. I have another question… is there a way to order the widgets? I’d like to have the ‘Navigation’ widget above the ‘Twitter’ widget (its currently the other way around). thanks :)

No without altering the HTML source. Send me a message through my profile page including a link to your site :)

Hi! Well I’m having some problems. As you said before, this theme is designed to be used with large images, but with the new editor, we can’t edit the size of the pictures, so when I try to create a new text post, I upload a large image, but when I post it, the image is very small and I don’t like that. Sorry for my english, I hope you can understand me.

When you upload an image into a Text post, click on the “html” button and look at the source.

An image tag looks something like this,

<img src="http://media.tumblr.com/2e257704f04d223e5be41c6d5337ef50/tumblr_inline_mhvlu76ikO1qz4rgp.jpg" />

where the attribute “src” is the path to the image file. If you host your image elsewhere, you should place your image URL there.


Thank you so much! It works!

That’s great! No problem :)

Awesome theme, very helpful instructions too! Thank you.

I only have one slight problem, which is getting instagram on the theme. I’m having problems getting the access token. Is there something I am doing wrong, or is the referred site not working correctly? Is there an alternative?

Again, awesome theme!

Hi TheNewBlue,

Thanks for the compliments!

Try visiting the referred resourced using Chrome and let me know if that works. Some people have had trouble using Firefox or Internet Explorer.


Chrome worked, thank you for that. I guess safari can be a bit problematic too.

Many thanks, I look forwards to more themes.

WHen i put in the information for my social media buttons when i click on the buttons it never sends the user to the desired location whether that be youtube, facebook, or whatever

how can i fix this is there a certain way i have to post the links when i click the icon the

website reads like this


how can i get it to just go straight to facebook

You’re welome :)

For the filter to work you need to tag your posts accordingly (using ‘text’, ‘photo’, ‘audio’, ‘video’, etc.)

For example, http://yesterdaynite.tumblr.com/tagged/photo will display all your posts with the tag ‘photo’.

tag them where?

The tags you add when you create or edit the post. They show up at the bottom of each post on the homepage, underneath the caption.

Hi, really impressive theme! Congrats! But I have some issues that I can’t solve and need your help, please:

1.) when adding portait AND landscape orientated pictures to a photoset, the slider in the post looks weird, because the height of the image “jumps” and the text under the slider too! Is there an option to “lock” the height of the slider?

2.) single portrait orientated pictures (post type single image) always show in full height in an post whereas landscape pictures are shrinked to the maximum width of the theme. I would need to configure a maximum height of portrait or. pictures too!

3.) is there a possibility to define the order of the menu items (like e.g. having the “images icon” displayed on the very left and the “text icon” on second order)?

Thank your very much for your support! Go on with that awesome theme! Thanx

Regarding portrait oriented images, you could try the following snippet to constrain their height, and then add the tag “portrait” to the image posts you want to affect:

.post.is_photo.portrait figure {
    display: inline-block;
    width: auto;

.post.is_photo.portrait img {
    width: auto;
    max-height: 600px;

Change the “max-height” value to what looks best to you.

Let me know if that helps!

Hi, Thank you so much for your immediate help. I’ve tried the solution with “tagged” portait images and the code snippet works very well! Although I can’t figure out how to position the picture “centered”?? (in width)

Your suggestion with landscape canvas sounds good, but I think I will go with a bit different solution: making squared canvases for all pictures with transparent background for the empty space, either for landscape and portait pictures.

I will send you a message for the menu order.


Hi there! Just replied to your email. Cheers! :)

Absolutely great theme! I have one question: I was wondering if you could add custom linked buttons to the ‘text based post filters’ buttons are. I would like to add buttons that link to ‘ask’ or custom pages like an ‘about’ page. However, I only seems to be able to add buttons linking to tags. Hope to hear from you!

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the kind words!

Right now, links to user created pages and to the ‘ask’ and ‘submit’ sections are shown in the footer, if you enable that. The top menu is reserved for tags, but the theme could be modified at its source to allow for what you need.

Please send me a message through my profile page stating what you want to display and in which order.



This is one phenomenal theme ! Just awesome.. thank you so much for putting the effort into it. I had a few questions, I was hoping you could help me with. a. Is it possible to integrate a 500px social icon / profile up top. b. A 500px module like the one with instagram will be just awesome. c. I used your code snippet to resize the portrait images. How can I centre them. d. Is it possible to set the clickthrough images to the post id so the clickthrough goes to the comment stream instead of just the images ?

I know these are a lot of questions, though it takes nothing away from the brilliance of the theme. Thank you again.

Hello there,

Thanks for the very kind words! Now to your questions:

a) Sure, I’ll add a 500px social icon with the next update.

b) I’m not really familiar with the 500px API, so I’m not sure how easy that would be. I’ll take a look, but I’m afraid that won’t be at the top of the to-do list.

c) To center the images, use the following snippet for the figure element:

.post.is_photo.portrait figure {
    display: block;
    text-align: center;

d) Yes, go to line 1502, and replace the block inside the “figure” element with the following:

{block:IfEnableClickThroughPhotos}<a href="{Permalink}">{/block:IfEnableClickThroughPhotos}
    <img src="{PhotoURL-HighRes}" alt="{PhotoAlt}" />

Let me know if that helps!

Cheers :)

super ! it worked like a charm ! Thank you again for a fantastic theme and top notch support !

You’re welcome buddy!

First of all, great theme! Just bought it and didn’t realize there were so many options.

First of all, quick question…is it possible to hide all of the Desktop Filter Tag squares? I can edit them to match the background, and clear them so there are no logos…can I remove them entirely?

For what i’m looking to do i’m not going to be using that feature :)

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

I’m glad that you find the theme useful :)

If you want to get rid of the entire row, including the search icon, you can hide them with some custom CSS. On the “Add custom CSS” box, in the customization sidebar, paste the following code:

#blog_header_filter {
    display: none;


Adding that code actually didn’t work for me, but editing the code by hand did (changing it from relative, to display:none) , though the search icon disappeared as well! Is there a way just to remove those filters, and not the search button?

If there isn’t I understand, as they’re technically on the same line, but hopefully that isn’t the case.

Thanks for the prompt responses, appreciate it!

Not sure why the code didn’t work, but I would recommend editing the source directly, as you would lose your changes when you update your theme in the future, unless you keep a log of what you changed.

Send me a message through my profile page so I can email you some CSS to hide the nav but not the search form.


Awesome theme! Had a question, but I figured it out =)

Thanks a lot!

Just get in touch if you need any help :)

Hi! Thank you for making this beautiful theme! As everyone, I have a question: can I disable the time of post, reblog option and heart option? Thank you very much!

Hello there,

Thanks for the kind words :)

Do you want to remove the entire row of buttons, or keep just some of them?

The entire row, except of the nice tag icon, please. Thank you for the quick reply!

I guess the best bet would be just hide it with CSS, but just hiding the bar won’t look good, as shadows and other elements need to be taken into account. Please message me using the form on my profile page including a link to your site.


Hi – just purchased the theme and tried to install it, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. I followed all of the instructions, is there possibly something i’m doing wrong?

Hello there,

If you’re using TextEdit on a Mac, make sure that the option “Ignore rich text commands in HTML files” is checked on Preferences, or you could try opening the file using Text Wrangler http://www.barebones.com/products/textwrangler

If that doesn’t help, please get in touch using the form on the profile page, including a link to your site, and try to be as specific as you can.

Best regards,


Thanks for your response. The desktop version is working great for me, but when i vista the page on a mobile device the page is missing elements.

On your customization dashboard, make sure that “Use Optimized Mobile Layout” is unchecked. If that doesn’t solve the issue, please get in touch using the form on the profile page, including a link to your site. Thanks.

SO AWESOME!! Hadn’t touched my Tumblr in years, but a recent WP web client, well known rapper (and a very intelligent, positive one!) has said how he and his crew luved Tumblr and was great for their business/branding. So after I heard Yahoo bought tumblr as well recently I thought wow, I need to get back into… I started shopping for a theme and LUOMO immediately popped out/gorgeous yet simple and in no time I had a beautiful, easy to use, update and World View impressive Tumblr blog and customer support was/is Amazing!! BIG Fan now of Tumblr because of Luomo/PixelMoxie/Sergio IN the 2013 Hou$e!! THNK YOU -Sterling Williams

Thanks for the nice words, Sterling. I’m glad you’re enjoying your Tumblr experience :)

Hey, I love your theme I just wanted to know before I buy it, is it easy to implement adsense or other ads on it? I don’t see anything about it in your description. Are there any examples?

Thanks for your interest!

I haven’t tried that myself and I haven’t seen any examples either, but it would be possible. The only place it makes sense to place the ads —no pun intended— would be in one of the footer columns. Right now you would need to add the AdSense code manually into the markup, but I’m working on an update for the theme, and I could include a text widget to make it easier to place a code snippet there..




Yes I was thinking that myself, A text widget above the next page buttons would be perfect and it wouldn’t take away from the overall beauty of the design to much. Thank you for the quick response and best of luck with your theme.


Just to be clear, the text widget would be placed in one of the three columns on the footer. An additional area above the navigation links could be added, but that would imply some extra customization work.



saw the new gallery update but when is it going to be published?

thanks! :)


It’s available for download already, I just haven’t updated the changelog yet.


oh wow didn’t notice, thanks!

As you are the designer how would you recommend the best approach displaying the author avatar if I want to do that? Planning on having multiple authors…

Well, Luomo doesn’t support author avatars for posts, so if you plan to add them you will have to edit the theme source and add the appropriate markup and tags.

From a design point of view, I would place the post author info on the post footer, above the tags.


I just downloaded the theme and am beginning to create my blog. In regards to my logo, is there a way to keep it LEFT justified as opposed to center? Also, I’d like to have the social media icons to the right of the logo, not underneath.

Thanks for your help!

Hi there,

Thanks for your purchase!

The logo should be to the left, and the icons to the right, as shown on the demo, unless you disable the additional media queries, making the layout really narrow.

Please point me to your site so I can take a look.


Thanks for the quick reply. Here is the link: http://mbapaysitforward.tumblr.com/

In addition to being centered, the logo becomes distorted when I adjust the browser window.

I used the Photoshop template you provided and made sure the pixels were 300 wide x 140 tall.


Look for the options `Logo width` and `Logo height`. They should match the dimensions of your logo, in your case `242` and `140`.

Let me know if that helps!

Thanks for this theme! For some reason, my main logo is showing up double the size and I have no idea why. I uploaded my logo in the size I want, changed the height and width and appearance, and even went into the html and put the specific size requirements! Any idea why this is happening?

Just to note, this only happens when it is centered.

EDIT: Nevermind, found out my problem! If anyone else faces this issue, don’t add “px” at the end of your values!

Hello there!

Thanks for your purchase.

Glad to hear the issue is solved. Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll point that out next time I update the docs.

Cheers :)

Hi, Love the theme!

I wanted to see what your recommendation is for the easiest way to update from version V1.2 to V1.3. Do I need to reinstall the entire code – or, is there a way I can only install the lines of code that have changed?

Also – my theme is currently defaults to the dark colors (grey/dark grey) – is there a way to have it default to the bright, random background colors?


Thanks very much! A random background color feature would be a great addition to future versions!

Believe me, I thought about such a feature! But color and design being so subjective, what looks good to some may look horrid to others. Completely “random” colors may not be such a good idea, but I thought about defining an array of, let’s say, 10 colors, and have posts iterate between those. Not so easy to implement though, because when you add a new post the array would be shifted. I hope that makes any sense!

Makes sense! Thanks!

Hi there!

This theme looks great! I have a question regarding the tagging that I hope you can answer.

Is there a way to change which tags are at the top of the page and use custom tags to organize my blog? Also, is it possible to use my own custom images for the tag organization feature?

Thank you!

Hey mbokan,

Thanks for the kind words!

Take a look at the muted demo of Luomo:


When using the “text based post filter”, instead of the “icon based” one, you have the default tags on the menu (text, photo, audio, video, etc.) which can be disabled individually, and you can also define up to nine custom tags as well.

If you want to use icons (images) instead of text, things are going to be a little more tricky. You will need to customize the theme quite a bit. You’ll need to create an image sprite to hold all your icons and then some custom CSS to apply those icons to your menu items.

I’d be happy to point you in the right direction, but I’m going away tomorrow and I’m not going to be around until Monday.