Discussion on Lush - Multipurpose Shopify

Discussion on Lush - Multipurpose Shopify

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Infinite loading is not working on the collection page


Thanks for using our theme!

May we know which demo you are using? Plz send your store login details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com, we will do whats required.

um, so sad. I can’t upload theme. it shows invalid theme after i finished the upload.then i go to for the support forum. but it didnt receive the password. who can help me?

Hi hanihuang.,

We have sent the forum login details to your email. Please have a look. And regarding the theme upload issue, can you please send us a screenshot of it to support@wedesignthemes.com along with your store login details.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

we want upload the theme to our shopify. But just can’t upload or install the theme. It showed that it’s invalid theme after I finished the upload operation. May I have your help since I really don’t know what should we do next.

Hope you have tried to install the core file that you downloaded from themeforest, You need to extract it and then install the correct zip file. Refer: http://prntscr.com/knoofl

Hi, pre-sale question. Is it possible to create subcategory/subcollection on the sidebar navigation? In the demo it seems like it is possible but I’m not sure if it does what it should since there are no actual links going to subcollections. it only have the toggle but the links inside the toggle goes to collection/all. https://lush-01.myshopify.com/collections/featured-items

Yes is possible to have two level menu and link to required collections.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

How do we get support on your website when this theme is part of envato’s subscription model and there is no purchase code? Here are the issues we need addressed: how to change the primary link, active and hover colors of the theme? inventory availability does not work on product pages, how to fix this? How to make the slider full-width and change the positioning of the text and button on the sliders. It appears the mobile version of the theme does not display more than 2 photos of the product even when there are 6 or more in the product listing. Thank you.

Sorry we are not providing free support for the purchase made through elements, you will be charged customisation cost as $20 per hour. If its okay kindly send your store login details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com. We will help.

It’s unacceptable to not provide support for a broken theme. Other theme providers provide immediate support to fix their bugs. Your theme is broken on mobile, it does not render inventory accounts and there’s a host of other problems I won’t get into here.

Send your store login details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com. We will check and make sure whether its theme issue or you missed some settings.

Ever tried to reduce the width to mobile? It breaks the whole website apart.

Could you send related screenshots to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com?

Hi! The theme is beautiful. However, I am facing this error https://prnt.sc/tnc109 when trying to upload it. I believe I am trying to upload the correct file found within the main zipped folder as shown here https://prnt.sc/tnc4t9. I bought the theme under Envato`s unlimited plan and am wondering if you could assist. Please.

Kindly, Confirm your purchase code through the right bottom form located @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes . so that we can move forward.

If you need your Purchase Code you may download it from your Theme Forest account > Downloads > choose the necessary product>Download>License certificate & purchase code.

Kindly refer the following links for getting clear idea.


My apologies. The issue is fixed now and the problem was not with your theme. In case anyone else is having a similar problem mine was caused by Mozilla Firefox. It was blocking some JS scripts from the theme. Simply switching to a different browser helped me solve this.

Great! Good luck with sales!

Navigation setup is not working. Also, the images are not uploading to one of the sections. Having trouble! Please advise.

Kindly send your store login details & related screenshots to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com. We will help you by Saturday, we will be off tomorrow.

Hello – I have contacted customer support on several occasions with no successful response to my inquiry. The download is missing a few functionalities and I was unable to get assistance. I kept being asked to provide the purchase code which was included in my initial email. I was told by the support team to “Send the refund request from your envato account!”. I would appreciate a refund for this order.

Okay , we will check the refund request, once we received we will approve!