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I noticed that on my iPhone 6 plus, while viewing your demo and the webpage I’ve been creating in landscape mode causes the browser to crash, especially while activating popups on bride/groom section. Any recommendations for a resolution?

This is on iOS 8.1.2 using the native Safari app.


Thanks for report it. It seems like the RAM usage increase when browsing in landscape on iPhone 6 plus. We will check more detail about this.


I’ve purchased this template and its great. Was wondering if the super slider supports video in place of just imagery? If so, can you let me know how to implement. thanks


Thanks for your purchasing. Video is not supported for the slider. If you want to use video as a slider, you have to remove the original slider from the template and then put another script to use the video. For more detail about this, please contact us from profile page. We will reply more detail by email.

Thank you

is it possible to add sub-menus and have more parallax section ? and if its possible to have a language bar in the menu


The template do not provide the sub-menu and the language bar. And yes, you can add more parallax section by copying the HTML and CSS.


I was curious before I bought. Is there a way to add a guest book instead of the RSVP form?



Hi Kristen,

This template still not support the guest book. You have to develope it yourself, if you want to add guest book.

This is beautiful, I am about to buy. Is there anyway to have a background song playing and perhaps a soundcloud or mixcloud player embeded somewhere on the page?

Thank you, the template do not provide the feature for the background song. You have to include a custom code by yourself if you want to use it.

hey there,its just one page ? where is the blog page ?

Hi there,

Thanks for your purchasing. Yes, it is just one page. Blog can be found only on blog section. This template uses ajax popup to create a detail page for the blog item.

Is there a way to put a counter in the main page?


This template do not provide the counter. You have to include your own custom code to use it.

Hi, great template! I have one question though about the Google map. Is there a way to stop the map moving? As when using an iphone it is hard to scroll down the page because the map just drags… Can this map be made static on mobiles only, or in general if the only way to do it? Thanks

Hi, to disable it add “extra” option to the gmap section in script.js:

extra:{ draggable:false},

Or just scale down the height of the gmap div for mobile version, it will make more space for user to scroll down the page without dragging the gmap.

To use the “extra” option. You have to replace the “jquery.gmap.min.js” to “jquery.gmap.js”. Download it from https://github.com/fridek/gmap

Is there a way to disable the preloaded all together?

Yes, we just replied it to your email.

Hi I’m getting an error message – This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. where am I going wrong?


Have you try to include the Google Map API by using the step we reply to your email yesterday? The newest Gmap require a Google Map API. You can get it by using the address below


Then open index.html, scroll down and find “Gmap” script section. and edit the code:


Why after the support is finished we can no longer install the files because they do not have their root function.php and style.css files?

When I bought the theme, it was to use in wordpress, I already used it in an installation, inpressed by wordpress without problems and it worked, when changing the hosting I had to do a new installation and then it can no longer be used as a theme.

Maybe it is the WordPress version from other author. Did you purchase twice? HTML and WordPress Version?

Our template is HTML version it can’t be used on WordPress. However if you also purchase a WordPress version from other author, you have to use that theme instead of this one. Below is the LUV WordPress version from other author.


Well, I do not know what happened, as I do not have time now, I’m going to turn to the same html version. Thank you for the answers.