Discussion on Hotel Booking WordPress Theme - Luviana

Discussion on Hotel Booking WordPress Theme - Luviana

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Hello Support, can you please help me with the question/topic (Request #55657). Thank you. Best regards. Great theme and plugin by the way.

Hello there, I can see the ticket is still under investigation of one of our technical support agents. Kindly expect the email with further updates regarding the issue you have asked about in the ticket #55657

Thank you, how long does a support solution take ‘normally’?

Can you put weekly prices for 7, 14, 21, 28 days etc. in the booking system? Check-in on Saturday at h. 2pm and checkout Saturday after 12?

Hello there, you may set up the price per night depending on the number of booked nights, as well as set up check-in/check-out days of the week easily – both options are available in the Hotel Booking plugin, which Luviana is powered by

Good morning, some pre sale questions.

1) I think this theme is perfect, but on my website i rent single entity such as entire Apartment or Villa and also multiple separate rooms in Bed & Brekfast.

Can i do in this theme for instance a Post for apartment and villa and it will function exactly in the theme and a post of b&b, where once clicked it will showcase a list of rooms grouped together to rent?

What i search is a multi property function…is it possibile?

2) If 1) is not possible, can i create a subdomain for each property that has many rooms to rent and use the main page for villa and apartment…in this case i wanted to know if your search for availabity module can search accross the site and subdomain and display the results?

My idea si to create subdomains for each property, so i have different bank account separate for each building, and do have the search module to check availability accross the website..is it possibile?

Hello there,

1) Yes, the theme is based on the Hotel Booking plugin, which is quite flexible and allows you to rent out any properties. You will be able to create multiple properties and rent them out separately, as well as use a general search on the website with all the properties displayed at the search results page

2) Creating subdomain will not allow you to search through all the properties on all the subdomains. Also, there is no option to have a separate bank account for each property, unless you have a separate WordPress installation for each property with a single property configured at each installation. In this case you will need the theme Unlimited Websites license

Let me know if you have further questions.


fiogos Purchased

Hello. Is the support page active? Can you check ticket 55526? Thank you.

Thanks for your update and accept our deepest apologies for the delay. We have just sent a reply to your question.


fiogos Purchased

Thank you for the support!

Hello I want to ask a question before buying this theme so can you please answer, so in my case I don’t want to use the theme in booking hotels so I want to change the search barre from guest to something else like location, and if its not possible can you tell me if I can remove the guest form I just want the dates in the search, and the search results can I work with different grid of showing the available listings

Yes, you may add custom attributes to filter the search results by custom terms. You may watch this video to learn how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1vKA5gqhAQ

Thanks I really like your theme so sorry for all this question:

1- can I change the way the result apear to a grid of rooms form example

2- can I change the form adules in the booking page (accomodation part)

3- can add custom information to the invoice basically I want the information the customer will choose in the form in the booking page to be in the invoice

Hello there, thank you for your questions.

1- Yes, you will be able to change it, we will gladly provide you with directions on how to do that.

2- I am afraid I did not quite get your point, if you would like to change “Adults” in the form to somethi9ng else, you will be able to do that easily, as well as hide the field completely.

3- Currently there is no option to edit invoices and add extra information to it, unfortunately. Invoices have default fields fetched from the information provided by a guest during checkout


it look like a amazing Theme. Did you habe Backend Demo where can I see how OTA sycnronation work?

Best regards

Thanks for your question. You may test iCal import and export of bookings at https://hbdemo.getmotopress.com


fiogos Purchased


Pre-buying questions: 1) I read that the sync with airbnb and booking.com is every 15 minutes. Is this done by your code or do I have to run a cron job? 2) Does this template needs woocommerce in order to accept payments or do I have to add it only if I want to have more payment methods than the 3 your provide?

Thanks in advance!

Hello there, thank you for your questions. 1) The minimum sync interval available in the plugin is indeed 15 minutes, there is no need to set up cron job separately, as it is controlled by the plugin itself. 2) The WooCommerce as well as our WooCommerce Payments addon for Hotel Booking are required only in case you would like to integrate more payment gateways to the booking system. By default the Hotel Booking plugin includes PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Beanstream and Braintree, as well as Direct Bank Transfer and Pay on arrival as offline payment methods.

Hello how are you? Does your theme support sync withn airbnb ang booking.com? We have 2 resorts on these platforms and want to create a page based on your theme. Thank you

Hi, yes, there is used Hotel Booking plugin that supports import and export of bookings in iCal format. Airbnb also supports this type of the synchronization. As for the booking.com so you need to check your account to make sure it support iCal synchronization as there are some requirements set by booking.com (you need to have maximum 1 unit per each property and you should not use channel manager)

I am not the owner of the apartments.

1. Can I create an apartment page for multiple owners and synchronize their calendars for each property with booking.com?

2. Will the owners of the facilities be able to log into the website on their own and manage their facilities?

Hi, the Hotel Booking plugin does not have functionality for multi-owner platform yet.


nic_bas Purchased

Is it possible to have the option to enable or disable overbooking?

The availability of the accommodation type depends on the number of units (accommodations). You may generate more units under the accommodation type if you wish to let the guests book property more than once for the same dates.


nic_bas Purchased

Thank you for your response.

If I create more units then the calendar will be a big mess and website visitors will see in the dropdown option that I have more rooms than I describe. I may have tax problems too.

Is it possible, the status of the “Pending by Admin” booking to act like an Abandoned one (not to reserve the calendar) till the admin confirms it?

As for the selector of accommodations so it can be hidden by CSS so visitors will be able to book 1 accommodation per reservation.
As for the status so there is no option to change the default status via plugin configurations. This might require editing the files of the plugin.

How can I change currency from $ to € on the room page?

How can I change currency from $ to € on the room page? Let me know, thanks.

You may switch the currency on your site at Accommodation > Settings.

How can I modify the bottom footer section where is copyright and terms and conditions?

You need to navigate to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Footer Options in order to edit the footer information.

Ok, so: 1) footer top area from Appearance > Widget; 2) footer bottom left area from Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Footer Options; 3) footer bottom right area from Appearance > Menu > Footer (Footer);

Hi, thanks for sharing your experience.
1. The copyright text of terms and conditions can be edited at copyright and terms and conditions?
2. The Footer widget areas can be edited at Appearance > Widgets.
If there is a used Menu in one of the footer widget areas then you will need to edit the menu at Appearance > Menus.

Hello, before buying, can I change the slider that it has by default for a slider revolution?

Hi, by default, there is no option to put a custom slider instead of the default one. This can be done in a custom way only. You might need to override the files.

Hi there, pre-sales questions:

1. Any information regarding updating package with newest hotel booking plugin 4.2?

2. When is last version of Luviana theme updated? Tere are different data for the date of the last update on the list with other themes and when looking at this page.

Thank you.

Hello there,

1. This should happen soon, we are awaiting for the most stable plugin version in order to update themes with it

2. The latest Luviana theme version is v. 1.2.4, it was released in September, 2021

Thank you. Apropos first question: so this https://codecanyon.net/item/hotel-booking-engine-for-wordpress/19603111 is not most stable version?

It is the latest version of theme however update of Hotel Booking plugin depends on the theme updates. There is used 3.9.10 version of the Hotel Booking plugin in the Luviana theme and it still works correctly with the latest WordPress version.
The theme is not updated as often as the plugin. If you need the latest version of the Hotel Booking plugin it is possible to purchase both – the theme and the plugin.

Hi I bought the theme but its not updated. I want to add user area in my website. when i downloaded the theme I got hotel booking plugin 3.9 version. could you help me how to upgrade the plugin 4.2. on the wordpress there is no update available for that particular plugin.

Hi, Unfortunately it takes more time to update the plugin when it is built into the theme. It will be updated with some delay.
If you need it urgently it is possible to purchase a stand alone plugin and install it instead of the inbuilt one https://codecanyon.net/item/hotel-booking-engine-for-wordpress/19603111 Thank you for understanding.

Hi! I know that Luviana is Gutember based, but can I also use Elementor if I built from scratch using the Elementor plugin integration with Motopress? Thanks

Hi, yes you can use Elementor with Luviana theme.

PRE-SALE question: Hi, 1. I’ve read in previous comments that there’s no possibility to change fonts and background colors. Does that mean it’s not possible even with CSS? 2. If I add other blocks, like Kadence for example, can I replace any element that I see with those? That would add a lot in terms of customization… Thank you

Yes, you will be able to edit theme pages via Gutenberg, however, not all the pages. Some plugin system pages can not be edited via Gutenberg.

can you be more precise as to which pages are not editable? thank you

For example pages of accommodation types, checkout page, blog page can not be edited with Gutenberg.

Hi over there!! The Theme seems amazing…. I have many presale questions!

1. Is possible to create fixed packages? For example 4 days package on a specific room? – If that is possible it blocks the availability for individual reservations? Since the rooms will be the same than the packages.

2. I can block nights manually? 3. Is possible to add “addons” when booking? Example: add massage, breakfast, surf. In that case is possible to for example set a min and max quantities for those variations? This addons can be configured for each room individually? So one rooms have some addons and other others?

4. Is there any mailing platform included? I’ll be using it for sending the invoice reservations when buying and for sending one day before they checkout a mail with a satisfaction survey.

5. All is syncroniced with booking and airnb, right? So if I get a reservation on my booking system it will be blocked and viceversa?

I know it’s a lot of questions!!! Thanks a lot!

Hello there!

1. You may use booking rules to set the minimum stay of specific accommodation to 4 nights. If you still allow same accommodations to be booked for less nights, then you will have to create two separate accommodations with different minimum stay rules and sync them between each other, so when someone books accommodation for 1 nights, the 4-nights booking is no longer available and vice-versa.

2. Yes, you may block them manually via booking rules

3. You are able to add add-ons via Services option and assign different services to different accommodations.

4. The Hotel Booking plugin allows sending out confirmation emails to your guests and admin automatically. As for sending out other types of notifications, you will need to get an extra add-on for Hotel Booking – Notifier add-on: https://codecanyon.net/item/hotel-booking-notifier-eventdriven-emails/25986501 Invoices are also not included in the plugin by default, you may be interested in Invoices add-on for Hotel Booking: https://motopress.com/products/hotel-booking-invoices/

5. Yes, the Hotel Booking plugin allows synchronizing bookings from the website to AirBnB, Booking.com etc. and vice-versa.

Let me know if you have further concerns.

Salve, ho acquistato il vostro tema in passato e mi sono travata molto bene. Ricordo però che avevo avuto difficoltà con due cose: Inserire una sola immagine in home invece dello slide-show che c’è attualmente di default. Il secondo problema era che non riuscivo a trovare una sezione nel tema per cambiare il font dei titoli e dei paragrafi. Avete aggiunto queste impostazioni? Grazie

Thanks for your questions.
- As for the slider so it can be disabled by removing the child pages of the Home Page or assigning them to the top level to make those pages parent ones
- As for the fonts, so there is not such an option by default. But you may use free third-party plugin to be able to change the font for your website.

Come consiglio vorrei dirvi che se riusciste ad aggiungere opzioni di stile base per esempio quelle per cambiare il colore di sfondo di tutto il sito e la possibilità di scegliere un font per i titoli ed uno per i paragrafi, questo tema sarebbe perfetto. Adesso lo trovo limitante a livello di interfaccia grafica. Come funzionalità di prenotazioni camere invece è molto ben fatto.

Thank you for your feedback. We will keep your suggestion in mind. We highly appreciate it.

is the theme fully functional or do you have to buy motopress separately?

Thanks for your question. This is not just CSS adjustment so you may contact our support team to discuss the customization order.

It seems illogical to me that you have the option of putting the text and image if they are not going to be seen

Thank you for your question. This was not designed by default to show the featured image and description of the service on the checkout page since it makes the checkout pages longer to scroll. The view is not so compact after adding more information about the service. Though we have started receiving such requests from our customers and we have added it to our list of features. There are more popular requests that we are working on at the moment.
I’ve also added this comment as an upvote to the task and we will update this comment when we have any news about it.


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