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Awesome work, GLWS !

Wow! This is one of the best Real Estate Template! GLWS

Thank you :)

Simply gorgeous! GLWS!

Fantastic template, will you have a wp version?

We dont know yet, depends on HTML Sales ;)

wow great job!

Thank you! :D

This great, I foresee many sales, congratulations.

Thank you!!

another great work :)

Great theme. Looking forward to WP.

Best of luck.

Thank! We are working on that :D

Hi EngageLabs, the wordpress version is available! You can contact us by the form of our profile.


Great Job on this!

Your calculators etc throw up a database error on preview though.

Thanks! We are glad you like it. Is not an error, all the forms are ready to use, you just have to add your php file to make it work. They are not working for the demo because we dont have a php file, so when you click on submit, or search, etc, you will see that. Thanks for asking! :)

i`m missing a detail view for an object :(

Hey! Great idea! We will add it in the next update :)

hi regarding this theme if purchased do all the forms work or do they need additional files? thanks

theoa, All the forms are ready. We make html+css+js. They have validation but you need to add the php files to send the information to your database. Let us know if you need anything else! :)

Amazing work! Can I ask when is the wordpress version going to be made available? Thanks!!

We are not working on the WP Version, so we dont know when. Follow us to see the news :)

Great template :). Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Does anybody have any idea how hard it would be to get this theme to work with Twitter Bootstrap?

Sorry I meant best CMS for this theme. :D

WordPress – Joomla – Drupal, all will be good for that!

Please awetherill send us a private email and we can help you with that: coralixthemes (at)

Really dig this theme, and is really consider buying it over the Dot one, only got a few things.

Would be nice with tooltips over the amount of beds amd what type of property.

The chcek boxes unchecked state might as well be the checked state, it shouldnt really have a V in it.

When viewing one property, the ability to open the large image into a fullsize one would be a nice addition

The font used on can be very hard to read on the title and the “See more”

The property map would be way more awesome if it wasn’t static.

No thanks. :) this is one of my pet projects, and i can wait a bit longer.

zeonos, This is our last update: - 14/02/2013 – The property map is now a Google maps instead of a static image - 14/02/2013 – The check boxes (unchecked state) now does not have a V on it

11/03/2013: Lightbox gallery with thumbs and description added for a single property page

A presales question… How are properties added to this site if its just HTML and CSS?

Flux3, You need to add the properties in the html file and replace the images at the image folder. Regards!

I purchased this this html theme but doesnt work with IE, firefox and crome are ok but looks horrible withe IE. What can I do to make it work with IE.

It is ready for: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE10, IE9, IE8. Thanks for asking!

Great looking theme! I am interested in purchasing it for my business but am wondering if you have any experience in making the listing data functional. I would love if I could connect the search do my local MLS with an IDX push. My local MLS board uses Innovia by CoreLogic, here is a link to their data connector: If you could make the data connect, I could pay you well if it would work with this theme. Let me know.

Please send me your email by private or write to our email. Thanks


Jar Purchased

Hi there, I purchased your theme and have noticed something dissimilar from the demo. In the partners area, in the demo hovering changes it from grayscale to color as a transition, but this feature is not present in the final download.

Could you look into that please?

Hey Jar, There is no dissimilar, you did not see the hover effect because there was no color logo in the final download zip, but the hover effect is there. Today we upload some color logos example in the download zip, it should be easy now to see the hover effect. Feel free to download the last version of this item. Regards!