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Very nice, congrats and welcome to TF zemljace. ;)

Thank you pebas!

Nice design! Good work! :)

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Very clean and cool! Good luck with sales!

The aim was to have a clean looking layout in the end. Thank you! It is a water tester.

Very nice and clean design.. Good luck with theme..

Wish you all the best, too. I saw your template, very good job.

Nice work!! GLWS :)

Thank you pxoutline!!

So a PSD template is overlayed on an html site? How does that work…never used a PSD template but it looks interesting.

Hello jeffreysummers,

You have made a wonderfull Restaurant Theme public collection over there. I was looking for something like that. Nice, I rated it.

About your question, I am not sure if I understand it. The PSD Templates are sliced and coded into HTML , WordPress or any other CMS . If this was your question.

Thanks! I build bricks and mortar restaurants for a living and now working toward developing their websites as well – but I like to use Wordpress. Never used a PSD before and didn’t know what/how they were used for – but I like the look and layout of this template.

So I just load the code into an existing theme? or use it instead of a theme?

Now I understand.

I must tell you that this Template is not for you. This is just a design layout for WordPress developers to code and build a WordPress Theme which you may use. I hope that WordPress version out of this PSD , will be available for a month or so, you can follow me to get informed. Then you can purchase it and build a website like you used to.

Sorry for now :)

Thanks for the info – I got it now. I have already followed you. Look forward to your future work!

Gorgeous in it’s simplicity! Love it. When it first saw it I just said, “Oooooooooo!”

Haha Thank you on your sincere comment. I am glad you like it!

It seems really nice. Is is just psd template?Is it mobile responsive? thk

Thank you very much buzzmkt,

For now, it is just a PSD Template. Stay tuned, HTML Responsive version is on it’s way.

Can wait for the HTML version, looks great!

Thank you Stuart0_0,

Stay tuned, it will feature much more than PSD has now: beside of standard WordPress Page Templates it will offer you many hotel related custom page templates as well as industry related shortcodes for WordPress version.

Can you tell me when you will have the HTML version ready? I will buy asap! I love this PSD file and could use it YESTERDAY! In other words, I really need this however it is not doing me any good as a PSD file at this point. I could always hire a online firm to change into html or WordPress but would cost me a arm and leg. Not willing to go that far. I will wait on the HTML.

Okay. I went ahead and bought this. I guess I am going to have to have someone make a html site out of this. I really like it.

Thank you for purchasing the Luxury Garden Hotel Template. We are nearly done with HTML template. Stay tuned!

joebanana - what is the status of the html template and/or WordPress theme? Would buy in a second if available.

Perkiekat, here is the update. I have been looking for a proper, long-term developer for this and all future projects and after few bad relations I have finally found the one. We are like 50% completed, for more info feel free to contact me through my profile page. I can send you the files for your consideration. Maybe it can help you.