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Hi there, I just purchased the theme, but I am having trouble with overlapping div tags without even customizing it. I downloaded the package and uploaded it here, but as you can see, the bottom section bleeds up into the gallery. The initial page load is sometimes fine, but hitting refresh in Safari or Chrome breaks the divs. Again, this is a fresh load with no customization of any kind. Dreamhost is the server and I’m scratching my head as to why it doesn’t behave identically to the demo gallery.

Also, the h1, h2 fonts seem to load initially, but then revert back to non-h1 fonts after a split second. I’ve tried this on multiple servers and browsers with the same effect.

Just figured out where the bad code was! It was also in the general.js file—at the very top, there was a command to “Replace all tags with cufon equivalant” which when removed, seems to get rid of the problem.

One last question about the gallery slider: is there a way to randomize the image order using the general.js file? Or (similarly) can the initial image be randomized? Thanks again for all your help!

You can do a random:1, (note how commas exist on all but the last in the “cycle” options) more can be found here too –

hello there, Is this a working contact form? If so, Can you please tell me how to get this “Contact us” form to work? where do I paste the email address that I want to the emails to be sent.

2 Please tell l me exactly how to change the address in the google map to my address.

Best Regards

Page 8 in the documentation PDF covers the (working) contact form PHP settings.

The Google map is just the embed code used straight from Google, 220px wide –

Thanks but PDF is not opening. can you save an older version and email me?

when I was install this theme, system mentioned lost style.css. how to solve this problem? thx

Looks like you’ve purchased the HTML version not the WP version here ( ). Envato support may be able to assist on a credit for the incorrect purchase.

Hi, I’m using your luxury template. I’d like to use a blog page but I have a problem. I’d like to see only one category on it but all the categories of my articles appeared. Can you help me to fixe it? Thanks

As noted in the help file, please be sure you don’t have the blog page set as the posts page in settings > reading. Also be sure you’re using the noted custom category page template to display your posts, it’ll auto-exclude the portfolio category set in theme settings.

Thanks for fixing the issue with overlapping the slider with below divs. Setting the cycle plugin’s height to 400px fixed the problem.


Hello, would like to know if is there any way, in the slideshow, of replacing the navigation squares with custom icons i did, or maybe with text. thanks

thanks, so I’ll try with icons.

Other question: is it possible to turn off the transition effect in your slideshow as well as the auto-avance? thanks!

In the /js/general.js you’ll see all the promo settings, setting timeout: 3000, to timeout: 0, should do the trick.

Y’know, I really resent the underhandedness of the website which says this template is $15, but doesn’t tell you, until after they have made you create an account with all your personal information, that they are going to charge you an extra $2.00 to buy it through paypal, or you need to buy it through credit, but … ooops … the least amount you can apply to credit is $20.00. It’s sneaky and underhanded to tell people it’s one price when clearly it is not.

Cudazi, I have an issue. I’ve decided to use inside-2-7-3.html as the standard view for my webiste. Now I’m from Sweden where we use åäö letters. I can’t seem to be able to type those letters.

I’ve included a printscreen to help explain my issue.

Do you have any tips, because I’ve tried changing the class but it just gets back to not showing those letters? cudazi cudazi AUTHOR 4 years ago Flag You’ll need to re-generate the cufon font I used but include all symbols, the instructions have a link to where I created the .js font file that should help you out – thanks!

Hi, Do you have a more detailed instruction how to get åäö into the headings?

Best regards Anton

Trying to add a 16×16 png as my site’s favicon and I added it to the root directory and theme>images directory and html to header but still doesn’t work. (it didn’t work as an .ico either)

Can you assist?

Thanks in advance.

Okay, I resolved the issue, but I have two urls pointed to my domain.. and when I type in those urls I don’t see my favicon when my site comes up. Do you have any advice on this issue?

Can you add an image slider to individual portfolio items?