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Nice job ;), ultra clean theme

Thanks Hein – it’s my favorite creation so far, glad you like it!

Yeah… very nice!

Nice job! This looks great!

Awesome! Here’s one vote for a WP version. I saw the FAQ , but could you offer any insight on timeline? I will most likely purchase this now for a portion of a photography website, but would the WP capabilities ASAP .

Hopefully 2-4 weeks out but it depends on the number of support requests I receive day to day – thanks!

Where can I find this in the CSS and in which file? Is it active? What does it do? I’m using horizontal nav. class="current_page_item"



It will be in css/superfish-vertical.css or css/superfish-horizontal.css depending on which layout you choose.

Do the images on the home page in the slider have to be that size or will it resize appropriately if they are smaller?

There is no image resizing since it’s just an HTML template for now – thanks!

Any plans on releasing this as a WP theme? Seems like there would be a demand for it. I’d grab it.

Just started planning out features for it today… any suggestions for features / settings and such please send through my profile page or @cudazi on Twitter.

Beautiful design. I´d be very interested in a WP theme!

1. Nice, elegant, clean, apparently simple! Just what I need. I am not a programmer, will this be doable? I know absolutly no code.

2. If and when there is a word press version will I be able to integrate?

3. When I go to demo sites from portfolio do I leave my site completely or does the demo site appear within a frame inside my site?

4. I need to present my site in at least two languages. How hard would it be to do this?

Thank you dmg

1. This is just an HTML template so you will need some knowledge of HTML /CSS to customize (or take it to someone who does)

2. I’m building it at the moment but I’m behind on support emails so I’m kind of splitting my attention between the two

3. I just set it all up with fake content, you can have those links so wherever you would like

4. Since it is just an HTML template, you would need to implement some sort of language tools

With a Site Template – you get the html files, css files and you customize however you like.

Hope that helps!

I am waiting for the WP version :) yet I added you to my followings on twitter for this reason!


I’ve been working on customizing the HTML theme. Given the support e-mail back-up, any new timeframe on the WP version? I’m waiting to launch until I can launch both at once.


I hope to have it nearly completed early next week, documentation/help always takes longer than I think but I will try my best!

I’m also waiting for the WP version, one of the best themes on this site!

Great work Curt. Looking forward to the WP version. Good luck…

Server is very slow, impossible to see the every aspects of design.

Getting this error message after sending contact form:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …

Any ideas?

Please read the FAQ for this item to fix, I have sent in the update for this item. Thanks!

Thanks! Worked perfect.

Something is wrong with the horizontal menu home page:

I use Firefox 3.5.7 with a screen resolution of 1680×1050px.

In js/general.js, you will see a piece of code where the cycle slideshow is, you can manually set the height if you wish to force this.

From: height: ‘auto’,

To: height: 900,

Give that a try – thanks, Curt