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Great! Great! looking template.

However, I did notice whenever I click the logo which links to the vertical index page—the home page titles just below the main banner goes through three different forms before landing on its final presentation. Please take a look at this and offer any advice you can – I’m not a web coder but I do understand how to pop the hood and get her running.


Finally found the perfect theme for my portfolio site – however, I was wondering why my captions are not showing up on my artwork and photography? Any ideas? I double checked that I ACTUALLY added captions to these.

If you’re using the post-thumbnail, it shows only the image above the title and the post content below the title. If you would like an image + text, you would need to insert it as a normal image in the content.

hey guys, how do I get the ‘recent work’ thumbnails to appear down the bottom as per the preview here? thanks!

rob :)

Rob – did you mean to post this in the WordPress version of this theme? If so, it’s a plugin included with the theme that is a widget, please see the instructions – thanks!

thanks for the reply there cudazi

I couldn’t see the instructions actually mate, and looking through the widgets it isn’t apparent which widget actually renders the thumbnails

sorry for the bother, you can see the site here

Cudazi, I have an issue. I’ve decided to use inside-2-7-3.html as the standard view for my webiste. Now I’m from Sweden where we use åäö letters. I can’t seem to be able to type those letters.

I’ve included a printscreen to help explain my issue.

Do you have any tips, because I’ve tried changing the class but it just gets back to not showing those letters?

You’ll need to re-generate the cufon font I used but include all symbols, the instructions have a link to where I created the .js font file that should help you out – thanks!

Yey! thanks alot for the fast reply!

Now everything looks beautiful =)

Great job with this template!

I was wondering how one might replace the color background with a background image. Is this possible?

In the css, you would need to start with the body and #main { } selector – thanks! css background property

Love the theme but I’m hoping you can solve a problem that I’ve been unable to find any plugin solutions for.

Your theme allows one to display posts from a specific category and do this using different categories on different pages with the “categories” custom field. Is there a way to set a value so that it only displays the post titles from that category?

Basically I have a site that has a blog that displays ALL posts and their content and then five pages about different topics that I want to just display titles from specific categories on.

There do appear to be a couple plugin solutions, however they all require usage of ExecPHP which requires disabling the WYSIWYG editor. Unfortunately this isn’t an option as my client, who is not tech-savvy, will need to use the WYSIWYG editor to manage her site once I turn it over to her.

So I’m hoping there is an easy way to set by page not only what categories are displayed, but how much is displayed (ie. full post or just title).


There’s definitely a easier way to implement this, my newest theme (OPEN) has a solution to this where you would enter a custom quicktag into the content ex:

[showposts category="3,10" max="10"]

Which outputs the posts if found into an unordered (bulleted) list, just titles with link.

I can implement something like this into my luxury theme for you, send me a message through my profile page after purchase and I’d be glad to get you a quick quote, it shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete on my end.

(Just a note – you posted this in the HTML template version of this site but your comment is for the WP version, please be sure to double check before purchase)


Thanks for the super quick reply. Your new theme is really slick but after some further digging I actually found a plug-in solution for this, although the shortcodes in it are just for showing/customizing display of posts from specific categories, not all the other stuff yours does.

The plug-in is called “List Category Posts” by Fernando Briano and is quite flexible for what it does and is able to be fully styled—you should definitely check it out.

Also, just out of curiosity—do you have a dedicated forum for your themes somewhere? Would make it much easier to hunt for answers rather than having to dig through the massive number of comments your theme has.

Thanks for the link, I may refer people to that if they’re looking for that functionality – I try to find the balance between building as much into the site without needing 3rd party plugins but sometimes it just is a better choice.

I do not have a support forum but it has been suggested or to improve the Wiki to include common FAQs – – which would help you find answers faster and allow more time for authors to create themes, feel free to add your comments there!

Thanks, Curt

Just purchased a week ago. Working on it for client, but I just wanted to drop a note and say “BEAUTIFUL!!!” Thanks for your clean design and coding! So far it is a breeze! ~ keep up the great work!

I appreciate your purchase and I’m glad you’re loving it, thanks for sharing!

Hi Cudazi

I have created a flash movie in adobe cs5 and embeded it into the html home page.

question, Does the template have to be online to play the movie or have i embeded it wrong



Hey Gavin – that’s more of a adobe flash question than theme-related but yes, I believe as long as you’ve linked the file properly and haven’t moved it since, you should be able to run it locally off your computer. Thanks!

Hello Cudazi,

Tonight, I attempted to customize my permalinks on my site:, and I made a mistake I don’t know how to correct.

Under the “custom permalink” option at the bottom of the Permalinks admin page, I tried typing in the full URL , not just the custom permalink code (/ postname /). To add insult to injury, I mis-typed the URL ! Into that custom box I typed in: “http:/ postname /. I forgot the backslash, but now realize that I wasn’t supposed to type in the URL anyway.

As a result, I am getting a 404 “post not found” error when I try and access any subpage on my website, and in the admin control panel, certain subpages are showing up blank, including the “Pages” and “Settings -> Permalinks” subpages.

Do you know how I can fix the code to resolve this error? I’m sorry, I’m an idiot!


The permalink settings are not really related to the themes but I would just try setting it back to default, you may be able to edit .htaccess to do this if you are unable to edit via the control panel.

Hope that helps!

Hello Cudazi,

I’d just like to say how happy I am to have purchased the Luxury templates as my first template from ThemeForest! I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work!

Take Care

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment and let me know!

Hi there,

First of all: congrats with the design, very nice.

Bought it months ago, and no problems.

Only: when I want to use a special character, it doesn’t work in de font. Do you have any idea how to insert special characters, like é, ë, à, etc ?


Please see the item FAQs for the WordPress version on special characters missing – thanks!

Cudazi -

I LOVE this site!

1 problem: I am trying to upload this template onto my back-end but it keeps telling me that it is broken – missing style sheet. Has anyone else had problems with this? If so, what should I do to fix this?


Thank you!!

Hey Christina, it looks like you may have purchased the HTML version, you will need to purchase the WordPress version instead:


Yes I definitely accidentally bought the HTML version! Already uploaded the WordPress version though, no problems! Thanks so much!

Not a problem, thanks for your purchases!

Hi Cudazi,

Thanks for your help thus far, you solved my prior issues! One remaining question for this novice—how do I slow down the promo images loop on the homepage? Which PHP file do I need to manipulate to accomplish this? Thanks!!

All promo settings are in js/general.js – thanks!

Hi Cudazi,

I’ve purchased your theme and am having trouble with getting the Javascript image slider to work properly in IE7 .

It works but the images do not have the flash effect like it does in Firefox, but rather the images just jump from one to the next.

Is there a code I can add to the CSS to get the image slider working properly in IE7 ?


Hey guys any ideas how I can change the colour on the Cufon elements?

ie, I’d like to lighten the H2 headers (.posttitle) ie

any ideas appreciated!


Rob it appears you have a small typo, #FFFFFF (or #fff) will do:
h2.posttitle a {color:#FFFFF;}

lol, isn’t that always the way ;)

thanks for answering mate, I love the theme, really do

Hello Cudazi

I have a problem with IE6 6 .0.20 SP3 : I’m using the 2-column (large sidebar 8/4) layout. In the “Column Two – Page” I’m using text widgets to display graphics and HTML .

The problem here with IE6 is, that all the content in those text widgets is not shown in the right column but under the content defined in the wordpress page. This behaviour is to be seen regardless what the text widgets for Column Two contain. I tried it with only on letter which is displayed, still it appears below the page content.

Unfortunenately I’m approaching a customer who uses IE6 internally. The IT department was not able to migrate to IE7 or 8, and they will not do so before mid 2011 :-( IE7 / 8 / Fire Fox / Chrome etc. pp. all work fine

Do you have any idea how to approach this problem?

Thanks Frank

When a column pops below like that, most likely it’s slightly too big for the container. You could try narrowing the padding between columns or slightly shrink the column widths themselves – thanks!

HI Cudazi How would I do this, where can i narrow the padding or shrink the colums? Thanks again! Frank

Is there a way to make the top-level menu items non-clickable? Take a look at

Specifically, we’re looking to have the DRINK & EAT top-level nav items not be clickable, but require that the user choose one of the drop-down items.

Feel free to reply back here or to


PS. Awesome design and implementation.


(Cafe Diva’s webmaster)

I think your best best would be to use jQuery and replace the link path with #, selecting the link by href and replacing…

Best of luck, hope that points you in the right direction.