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Hi Cudazi, Installed your template and it works great. Have one problem with the header, you can check it on Need it to be white in colour as the rest of the page body which I managed to change in the CSS files, but cannot do the same for the header which is still the default grey. Could you point me in the right direction, is it changeable in the CSS or do I need to change a psd file. Thanks


I would suggest downloading a plugin called FireBug. It will allow you to fake-edit the site without causing any harm, it will reveal what styles are being used and where to locate them.

Here’s a nice link about it:


Thanks for the suggestion, works great.

Just one more thing. I want to change the menu from the top of the page to the left sidebar. Is there an option to do this on wordpress admin?


Not by default, sorry!

Hi Cudazi, Bought the HTML version – love the theme. Since I am a novice. Could you guide me on: 1 – how to edit the top-level menu, how I edit them and make sub-catagories (I use dreamweaver, is there a better program?). 2 – Is it possible to edit the width of the three text boxes on the front page? When I play around with it, they all become larger or smaller, like they’re locked together. I’d like to increase the width between the text boxes etc.

Thanks for this template!

Hi Cudazi

I have bought a new slide show, as we needed a kenburns affect. I have installed in over the top of the original using

When I open another browser it pushes the new slide show up, What is the best way to install it?



Hi cudazi

I have 2 questions

1, I have changed the background image on the home page, but its pulling up the same image on the other pages. How do i get the other pages to have your original background?

2, The border line on the home page, just above the “latest work” text, How do i get rid of it?



Hey Gavin,

Shoot me a link and I’ll take a look – if the site is not for public viewing, send via my profile page.


Hello Cudazi,

I am trying to modify my website I built with your theme to include Chinese text in the footer under “Theme Settings”, but when I click to save the changes, the footer reverts to the default setting. Is there a way to tweak the code so it can accept different global IME texts (chinese, hangeul korean, etc.).

It doesn’t appear you have purchased this file, maybe you meant to post this in the WP version comments? Thanks!

A wordpress developer purchased your theme for our website,, and he in turn charged us a premium for building the site. I would have to find his username and login on ThemeForest to confirm this.

I do need to confirm purchase to provide support, thanks!

Cudazi, I’m sorry, I just realized I submitted this in the wrong section—my comment should be under the Wordpress theme support. If you review the old comments, you have helped me in the past.

I think updating the theme will solve this, there were some adjustments done in theme settings in the latest update. (re-downloads are free)

If it still does not work, contact me via my profile page using the account used to purchase the file and I’ll dig in further.


Hello, I am trying to place a slide show on an inner page, how can I do so please?

How do I add images to the slide show? Also to the latest work section?

How do I activate the contact form on the theme, I’m unable to locate/figure that out.

Please log in account you used to purchase the file and be sure the comment is posted in the proper forum (wp or html), thanks!

Looking at your demo, is there any way for the portfolio to allow images to get enlarged as they are clicked on?



Since the theme is jQuery enabled, adding any jQuery lightbox will be pretty straightforward, I have used this one in the past:



jrn Purchased

Hi Cudazi,

Thanks for the great theme. I’ve got a question tho: Currently it’s not possible to use accented characters in the cufon headings, do you know a workaround to get ë ê é etc to work?



jrn Purchased


Re: my post here above, I just regenerated the font through with the Latin-1 supplement, now everything works fine. No worries ;)


I viewed the live preview for the theme and all the pages seem to be loading slowly and sticky. I like the theme and might purchase soon, but this would be an issue for me.

Also are there other options for the slider?

The HTML version is pretty zippy, be sure your computer isn’t under stress, that can slow things down a bit too, or my server could have been experiencing some issues at the time.

The slider is pretty standard, you could remove the navigation if need be, it’s build on the jQuery cycle plugin which is pretty robust.

Thanks, Curt

Hi, Is it possible to change the rollover color in the menu? The default seems to be grey to a drak grey when you rollover a men button. I would like to change that to purple text for the mouse rollover but do not see anywhere in the css to change the color of the rollover. Thanks.

The menu class is .sf-menu in the CSS , I suggest downloading firebug a firefox plugin to track down styles and where they can be found – thanks!

Thanks but I tried firebug and it does not show a specific location of the text rollover color on the menu. Can you provide some more specifics? There are several lines of code in the CSS beginning with .sf-menu, however I do not see any line specific to the hover/rollover color to change.

You should be able to just add this or similar at the end to override the CSS :

.sf-menu a:hover { color:#000; }

That did it, thanks!!!


Firstly.. fantastic looking theme! I have little question about changing colours, how easy is changing the colour of the theme? For example if I was to want the grey bars at the top and bottom to be a blue colour is it possible?

Many Thanks!

Hey there,

The Luxury site template is a great start for any customization, it is a standard html/css theme behind the scenes so you can customize colors/etc as needed.


Hi Cudazi,

I’m trying to change the portfolio page to allow for 6 images per row rather than the default 4.

I altered the count in the function.php file to 6 but now I’m afraid I’m having trouble finding the right line in the CSS files to change the width and margin of the profiles so that they can fit in one line. I should note that I’ve lowered the size of the thumbnails, so they should all fit on one line if given the right margin and width.

Any help you could provide in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!


Hello! Please post this in the WordPress version’s item comments so I can verify purchase, thanks!

downloaded your theme unzipped it to multiple errors now the template is black on the screen and very disorganized tried twice can you send me another zip file without the errors – or did i do something wrong ?

Hey there,

It looks like you have the Luxury HTML template vs the WordPress version.

Are you trying to use it with WordPress?


I ordered the Html version and want the html version and that is how it displays

Please make sure you are only uploading the theme folder with .html files, not the entire download from ThemeForest.

i can’t edit the template cause i can’t see it its splatered all over the screen with black background black text

Please post a screenshot or link to your site, thanks!