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Hello! (Love your work!) I purchased the HTML theme in 2010 and reading your FAQS section I see there was an update in 2011. I will download that version soon enough, but I don’t know if it is going to fix the problem I have been noticing for the past few months with Chrome on the index page. The slider area is covering up my sections below. Works fine in IE, Safari. Any way you could help me on this? Here is the link if you choose to view. client is a little buggy about it! ;-) thanks, Monica

Hi there!

Try manually setting a height on the promo-container element, that should take care of it not auto-sizing properly.

Thank you!


How do I change / replace the Colaborate font with something of my own, say Myriad Pro?



Hey there,

I can’t dig too deeply into free customizations, only support but you will need to update the “cufon” font replacement or disable it an use standard web fonts.

In the footer of the theme you’ll see the font:
<script src="js/ColaborateLight_400.font.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
And then at the top of js/general.js you’ll see it put to use:
// Replace all tags with cufon equivalant
Cufon.replace('h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,.standardForm label')



Just a quick check. Can I change the transition effect for the promo section on the index page?

If yes, how? I’d like to change it from the current fade to a slide-like transition.



Hi there,

Check out /js/general.js near the bottom in the promo settings.

Refer to this page (link) for the full options/transitions/etc.


Hi, I was just wondering how you would go about switching what side the sidebar shows up on for a certain page.

I created a new option where the grid is 4/8, but the sidebar is still showing up on the right side. In which file would I need to make the switch, and which lines of code would need to be moved? Thanks!

It doesn’t appear you have purchased this file. Please log in using the account used to purchase for support – thanks!

You may have purchased the WordPress version, this is the HTML theme forum.


First of all would like to congratulate you on a great theme, I purchased this a while ago and have wanted to use it since.

Basically I have a bit of a reccuring error. The bottom of the page below the slide show seems to blend with the slideshow every now and again on Chrome, I have included screen shot below….

I have looked through most comments to look for a fix and have tried changing the size in general.js form auto to 900 but this still hasnt fixed the problem.

Any ideas please?

Regards Richard

Hmm, the height is what I would have suggested, be sure you have 900 and not ‘900’ – also, set widths and heights on your images, eg:

width=”xxx” height=”xxx”

Wow! Talk about great customer service!!! That was a fast response!

Yep had 900 as ‘900’ changed it to 400 however as 900 seemed to be too big and that seems to have corrected the bug.

Thanks for your ridiculously fast response have a great day buddy!

Not a problem, I appreciate the purchase, enjoy the theme!

is there a way to slow down slider speed?

See /js/general.js—Promo Slider Setup (Option Reference)


Hi Cudazi, love your theme, in fact is the first template I have ever buy! I’m playing around and have followed all the comments and help instructions but didn’t find anything about putting an image as background. Is it posible??

Thanks dude!

Hey there,

For that customization, you will need to modify the css adding a background-image to #main, see:


Thanks man! it works! And sorry, I’m not very experimented on templates customization.

hey quick question… i was able to change the footer color from dark gray to red without an issue… but the thin top dark gray bar – i’ve checked over the css, checked through firebug as well… can’t find it at all. actually firebug doesn’t recognize it, so its making it impossible to actually find the code to change, haha.

any help on how to change that one?


nevermind figured it out thanks

Any idea why

etc doesnt work in IE 9 unless you turn compatibility mode on?


I have an older PC and was able to test it on IE9 – can you try another machine with that setup to see?

Do you have a private email? I would like to show you what it is doing..

Sure thing, send me a message via my profile page. If you’re logged in, you’ll see a form along the right side column.

Hi, love your theme!! Can you please let me know how to change the height of the images on the home page slider. I would like to them to be 1024×768. My website is

Thank you Cheers Lisa

PS I am new to wordpress

Hi there – I can’t get into free custom work too much but in the top of functions.php you’ll see add_image_size and some notes, you can adjust sizes there and also you’ll need to modify the jquery slider height in /js/general.js—That should get you on track :)

Thank you thank you, that worked a treat!! :)

Hi, can I center the main menu words on the horizontal version? thanks

Hey there – you are free to customize the theme to fit your needs, I cannot however provide free custom work, sorry!

Hello- I posted on another one, when in fact this is the version I bought and because I am logged in, as far as i know this is the account name i bought it with. please see my question:

Love this template, its exactly what I was looking for! My version of wordpress isnt’ allowing me to change the theme. When I looked it up on the help boards it says that we are no longer able to upload outside templates. I am very new to this! Can you please tell me how to upload this template?


It looks as if you’ve purchased the HTML version, not the WordPress version, sorry :(

Hi there!

I’ve had your theme for a few years now, and love it. Just one question: do you know how I could adjust the space between images in my posts?

I use your theme for wedding photograhy and blog my shoots. I’d like to get a gap of 4px between each image in the blog, but I’ve got no idea how to do it.

The site is:


If you download a tool called firebug or use Google Chrome’s inspector tools you can “inspect” the image and see/modify any existing styles. Thanks!

Hi there; nice template. I customized the template and everything works fine on my local drive. When I uploaded to the web, the slide did not work and the images were not showing up. I did not touch the scripts. I am using the horizontal version.

Need help Please

When I load up any of the links inside your site to existing images or scripts, none appear to be on the same server.

Your site needs to be copied (including all folders) exactly as it was in the local site.

There’s really nothing the theme can do without all the supporting files from your local server. You will want to check with your web host to be sure it copied over correctly.

Thank you very much. The problem was, in the html the images were sourcing from a “I”mages folder instead of a “i”mages folder. I fixed and it looks fine from my end. check it and let know if it does on your end . Thanks again. You guys are great.

Looks great, I especially like blue block of color on the about / services / etc in the sidebar, well done!

Thank you very much for your respond. I am sorry but what do you mean by “copy over”? I created new site in Dreamweaver, and transferred all of the the folders (css, images, js) along with the HTML to the site. Made the changes and uploaded it to the server using filezilla. I can send you the zip of my site if you tell me where to send it.

(replied to your original post)

Please, we have the lunching event coming up and need to have this site up before then. I have been sitting in front of this computer hoping hear from you :). If I can get this resolved by Tuesday that will be great I travel on Tuesday night to Africa for the lunching and I don’t have the Dreamweaver software over there to continue working. Please help.

(replied to your original post)

hello. my client’s original designer purchased this theme for her and he has gone MIA so I’m the new one making updates. Great theme and I’m able to work with it just fine but one caveat.

The portfolio page is only showing 10 projects instead of a full 12. I didn’t see anything in theme options and I’m not confident enough to work in the php file for that page template. How can I get 12 projects per page?

The page is question is:


Hello. I’ve downloaded the theme and looked at the PDF. I don’t see anything referencing my issue of getting 12 portfolio pieces on the page.

Im cautious to replace all the theme files because I don’t want to override customizations done to the site by the old designer. Can you tell me what specific files relate to this, so i can update only those files? Thanks.

Please review the ‘Custom portfolio page.’ section in – IMPORTANT-THEME-UPDATES.htm – file from the main download. Thanks!

the fix was actually in Wordpress settings. Nothing to do with theme. So I bought the theme for nothing.