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Thanks for this really great theme. I am trying to implement it on my site now but am having a (stupid user) problem. I can’t seem to get the home posts widget to display on the home page. I am using only one column btw. question 2… my category for the items with post thumbnails is 4 so of course i set my home page promo category to 4. however, the slider does not show up at all in the home page. do i need to enter code, etc to get it to show up?

question 3, how do i get the full listing of blog items to not show the giant thumbnails i uploaded? either that or they should somehow be smaller and under the post heading, and to the left of the post text.


If you have your home page set through the custom theme settings page to a single column, place the “recent posts” widget in the home-column-a widget area. The home page slider only shows if the posts using the appropriate category you set in the custom theme settings page use post thumbnails (or override with custom fields, see instructions). Thanks!

here is my widget config : http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/4750/widgetsetup.jpg

here is my category setup: http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/825/categorysetup.jpg

here is my post with post thumbnail and category set http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/2783/postwthumb.jpg

it seems like i am doing things right. unfortunately nothing shows up :/

thanks for the help with this.

In the widget itself, what do you have for settings? Let continue this discussion via email, shoot me a message via my profile page – thanks!

I love this theme. I noticed that the PHP contact form is not included with the WordPress version. What would you suggest to incorp a customizable contact form? Is there a certain WP plugin that you would rec?

I don’t really recommend one over the other, just depends on the options you need, there are plenty out there to choose from.

hi again,

i have a problem , suddenly and without make any changes or plugins, the home page changes and looks different.

The gallery dissapears and updated with all the images inside contact me to send you a link

There seem to be a lot of odd validation errors in your content (extra body tags, the addition of frames etc…)

I love it, It’s great!

I’m having problems w/ the slider, similar to those described by Dscribble above.

I followed your suggestion …

“You can try setting the jquery slider’s height manually in js/general.js – look for this line: height: ‘auto’, and set it to height: 600”

and I thought it had solved the problem but I just noticed the slider is misbehaving in Safari 4.0.3.

My blog is at http://www.palmit.com

Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this problem? I really don’t want to toss the slider.


I think I may have resolved the slider issue by increase the slider fixed height by a few pixels. Do me a favor and see if the slider is behaving for you. http://www.palmit.com

Noticed one other thing. Posts in search results all have the same date on them. Any idea what might be going on?


Where you have height: ‘370’, in the general.js file, remove the single quotes: height: 370,

As for the search, I see I have one thing to send to TF to update, in search.php, right after the start of each search result

I need to add: <?php the_time(‘m.d.y’); ?>



I assume it’s fairly easy to keep the menu section highlighted? I see now only a rollover effect, but love the active state however, so a user always knows in which main section he is.

Also, I don’t see a submenu in the sidebar once I selected an item in the dropdown. Is this an available widget?

I find navigation transparency very important. User should always know where he is.

I’m very close to buying it. I guess it’s the only two things I miss.

Please inform me if easy to solve/implement.



Sure thing, the wp menu is adding a class: .current_page_item to your current menu item so you can do the styling in the CSS or through my custom settings page “additional CSS ”.

A submenu widget is not included but there should be plenty to pick from out there to help.



Is the plain HTML version included in this package for WP?

Thanks for your answer

It is not

Hi Cudazi,

I’ve tried to use the promo_image and promo_url custom fields to use specific images and url in the Home page slideshow BUT only one image works with this trick.

How do you make 4 or 5 images work with the promo_image and promo_url system ?

Do you call it promo_image for the first image and then you call the second one promo_image2 or something ?

Thanks for your help!

You can keep adding custom fields even with the same name, ie:

promo_image = your URL 1
promo_image = your URL 2
promo_image = your URL 3
promo_image = your URL 4

promo_url = link URL 1
promo_url = link URL 2
promo_url = link URL 3
promo_url = link URL 4

There’s an issue with the footer actually if i use the promo_image and promo_url thing. If i have more than 1 image in the slideshow the footer will not stay at the bottom of the page, it floats up behind the slideshow. Weird.

It also hides the navigation buttons under the slideshow.


n77 Purchased

Do I need to keep “Copyright 2010 – Original design by Cudazi for ThemeForest.net” on the pages if I am using a regular license?

You can replace that in the theme settings page with whatever you would like.

I have another question (sorry!)

I created a page called “News” and i chose the 2 columns custom page option to override the theme default i had chosen for all pages in general (1 column) but it seems that the override doesnt work. I still have 1 column for the News page which is the page i’ve used for my blog posts instead of having 2 columns as i chose in the options.

Any advice ?

Single Posts work fine (they have the number of column i chose in the option). Only my News page with all posts wont work…

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot!

Shoot me an email if you could please and I’ll investigate!


I am going to buy it anyway, but was just wondering: the template seems highly flexible (great!), but for my text-driven (poetry) site I’d like to add some (ehr) pizazz, preferably in the form of a video instead of the slideshow on the homepage. I found one theme (Contrast) that facilitates video, but unfortunately that theme itself is not really suited for textual content.

My question (drums and trumpets): is it possible to ‘replace’ the slideshow with video (flv)? It would make for some great contrast with the clean (nice!) overall design.

Good things,

Erwin, The Netherlands

Although I haven’t done it, it should be fairly straightforward to duplicate the page-home.php removing all traces of the slider and insert your own code. Thanks!

Embarrassed to be asking but…I’m having trouble getting text to show up under the slider and above the footer on the Home page (www.benjaminblackweldercabinetry.com). Any thoughts??

Be sure you’re adding widgets to the home-widget-a, home-widget-b and home-widget-c areas, they’re column 1, 2 and 3 respectively if you have a 3 column layout set. (you need to be using the home template too of course)

Got it! You have to use the “text” widgets in “Home Column A, B, and C.” Thanks for the hint. Love the theme!!

My site is working great, but the footer widget appears to not want to display the last one on the far right or the 12th thumbnail. Any thoughts on why?

Thanks for the help cudazi – problems solved.


Quick questions:

1. I bought the beautiful luxury template on Jan 28th, are the updates available to me?

2. Promo slider box is not working. Definitely entering the correct promo IDs. Any clues as to why?

3. Having a random issue with the text in the 2nd and 3rd column on the homepage. The titles shift a pixel when clicked, and the text below it changes color on over state. But this only happens in colum 2 and 3.

( www.ithinkincolor.com )

Info is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks! Eugenia

1 – All updates are free and you can just re-download at any time
2. be sure you’re using the correct category IDs, not post IDs
3. You have invalid HTML , an un-closed link to yellowsoda.com

Hi Cudazi,

I am an absolute WP noob and can’t get the slideshow on the homepage to work. I don’t understand the instructions, either. They are just not detailed enough for me. :-S What I’d like to do is create a slideshow using pictures I upload to a certain directory (i.e. not incorporated in a post). Now, I gather this is possible, because you say:

“Note: To override this and specify exact images and urls, just use custom fields on the page using the home page template: promo_image and promo_url”

And then I’m stuck. The alternative method (incorporating in posts; using ID’s) would be slightly less appealing, yet acceptable as well, but I don’t understand that method either.

If you could elaborate a little on the exact steps, you would help me – and probably many other beginners – out a great deal. Thanks in advance.

Erwin, happy otherwise

Hey Erwin,

If you have followed the instructions and created a home page using the “home” template and told wordpress to use it as your default home, you just need to add custom fields if you do not want to pull the images in automatically from wordpress’s post thumbnails:

Custom Field Name // Custom Field Value

promo_image // ENTER FULL URL 1
promo_image // ENTER FULL URL 2
promo_image // ENTER FULL URL 3

promo_url // URL 1
promo_url // URL 2
promo_url // URL 3

Aloha Caduzi,

That sounds simple enough. But I can’t figure out where to add these lines. Directly in the CCS ? And yes, I have set ‘Home’ up per your instructions.

Custom fields are on the page you’re editing in the admin > edit page area. They’re typically at the bottom of the editing screen. Thanks!

Getting there. Ok. So what I do is:

1. Go to the the edit section of my home page 2. Cleck ‘enter new’ in the Custom field section 3. Give the section a name (any name will do?) 4. Image 1: Add promo_image htttp://example.com/1.jpg 5. Save 6. Repeat these steps for the other images

For step 4: is the syntax correct? For step 5: do I have to create a custom field for each image?

Erwin, feeling slightly silly