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Hello Cudazi,

I’m considering using this theme for an Art Gallery website. Is there a way to make a slider similar to this theme with left and right options or does the Luxury theme have the option to make a similar one?


I would have random photos as a large slider at the home page and multiple pictures of an individual artwork in a smaller slider for a single page above the page text.

Your theme has the right style of fonts and colors for me. I would like to purchase your theme, but would like to make sure it would work right out of the box the way I would like it too.

Lastly, I really like the font you used for “About the Theme”, “Packed With Features” is that font included and can I easily change the text?



The slider used in this theme (jQuery Cycle plugin) comes with an option to use next/prev buttons but they are not set up out of the box in a style like pacifica.

The items below the slider are widget areas, in the demo the first two are text widgets so the about the theme / packed with features font is 100% editable, you just type it right in.

Hope that helps, thanks for the question.


Hi There

I cant seem to get any Lightbox plugins to work with this theme, do you know of any good gallery images that work with this theme well


I don’t at this time but send me the more popular ones you’ve used and I’ll see if I can at least see why… thanks!


I have put 2 of the best ones up here, if you can get them to work that would be amazing, for whatever reason I just cant get them to work


Ok I think I have managed to sort it out, I removed <?php add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘add_javascript’); ?> from the header.php and added that script to page-home.php as that is the only page that i believe uses the Java script for the fading images fingers crossed that it all works ok, If anyone has any Galley plug ins that work well with this theme please let me know

The Gallery I’m using with this at the moment is Light box 2


Thanks Curt for the reply.

If I plan to use next and previous buttons will I hurt the look of the theme at all? Is it easy to customize this option in the plugin?

Can I put this slider in a smaller size with different images on the pages?

Is it possible to mix in video with images on the slider?

For my use of the theme, Recent Posts, wouldn’t make much sense. I would plan to make a section called New Art with links to individual pages. Is it possible to adjust Recent Posts easily?

Thanks again for the response.

You don’t have to set the three items as I have them set in the home, they’re just my sample, it can be just text or any wordpress widget.

As for the slider, it’s integrated into the (optional) home page template itself, you would need to edit parts of the theme files. You can however override the slider images and directly stick the images/links you want to appear with custom fields with no theme edits and link to pages in the main menu for your “new art” area.

Also, no video in the slider, just images.

Hi, is it possible to place the thumbnail on the left side of the article instead above?

I’ve made a photoshop-fake: http://www.ideli.at/web/image1.jpg

Thank you very much!

Best wishes


Hey Istvan – if you know some CSS /PHP you should be able to modify what you need to accomplish this – thanks!

Hi cudazi, I bought this template this afternoon and have already given you 5 stars! It works beautifully.

This is a silly little thing but it bugs me and I think it’s probably my fault, but I was desperate for a by line along with the title of the business so I added it and I think that is causing everything to jump when going from page to page.

You can see what I mean here- http://www.naturedog.net

Maybe it’s not that and something else?

Sorry to be such a pain :)

Thanks in advance.

Nice job setting up the site, I think this should solve this, it’s the CuFon fonts taking an extra second to load (usually in IE) – http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/cufon-now-/22230?page=1#207771


Aha! That little fix worked very well, thank you!


I’m trying to center a large logo in the header and am not seeing where in the screen.css to do so. Am I looking in the wrong place?

You can enter a logo using the custom theme settings page or if you want to have full control, dig into header.php – thanks!

Hey there, enjoying the theme, just wondering how to tweak the height of the home page promo area?

Please see the item FAQ ’s on this page – thanks!

from where can i change the menu colors? and the comments?

is possible the widget footer thumbnail widget to display pages and not post?

You would need to alter that plugin file, that is not built in by default – thanks!

Hi Cudazi,

A failry simple question, I think: I changed the ‘overall’ font-size (including h1, h2 et cetera). Now I’s like the menu (basis navigation at the top of the page) to have a slightly larger font. Where is that setting?

Txs in advance!

Found it (Superfish). Sorry to bother.

Unfortunately, now something weird happens. I deleted some of the original promo-images and the custom field links. Then added them afresh. But the order in which the images appear seems/are random now, i.e. not the order I specified. Am I missing something here?


This is a great theme. I’m just fine-tuning the site now. I am wondering if I can include text and image in the slider? Would create an external HTML page with the text and image and then link to it in the Custom Field? Or is there a better way to do that, using a post and a category?


The image slider only takes images at this time – thanks!

Too bad, but I’m still really liking the theme. I made an image with graphical text, and of course it works and looks fine. The rest of the theme is really tight and I’m glad I found it. THANKS !


I am interested in this theme but would like to have a leaderboard banner ad in the header instead of search. Is that supported?

Also, I would like to have search enabled but in the sidebar column.


These should be fairly minor modifications of the header.php file and the inserting of a search form in the widget areas.

Thanks for this.

Are these revisions you intend to make or would you require custom work. I open to custom work if reasonable, however I do think these are features that make your theme even more marketable, as advertising support is important but so is a search feature.


Dave H

Hi, Love this theme and have it set up quickly and easily, thanks to you. I have one question, how can I slow donw the transition of the home page slider?


Looks like erwinvee took care of this one for me – thanks!!

Hi. I think your theme is really nice, but as richxone said, it seems to be impossible to add a working lightbox-style gallery plugin in this theme.

I tried deleting the <?php add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘add_javascript’); ?> line from the header.php, and it works, but the cufon fonts dissapears. I’m using “jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries”, which is a nice one, but althought it runs, it seems that the opacity layer staid on top of the image, instead of bottom. It’s like a layer issue.

Test it: Simply install the “jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries”, create a simple gallery, and watch what’s happening. Then delete the <?php add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘add_javascript’); ?> line from the header.php and it’s running well.

Please, tell us something. Regards,

I apologize, just haven’t been able to spend time on it yet, if you want to experiment disabling specific JavaScript items vs. all as a whole with the item above, they’re in the functions.php file. Thanks!

Just done. I went deactivating all the js loaded in functions.js and realize that the one which were causing the problems was ‘general.js’. The thing is that the “Fix applied so menu appears OVER cycled images” (at the bottom of the code) was sending all the layers to the bottom. It is the problem. So in my case, as the layer of the lightbox-clone is called ’#colorbox’, is to redefine its z-index later, just after the function:

// Fix applied so menu appears OVER cycled images
// Reverse the default z-index stacking order of the elements
var startIndex = 1500;
$('div').each(function() {
    $(this).css('zIndex', startIndex);
    startIndex -= 5;
$('#colorbox').css('zIndex', 1600);

And it runs smoothly now ;)

Thanks anyway. Regards,


I’ve purchased this theme and I’d like to install it into my new Wordpress blog but it keeps telling me installation has failed. I am a complete novice when it comes to these things so please assume I know nothing (because I pretty much do!)—any advice on how to upload or any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Please make sure you’re only uploading the theme folder itself, not the entire download zip, this folder should have files such as header.php, footer.php, style.css in it and such.

2.13.10 – I am away from my computer and will return all support emails early next week – thanks!


I can help you with that. :-) You can change the speed (and the ‘fade’ effect speed, if I’m not mistaken) by editing the general.js file. Look for the text string:

“Promo slider setup, inserted on when promo is in use to save bandwidth”

at around line 40 and change the speed/timeout settings.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for stepping in! :)

Hi, this might sound a noob’s question, but I don’t know how to display posts of a specific category on a custom page. Given that I have the category ID, what name does the custom field of categories have?

Thank you!

If using the custom category page template, just insert a custom field called categories with the id or ids you want – thanks!

thank you very much! it works perfectly!