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Thx for a great theme!

I have followed the steps in the post “My non-standard special symbols are not appearing in the headings!” and I have created a file called ColaborateLight_400.font.js

The question is where do I install this file to make it work?

Please overwrite the existing .js file. You may need to force-refresh your browser if the old file is stuck in your cache the first time.

The theme is not responsive. :(

Hello, I’m sorry for any confusion but it’s not marketed as a feature.


I’m interested this wordpress theme.

Is there any Contact us page in the theme?

like http://www.curtziegler.com/sitedemo/luxury/html/contact-horizontal.html (this is yours as well.)


For the WordPress version, you can use a free plugin such as Contact Form 7 on any page/post to add a contact form. Thanks!

Hi Cudazi, I was adding some content in header, footer area and pages( heading tag),post heading in Cyrillic font , to make some of the font bigger (a heading), but for some reason it doesnt work. Anything in the heading tag, disapears for some reason. Can you tell me why this would happen, and how I can fix it?Thanks for your time and help.

Hi Cudazi. Do not speak english very good. Sorry. I would like to know if this site has a video support in blog and portfolio and multiple language support?? Thanks!

The resizing features for what’s shown in the demo only applies to video. You can create a page of videos but not automatically resized like the photo portfolio.

Hi, we are using the theme and I’m wondering if I can delete the “fade” fx in the slider so it only shows the pictures and changes them without fading?

Hello! All the slider options would be found in js/general.js leave the trailing comma alone but look at this setting in the slider area:

fx:     'fade', 


fx:     'none', 

Hi Curt,

I updated my Wordpress to 3.9.1 which seems to have caused a couple problems with Luxury 1.5. Notably the home screen slider doesn’t advance, or allow me to click through beyond the first image in Chrome. Oddly, this seems ok in IE.

I downloaded the latest version of Luxury theme, but I didn’t see any instructions on how to upgrade from 1.5. Any ideas on the slider and/or tips on the upgrade?


Erik Utter


Hey Erik, please overwrite the theme folder via FTP or de-activate/delete the theme and upload/activate the new version. Thank you!

HI Cudazi

I just bought the this theme but it won’t install from the zip it says:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-83220-luxury-wordpress-template.zip Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Website I’m hosting on is 4.1

Any Suggestions, thanks

Please be sure to only upload the theme, not the entire download package. :)


hi i just buyed the theme and i wonder if u can give the xml whith the content of the demo version, will be so much easyer for me :)

Drop me a message via my profile page please, thank you!

Hi. Is this theme compatible with WP 4.1?

Yes! Sorry for the delay :)

Hi I have the same question as “jonazu”

will this theme compatible with WP 4.1??


Yes! Sorry for the delay :)


the theme looks very good!

I’ve read in the comments that videos can be embedded in any page/post but not in the main slider. Should i want to display a video home page slider, is the theme compatible with external video plugins such as revolution slider or similar? Can you suggest any?

Thanks a lot! Luca

Hi Luca! Sorry for the delay, looks like my reply didn’t go out last night. You’re welcome to use the page template: Home – No Slider and then place a slider/plugin you wish into that sidebar/widget area. :)

Hi there, I have purchased this theme a while ago bearing in mind that it was responsive… I just did the test with Google webmaster tool and it isn”t which will lead in short term to a lower ranking. How can we arrange that ? Do you have an update coming ? Can you make it responsive ? Thanks for informing me. Roeland Above2nd

Hello, I’m sorry but the item isn’t advertised as responsive. It will load up on mobile devices, but the content doesn’t adjust as some responsive sites may. At this time, I’m keeping the site up and running with the latest versions, but no major changes planned at this time.

I have just purchased and downloaded this theme and now our website is getting a couple of error messages on the top of the homepage:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘hide_thumbnail_on_single’ in /home/kallsens/public_html/wp-content/themes/cudazi-luxury/header.php on line 6

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘columns’ in /home/kallsens/public_html/wp-content/themes/cudazi-luxury/header.php on line 8

I don’t know why this is happening or how to fix this. Could you please help?

Hello! Can you send me a message through my profile page with this information? I’ll have a look!

hello, how do i remove the search from top header? thank you

This is what you should be seeing. You’ll have to scroll down on the settings page a bit to see that option.

Hi, Thats is not what I see. I have disabled all plugins and it still not working. See screenshot http://s10.postimg.org/t0ye9fw3t/image.png

GoodLayers is a different author, you’re on the wrong item’s support area. :)

I have written custom media queries for mobile styling and am using the Simple Custom CSS plugin to apply them to the site. The styles show great in online emulators and when resizing my browser window to phone or tablet size, but they don’t show at all on an actual phone or tablet. Is there something in the theme that’s blocking the mobile media queries from being read?

I have also tried adding them to screen.css and 960.css. If I switch to the twenty fifteen theme, my phone looks the same as the emulators with full mobile styling.

You may just want to look into using Firebug or Chrome’s Inspector Tools to see if the custom styles are not being applied or overridden in some way.

pls help! i have posted on your support board as well. i have too much white space after the header and the start of my content… this is for the luxury wp theme. thnx!

I just bought this and reading the comments see that its not responsive so its no use to me. I cant believe you would keep on marketing this especially when it does not warn people about this. Most distressing

Warning to everyone, please realise that this theme is NOT RESPONSIVE, don’t waste your money on it when there are thousands of up-to-date themes. Hopefully I can save you the loss of money me and others that have bought have.

This item is not advertised as responsive, I’m sorry for any confusion!

Please be warned people that you wont get a refund if you make this mistake. THIS IS NOT A RESPONSIVE THEME!!