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That’s what i’ve been waiting for! Can I ask something? In this version, it seems like there’s no vertical main menu like in the html version.. Is this true?

That is true, at this time it’s horizontal navigation with multiple column width options per page/post.

I really like this. Very well done.

Would it be possible to implement two blogs on this?

I’d like to have one “Art Portfolio” for client work/portfolio and another for my actual blog with news/etc while both showing in the primary navigation.

If not, do you have any suggestions on how I could accomplish this?

Thank you.

You sure can, with the reusable custom category page template. (included with instructions) Thanks!

Great. So they would both be entirely independent of one another? Or would I have to have a blog that included both categories somewhere on the site? Thank you for your quick answer on the previous question.

nashh – It would still be the same wordpress install but you can create as many custom category pages as you want and just tell them which category/categories of posts to display, similar to how I have my “Art Portfolio”, “Documentation” and Featured Posts, they’re all custom pages so I can bring a category anywhere up into the menu like you would with a standard page, “blog” just shows all. Hope that helps!

Very elegant theme here, I love it! :) (bookmarked)

Elegant, Stylish, Clean… Congrats for your work.

Any chance to have it in different colors variations in order to use it for several sites ?

Thanks !

Not at this time but there’s a spot in the custom settings page where you can override my CSS without directly editing the theme.

i want to change the logo size , where can i change it and is possble to use png file?

Please read the included instructions, you can override my existing logo or enter your own image URL (png, jpg, gif…) in the custom theme settings page. Thanks!

Great Piece! Thank you!

The originality of the logotype is the best of this template…

Check this: http://www.xtencil.com/

The logo is just a quick fake logo for the theme demo, you need to be sure and use your own (with any theme) – thanks!

The ‘x’ character on logotype is very common. You can’t judge him with this reason. I can tell you tons of alikes.

Great theme. Good porting to wp. Congrats.

Thank you!

very very classy , i like like

Hi Cudazi, wondrous theme – had just bought Big Feature, now I need to buy your theme. Just a couple of quick questions

1) Can I set blog to home page, and ‘home page format’ to about page – so it’s a magazine-led theme? 2) When you click the read more on the blog, it currently jumps to halfway through the article (from where reader got to), but is there any simple way to make the link go to the top of the post page (the post image will be important, so I want reader to see it again).


Hey Marsattacks,

1 – Yes, the home and blog are just page templates so you can set a blog as the home and the “Home” as whatever you like, naming them as you feel appropriate. You set the home and blog pages in WP-Admin > Settings > Reading

2 – This anchor jump is done by wordpress, there may be a way to disable/work around but I don’t have one handy.

Hope that helps. Curt

i dont understand how to setup the home gallery as yours?

You will need to create a page using the “Home” template and set it as your home page in wordpress admin > settings > reading. (instructions pg 3 and 4)

Then, in the theme settings page, tell it which category of posts with post-thumbnails to display images from. (or see the note in the Theme Settings page on using custom fields to manually assign image/urls) (instructions pg 8 )

Give it widgets in appearance > widgets

You can also control how many columns of widgets display in the custom Theme Settings page. (instructions pg 8 )

I’m looking at possibly purchasing this theme but I guess I am looking for a similar thing as marsattacks regarding having the blog (or last 3-4 posts) on the home page but I would like to keep the slider.

Is there a quick way to do this using the one or two column layout and a widgets or will it require some heavy css modification?

(I have put a quick image mock-up of what I’m looking for).



I think to do that exact layout you would need to edit the page-home.php where it’s using/showing widgets right now. I can look into this and see if I can add an option to display the last X posts in the first two columns on my next update to this file.

how do i get the menu on the top? because i try everything and i cant figured…

I’m not sure what you mean, have you added pages to the site? They appear there automatically (and can be excluded in the custom Theme Settings page).

Hi, can i use a background picture?

The current background image is in images/body_gradiant.jpg, you can just overwrite that if you wish or just enter some basic CSS in the Theme Settings page to override:

main { background:#f7f7f7 url(../images/YOURIMAGE.jpg) repeat-x top left; }


yes i add pages there! also i have create 5 post with the thumbnail, and on themes settings i place the id with comma, and i have only one image in homepage

Concerning the pages, how can i have categories on top menu? because i cant find it.

By the way the theme is unique and iam looking forward to use it.

Be sure you’re using the category ID the posts are in, not the post ID itself: http://www.google.com/search?q=find+wordpress+category+id

Showing categories in the main menu…Create a page using the custom category page template. (see instructions/faq)

Thanks for help Curt – so I went ahead and purchased.

So far so good!

Found a small bug with soft fade-in / fade-out with jQuery in Safari (4 Mac); the fade in effect only uncovers bottom 1/3 of icon – top 2/3 remain faded out. Fine in Firefox though…

thank you! so far so good!!!

still have problem to display the categories post images in home!, always apear 1 image

Please send me a message through my profile page with your site URL and if possible a temporary login to view the settings and I’ll see what’s missing – thanks!

Excelent template! Very clean and pro like. Liked the way you explained the whole template in diferent pages/configurations. Got lots of points there.

Just a question, would this theme appear ok using a white background? Is there any way I could preview that way? I’m willing to start a white blog and none of the WP themes available in white made my mind (yours would most likely do it lol). Thanks and congrats.

I would suggest adding the web developer toolbar or Firebug on firefox, it lets you edit the CSS on the live site (only affecting your view of the site of course) – you can then add #main { background:#fff; } and such… you can contact me through my profile and I can send you a screenshot as well – thanks!

There seems to be an issue with the post dates on the blog sticking on Jan 1 – I’ll check this out tonight and get an update out right away. (updates/upgrades are always free!)

The function to display the post meta in functions.php, “lux_meta” is using the incorrect parameter for “day of the month”. It’s set to the_time(‘F n’) and it should be the_time(‘F j’)

It’s a quick fix but I’ll send an updated download to TF in just a few and post in the description once it’s updated. Otherwise, just contact me directly for the updated file – thanks!

1.26.10 – Update to functions.php to correct blog dates approved on TF.